The boat has a 14 foot beam. Dave and I feel that snubbers or a bridle are a key component to anchoring safely and securely. Our weird set up would be a challenge with any snubbing system. The browser you are currently using is not supported by Fisheries Supply. From the hook attachment point to where it splits in two is about 15 inches. Sign up to receive special offers and product promotions from Fisheries Supply! It’s laying on the deck of our boat in the above picture — in use, most of it is below water. Allow the load to be taken by the cleats that are designed for high loads My husband and I have been cruising over 13 years and 12,000 miles, first on a Tayana 37 monohull and now on a 34' Gemini catamaran.
A second loop of chain can get caught in the cross-shaped teeth as the boat turns, and it shows up as a big chain knot when the anchor is weighed! So on our previous boat, since we couldn’t find a hook that didn’t fall off, we used snubbers and attached them to the chain with rolling hitches (snubbers are separate lines for each side of the boat; a bridle brings the two lines from each side of the boat together in a V and then has one attachment point to the chain). We think the hook touches the bottom and sometimes gets knocked off at slack tide/current. Dave and I feel that snubbers or a bridle are a key component to anchoring safely and securely. We had a Spade on our previous boat and loved it. It also put a lot of strain on the roller and one purpose of a snubber is to remove all strain from the roller so that it will not break. WITHIN THE US: Our boat has a 14-foot beam.

A bigger problem has been that occasionally the hook will “double catch” the chain. Full disclosure here, the bridle I built borrows heavily from the Mantus bridle design. The 1 line cleats on the center of the bow and goes over the anchor roller and then hooks with a grab eyehook onto the chain just before going into the water. • Tips from Carolyn • New articles & podcasts • Popular articles you may have missed • Totally FREE – one email a week, I’M THINKING ABOUT LIVING ON A BOAT AND DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START. Try placing a stopper on the anchor line outboard of the chock (or bullnose). Subscribe for Email Updates and Special Deals!

The Mantus chain hook works with either. Without it, a gust will jerk the chain and quite possibly pop the anchor loose. One question I’ve had relates to use of a standard eye hook for the snubber, as opposed to the Mantus (or other) hook made for the purpose. The bridle system they had on the site seemed to be exactly what I wanted.

Yes, but it’s not as much a factor of boat length as width. Our high gunnels are a pain at anchoring time but we love ’em in heavy seas. All in all, I think the Mantus is the best hook on the market.

WITHIN THE US: 1-855-262-6887 . One additional note: if a serious storm were approaching, we’d use our dock lines to make snubbers (with rolling hitches) as back ups to the bridle — we have always been “belt and suspenders” types with backup snubbers whenever weather threatened. I made sure the wrap was nice and tight and then secured the end with more electrical tape. As the boat swings on anchor, the chain can twist and dump the hook off even with plenty of slack in the chain. Without it, a gust will jerk the chain and quite possibly pop the anchor loose. So your bridle is about 33% of your boat length. Hi Carolyn: So I understand correctly, you have a hook on the chain and then 15″ to the “Y” splice. The bridle takes the load and the anchor chain to the boat is now slack. Effort should be made to protect snubber/bridle line from chafe and inspect it for wear regularly. ), gained a great boat dog, had a bunch of wonderful times and some adventures . The larger the anchor, the more expensive. ABYC loads already account for the dynamic loads induced by the use of a non-elastic chain a condition mitigated with the use of a snubber. Calculate Shipping. On the other hand, we do plan to upgrade from our beloved 35# CQR anchor to a Mantus…. I have two of their hooks. Here’s a little trick we learned to help maintain our catamaran bridle in warm tropical waters… because a catamaran bridle usually ends up with quite a bit of line underwater, if you spend extensive time in warm water the growth on the bridle can become quite disgusting to handle and eventually may damage the line. Required fields are marked *. Snubber should be properly sized and if done so can significantly decrease the loads on your rode. Wouldn’t cruise without them! We didn’t need it. Fixing it involves unweighting the knot with a second hook we keep around for just that purpose, then a lot of jiggling and poking with boat poles. Uses heavy duty 316L stainless steel shackles and thimbles Strong and Durable Designed to absorb the shock load from wind gusts and waves Employs chafe protection to all areas exposed to rubbing Uses heavy duty 316L stainless steel shackles and thimbles We think the Mantus is even better as anchor technology has continued to improve and it’s also less expensive (at least in the US). Here is how to do it: Filed Under: Buying a Boat & Gear Tagged With: Boat Gear. It’s an eye splice with a thimble.
With the snubber or bridle in place, the line slowly stretches and puts pressure on the anchor chain, digging the anchor in. The diameter of the line depends on the size, weight and windage of the boat – it has to be sized so that the line will stretch under pressure and thus this is one case where bigger is NOT better. PPE Masks and Face Shields 10% OFF SALE -, 2.5 lbs Stainless Steel Mantus Dinghy Anchor, Design and Development by Penner Web Design. One end with a stainless steel thimble splice to a 3/4” stainless steel bow shackle to a 3/8” anchor chain snubber hook. Along the way, we sold pretty much everything we owned (twice! There will be three major components to your ground tackle (your complete anchoring system) so be sure to leave room in your budget for anchoring accessories. We find it easiest to tape the ends of the three strands when you separate them and then write 1, 2 and 3 on the tape to make it easier to keep track of which is which as you’re starting out. We also offer Custom Orders for your Mooring Bridle or other items. Our bridle comes on board though two fair leads about 10 feet back from the bow so minimising the jerk of the chain and the chain hook is about water level. 1) The anchor. Attach the eyes of the bridle arms to the bow cleats making sure the arms are on the outside of the bow rail. Calculate . A Wet Storage Bag is ideal for storing your bridle. Learn how I travel with 3 pairs of shoes. Note recovery line. My life depends on my choices!). . The hook needs to have no moving parts, thus can withstand harsh marine environment. Your Name. I love our mantus anchor. You can make your own bridle or retrofit a Mantus chain hook on an existing bridle as we did.

