The poster knows and it aptly fits this car. 1967 Ford Custom 2-Door Sedan "428 Police Interceptor V-8" Nebraska State Patrol, 1954 Ford Customline Police Interceptor P-Code Rare, 1954 Ford Customline Interceptor Factory Police Car P Code Two Door, 1964 FORD CUSTOM P CODE 2 DOOR POLICE INTERCEPTOR 390 4 SPEED MANUAL, 1966 Ford Custom 500, P Code 428 Police Interceptor 360 HP Solid Lifter Engine, 1971 ford galaxie 500 429 "P" code Interceptor.

eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'barnfinds_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',134,'0','0'])); According to the seller a NASA employee ordered this serious-looking Ford for his personal use and thus, it never saw the extreme punishment endured by many police cars. I hope you two can somehow find some grace to offset your axes to grind. Yep.

Did not say what the 2nd antenna on the right rear fender was apparently for when I asked if there were holes drilled in the dash for accessory stuff.

Must have been a good hit. Fast forward to 2017 and you’ll find most law enforcement agencies driving “Soccer-Mom” SUV’s.

eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'barnfinds_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',106,'0','0'])); The original blue vinyl interior appears to be in nearly-new condition, albeit with a crack in the dashboard. 1993 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor ex-Ohio Highway Patrol Low Mileage! i want this so bad I can almost taste it! I purchased it at a state auction for $275 in 1976 or ’77. Sad day for me since I had sold my car to get our apartment set up. Nice car but it has a terrible paint job. talk about a sleeper! As far as ex-State Police cars go, my very first car was a ’69 Ford Custom with a 428 PI. You must know your wartime maritime history. I had a 428 and a 4 speed I pulled from a wrecked 69 Cobra. I looked for over a year for a clutch pedal set to work in this car, and could not find it. In California, some radio codes in the 400–599 range that refer to vehicle violations are left over from the California Vehicle Code (CVC) which was revised in 1971. Click here to get it featured on the homepage instead. Ad mentions LR quarter replacement in the 70’s.

Movies were pretty bad then, but I watched part of it anyway for the car viewing. I had one almost identical to this. Still hunting for the certified speedometer. My wife had a silver ’71 LTD (same body) when we met. California. It was nice Michael Douglas always used his turn signal, even when he was on a code 3.

That 429 needs some Jon Kaase heads to let it breathe. Pretty much the same car otherwise. The original powder blue paint has some shine left. Everything about it says fun! It still has the DOOE-R heads and believed to still have the correct C6 in it which has had a cast iron tailshaft added.

It had a 390 2V and an auto. Me too…if you watch the movie, you see Burt sliding it into park every time he gets out of the car…. I’ve seen his car, he brings it to Mark’s Cruise Nite sometimes. None of them had 4 speeds, If watch the 4 speed shifting scene it a Mustang interior and when he isn’t shifting you can see him put it in park with a column shifter. I had one play tag with me all the way from the western entrance to Worcester when I was driving my 60 vette. Those wagons could fly!


They’d slow right down then I’d go around them and take off. Also has an uprated 73 PI rear sway bar which is larger than the 71 rear bar. Police cars and taxi cabs were fitted with these “poverty caps” because fancier wheel covers extended to the lip of the wheel and were therefore subject to being knocked off when the wheels encountered potholes, curbs, or suspension-punishing hot pursuits.

He put the 72 PI exh manifolds on it as one of the 71 CJ manifolds was apparently severely cracked, but they will still come with the car. Joe had 71 Ford Custom civilian / retail car with the retail “N” Coded 429 4V, and had an electric trailer brake and what would be considered a Class 5 or Class 6 Heavy Duty Trailer hitch.