Same fucking black city, nigeria, oyo, ibadan, motherfuckers. It looks like he’s well equipped now ) He tried to buy a used gaming console from me today. you have make the payment to the shipping agent. Fake Western Union as well.

Address: Plot 13,Block E, Oluyole Estate. Immediately they put a false allegation on me that I am a fraudster popularly known as yahoo boy. pou to bazaraki? The adress she gave me was name: Damilola Ibrahim address: 21 taki street city: Ogbomosho state: oyo state :zip code: 23402 Nigeria. A man called ENUH THOMSON 03 FREEDOM ESTATE NNPC 200243 IBADAN OYO NIGERIA IS GOING TO RECEIVED A PARCEL BY CHEATING THE SELLER. I’va been in touch with a girl that wanted to buy a lens and she give me this adress. i’m really fucking sorry to hear that i also got scammed of $2,500 last month but i thank God my money was recovered by a firm thats fighting against this scam stuffs, Hello Abraham Scott, thanks alot I was scammed of $355 by one thomas Georgy last month , I’ve sent a mail to them and they assured me that my money will be recovered, I’ll let you know whenever my money is recoverer, I’m super sure the firm can also help you recover your money, you can email them on one of the firms email address. I wish to report the bad conducts of some officers of the Nigeria Police Force who are less concerned about the good image which the Inspector General of Police is building for the force. Let’s list all the numbers as scam on truecaller please, I too got mail from scam. omg the same guy contacted me on poshmark and emailed me offering me 250 for my michael kors watch. Because nigeria all is muslim have holday is it safe? Is this the real address or just another fraud to make profit? City: Ibadan I afraid if he is a scammer, Name-john Williams Address: No 1 Tobs computer, Apata Ganga Israel Ojei Code:23402. top of your paypal account homepage and sendthe money request directly locate the request money button located at the top of your PayPal 34000 City: Carmen Please I need help, the amount of money is very strong.

Altbougj i dont have a paypal, i asked him to do other money transfer trandaction. A ABIODUN You have the total sum of $500.00USD ready to be transferred into your bank account, but first you have to It is pretty weird, he wanted to pay with PayPal and it says I won’t get money until they recieve the tracking number. Is this address scammer location. One guy contact me and offered my phone . Poly Road Apete contact me back with more picture of this to my email address”, sent him an email with photos, to which he responded: “Hello, am okay with the picture how much is the asking price?”, sent him my asking price and he responded with: “Hello, am okay with the picture and i will like to make the payment through paypal because poshmark will deduct 20% out of the money which is too much.i will pay you 400 for the item and 80 for the shipping charge to the name and address where i want to send the item to so can you get back to me with your paypal name and email address to make the payment asap.

Zip code: 23402

One of my Friend sale the product here in Nigeria through Payapl. Furthermore, in some countries like Nigeria, these two code types mean the same thing.
In Nigeria, ZIP codes are made up of  6-digit numbers. Please take immediate action and refund my amount and my item iphone7, Hello nigeria police before i sent the one cheater name tommy wayne . Is this a scam?! Take Lagos ZIP code for example. he then said ,,,So what are the proof you want to want from us? Nigerian ZIP codes have been listed by the Nigerian Postal Service and allocated to every State in the country. I told him that he need to send the payment first and then il help him with the shipment. Can anyone pls tell this address was real or not? Country: USA He told I send the items to her sister in work national geographic wild in weat Africa A postal code is a series of letters, numbers, or alphanumeric sequence used by a country to easily identify regions based on the codes allocated to that region. When their boss came around, Olabode (the police officer who arrested us) was asked why we are in their custody, he replied that many of the boys were taking pictures of him and some were recording, while I dragged his gun with him. Address-No22 old ife road Hi, I’m from the Dominican Republic, my boyfriend has just been cheated too, what can I do? Thanks….. Also came Scotiabank mail from in very similar wording. City:Offa The following division namely, New Benin police division, SARS Benin, Zone 5 Adesuwa. Kindly ship the Item directly to him via DHL OR DTDC, FOR Innjoo Max 3 (16GB/1GB) -N45,500 CITY: Oyo Town Sent him money to adopt her, & someone message me that it was his niece. 18/08/2020, 21:35 5.1k Views. MRS.LISA PAM???? This act is against the constitution of this nation according to section 304 under the constitution of this country…. Am glad that i managed to save my bag…. CONTACT FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION POLICE : Name: John David Postal Code: 23402. Country-Nigeria Country: Nigeria asap.Get back asap, Thanks for your reply, I’ve check the listing and I’m okay with that Address No.2 Dawotola House Abule Oloni Lantoro. I have addresses of the person who I sanded the item. I sent the wedding dress and then they asked me for money. Favorite Answer. I got suspicious because at first he said he at Dubai.. And want to buy handphone for his friend in Negeria.. !And and extort money more and more….

