It will be going into my tikka t3 with new atlasworx bottom metal?

I have not had the best luck with alternatives. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 10rd. Saving $30 only to have feeding or lockup issues is not a deal in my's a thought just buy two AI's instead of three cheaper ones!!! AICS will run the most reliably. Standard AI mags do not have this lip and I can attest that they wobble when used in an AX Chassis. The gun came with a 10 shot "accurate-mag" 223 aics mag and the gunsmith dremelled the 223 plastic insert to make the 204 feed properly and its feeds flawlessly,my problem is the 10 shot "accurate-mag" sticks down a crazy amount for hunting rifle , anyone any ideas where I can get a 5 shot aics compatible 204 mag that will feed well ? Bei uns findest du mehr als 50.000 Artikel, darunter einzigartige Waffenteile, Zubehör, Büchsenmacher-Werkzeuge, Munition und andere Produkte zur Wartung, Instandsetzung und Tuning deiner Waffen. Die hochwertige Gummisohle lässt auch nach einem langen Lauf ein angenehmes Gefühl am Fuß zurück.

nicholasgentges. Top. Wir fangen einfach an und zerlegen zuerst das Magazin. - Thomas Jefferson, Also depends on the chassis. Never used an alpha. Brownells will ship them provided the total value of gun parts in the order is under US$100 (or if you do the paperwork value is not an issue) and the manufacturer is approved for export. Hier nochmal zum Vergleich beide Magazine im eingesteckten Zustand: Accurate Mag und das zunächst noch unbearbeitete Polymermagazin. Somewhat off the track, but 2 issues to consider in regards to this topic, US Army Sniper Assoc - Life Member / American Sniper Assoc - Current Member, [Last Edit: 10/19/2014 4:23:36 PM EST by JCountz], [Last Edit: 11/5/2014 7:26:43 PM EST by MileHighShooting], [Last Edit: 11/6/2014 8:44:01 AM EST by captrichardson]. According to police policy you don’t need a permit but if your Ao is generous it could save time stuffing around once it arrives in the country. und der Verwendung einer günstigeren Alternative.

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", That may be true of the new 2014 AX Chassis, but the pre-2014 used their own special mag. The feed lips are way too long to feed correctly (actually at all). I have seen some guys having issues with cheaper magazines in their rifles. Ob in Grau, Schwarz oder Rot, hier wird definitiv jeder Geschmack fündig. Member ... (90352/90353) is the best kept secret and DEFINITELY the best value in a metal AICS-pattern magazine out there. Magazine 6616PB for Sale. Nachdem die Patronen geladen waren, ist das Magazin leider nicht mehr im Schacht eingerastet. 4 (6) AREA 419 ARC/AICS Mag Extension Matte Black AREA 419 AICS, ARC MAGAZINE … AICS magazine springs are risers are removable for cleaning.

I prefer them to ARC, MDT metal, and the Magpuls. 179,90 € * 144,90 € - 179,90 €* Magazine . Press J to jump to the feed. Not sure if they were taken care of.

und der Verwendung einer günstigeren Alternative. Otherwise I run Magpul in all of my guns (long and short action) - though I do have an Alpha and Accurate Mag. Toby. The subreddit for long range precision shooting enthusiasts. I bought a xlr chassis which excepts aics mags I want to buy a couple but didn't want to spend the big money on them! Als Letztes benutzt man eine Halbrundfeile, um wie beim Originalmagazin eine Hohlkehle in der Stirnseite zu erhalten. I wish Lancer would come out with an AICS magazine - I think they would do it better than anyone, even if it was $45 versus the $35 Magpul. They usually require tweaking of the feed lips.

Does anyone have any alternatives to these mags!!! (308). “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” —Benjamin Franklin. I figure a lot of guys here run various chassis systems on there SA 700s.

The original AICS mags are my favorite. In diesem Beitrag geht es um die Kompatibilität des 10-Schuss-Magazins von Accurate Mag im Kaliber .308 Win. Copyright © 1996-2020 AR15.COM LLC. I ended up filing them down to work. Seit über 75 Jahren vertrauen unsere Kunden den qualitativ hochwertigen Waffen, Waffenteilen und dem Zubehör von Brownells. I like accurate mags just fine. Joined Sep 23, 2012 Messages 284. This magazine is popular with shooters who use Badger, McRee, XLR, Pacific Tool & Guage, Stealth, CDI metal and many others.. I have not had the best luck with alternatives. Accurate mags work well and are almost as much as original AICS mags so unless you want to buy their longer OAL mags with the front plate removed I … AX and AXMC rifles take the AX Magazine, part no 6677 for 308 based cartridges, and 6434 for 338 Lapua CIP mags. Compatibility . All Rights Reserved. Accurate mags work about as well as AI factory mags. 10 bis 16 Uhr. Keine Extrakosten für den Zoll, keine Probleme mit Importgenehmigungen und kein Mindestbestellwert. Der tiefste Punkt dieser Hohlkehle ist von der unteren Körperkante 82mm entfernt. AICS Legacy | AICS AT Chassis Magazines. Which Accuracy International Magazine Do I Want? The Ruger-branded mag made by Accurate-Mag (90352/90353) is the best kept secret and DEFINITELY the best value in a metal AICS-pattern magazine out there. 10 round AI mag is tough to chamber when fully loaded so I clipped off a spring section and it seems better. ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL Short Action AICS Magazine 308 Winchester 10rd Steel Blued ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL SHORT ACTION AICS MAGAZINES 308 WINCHESTER. My Savage ran the best with the Magpul AICS mags. Zumindest nicht ohne Nacharbeit und diese möchte ich im Folgenden beschreiben. I've got a few Alpha Mags for my 7mm SAUM. When you do need to strip the magazine, the easy to remove hex bolts can be removed in seconds. 18-02-2014, 05:23 PM. If in doubt email them with the part number and they will say yes or no. View Quote. Any help is appreciated. Gun Parts - Stocks, Barrels, Actions, etc.
Thread starter timmymic; Start date Dec 27, 2012; Help Support Long Range Hunting : Join the LRH Team or . I trimmed them back about 1/2" and they run perfectly now and allow very long COAL. Everyone I know uses the plain old AI mags.

Scepticism is an exercise, not a life; it is a discipline fit to purify the mind of prejudice and render it all the more apt, when the time comes, to believe and to act wisely. I use AICS and ruger branded accurate mags. This can be a bit challenging - use the following guide to select the right mag for your gun. Dazu benötigt man einen Messschieber, eine Flach- und eine Halbrundfeile, ein Cuttermesser zum Entgraten, etwas 400er Schleifpapier und etwas Poliervlies. I'm definitely getting a couple 5 round Magpul ones for hunting and whatever else, but I think I'm going to go out on a limb for the ARC 10 round offering. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Gleichermaßen passt es aber auch in das Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. A quick clean and re-lubrication and you’re back in action. I have Alpha mags but they don't fit in my badger m5 bottom metal.