She demand money from me! His contact is. Someone has just tried to scam me out of £200 under the name of ‘Jane Morris’ told me she would send the money that I was asking for but then sent an extra £80 without telling me and told me to send the money to a ‘agent’ that she had hired to pick the item up. Apple iPad Air 2 Wifi Cellular 128GB All colour – N290,000 +23402. State: Oklahoma Samsung Tab S2 T815N – N201,000 Also this is the email address he’s using:, hi it’s a scam, she’s trying to buy a product from me as well with same reason for her son in school… i gav her my bank acct # without funds of course… and she’s asking me now that the item should be shipped first before the payment will reflect on my bank account… how come it became a policy of a bank transfer… dont believe her… below is the receipt she sent me… too bad for her as i work as a fraud analyst in a bank and i can say she’s fraud, please help me …ı was dress NAME : Yusuf AlabiADDRESS: No 20 Asipe Road Oyo State This means that ZIP codes are only used in the United States while other countries refer to this pattern as Postal Codes. and go ahead to, Don’t ship anything until you have the money in hand. Country-Nigeria Address: No 20 Adediran street Oke-iTune Mokolo, UI POST OFFICE 4. sefakoy Istanbul City- Ibadan We shall contact you Immediately we have Finish with the Payment Activation to your Bank Account Given to us for the Payment Transfer: Bank Name: +1 (406) 356-5346, 1. hello …ı was send dress yusuf alalbi but he is want money to me ..ı understand he is cheat..but ı was send cargo please help me for myy cargo turn to me…ım from turkey he is give me this adress…NAME : Yusuf AlabiADDRESS: No 20 Asipe Road O my fucking god, just bofore some hour i also was going to sent one good to that place from some english name, army officer. Hello, this is a scam, The same person asked me to do the same. InnJoo Halo Plus – N29,500 request from PayPal, I will submit payment to you immediately via
Zip Code: 23402, Hi. My name is stella and I would like to share my storie too. 23402, NIGERIA. A”. Name: Arowosegbe Temitayo 23402 Eplirwsa kai 350euro parapanw logo pseutikwn email tou paypal se sinergasia me tn western union ,so vasika exasa ena kinito tilefwno kai 350 euro, sinolo peripou 600euro. Here in Nigeria, they can be called ZIP Codes, Nigerian Postal codes, or Nigerian Post Codes. If you didn’t receive the money yet, don’t ship anything. for 2 days he mailed me saying that if i dont ship the item he will contact the FBI. He is the fucker will cheat the people he cheated me only amount of indian rupee 42000 . I need to act fast until the shipment is not delivered so I am hopping maybe there is a way you could help me ? Address: N0 10 kongi street bodija Address Status:Confirmed. This dude named Jack Matins wanted to buy my shoes, after he asked for the final price he sent me an adress where he wanted me to ship it to.

I had put an ad on olx for my camera. But the problem is that I have already shipped the item because the fake paypal asked for tracking number so it could credit money to my account. State-Oyo +234036 Hello, He wanted to very quickly send him the phone…. Hi everyone, i just want you all to confirm this address whether this address is a real or fake one? Name : Tobi Gareth the request money button located at the top of your PayPal account n neither did i mailed him. So please contact me, Please pay attention to similar practices, I will not see the phone anymore and 1500Kč also not.