We have never used a traditional plow anchor on our boat. Chain hooks are sized according the size chain that you have on your anchor. In over 400 nights at anchor, we’ve had the eye hook unhook itself just three times, and those were – as you’ve surmised – nights of no wind in shallow water. Designed for use on monohulls | Reduces shock loads | Large rope eyes. I've got a spare 55# Plow anchor that will do the job for now but this boat does not have a center anchor cleat, just bow cleats on either side of the deck. A bridle with a chain hook is much simpler to use and faster to remove in an emergency situation. We have the older style Mantus chain hook (they redesigned it about a year ago); it does not go through the anchor roller. That’s when the whole price thing became a factor and I decided to build my own. Chain no Snubber – 4,140 lbs (exceeds working load limmit for 5/16 Grade 30 chain), Chain with a 30 foot ½ inch three strand nylon bridle – 1,574 lbs (the only scenario where load on the chain is below working load limmit for 5/16 chain 1,900 lbs), Chain with a 6 foot 1/2 inch three strand nylon snubber – 3,249 lbs. I'm Carolyn Shearlock. In our example from 4800 lbs to around 1600 lbs for a 40 foot boat in 60 knots. CALL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS: We will never sell your email or send spam. We, too, found that the Mantus hook is much more likely to stay on. Practical Sailor article on snubbers, by Drew Fry March 2016, studied this issue and tabulated the loads for a 40 foot monohull boat in 60 knots in the following scenarios: -62% reduction in peak loads or about 1/3 of the ABYC worst case with the use if 30 foot bridle. Before you arrive at Boot Key Harbor, check out the hazards to look out for and insider’s info you’ll need. I use and recommend Mantus because I think it’s the best and not because I make a bit of money. Anchor bridles (and snubbers) are lengths of nylon line attached to a chain hook. Or do you have to reach the chain through the outside of the anchor roller to put it on and off? Click here. Bridle takes the strain of the chain rode, thus offloading the gypsy on the windlass and reduces the stress on the windlass deck joint. We’ve gotten better at that, but the first time it happened was quite disconcerting. to your chain, I’m guessing the plastic latch would solve this issue, too. Unsupported browsers put your security at risk. Your Email Address. Bridle takes the strain of the chain rode, thus offloading the gypsy on the windlass and reduces the stress on the windlass deck joint. The second single line bridle does the same but is cleated onto a different cleat and then goes over the anchor roller and hooks onto the chain just a little above the first bridle hook so this one hangs loose just a little. Last modified April 28, 2020, Your email address will not be published. Not good! That being said, we have a steel boat and the snubber attaches at the water line via a shackle, so it makes a distinctive rattle when it isn’t properly hooked and we know to go fix it. I have Gemini 105MC and need to buy rope/chain or chain only, windlass and a bridle. So, more simply said, the anchor bridle ensures that your anchor has the highest chance of staying put and your boat staying intact. View all of SailorSams' anchor bridles, snubber pendants, and chain hooks here so you can anchor with ease and clarity. Click 'STAY LOGGED IN' button to remain active. We have always had a monohull, but we just bought a Gemini 105MC so we will have to check it out soon on our new to u boat. Too large a diameter won’t have the stretch needed!

We purchased an inexpensive plastic ground sheet from the hardware store (not the woven tarp kind, just smooth plastic) and cut off long strips about 3-4″ wide. My boat came with an older bridle and eye grab hook which I just replaced with a Mantis system. For putting on and off the bridle chain hook to the chain, does the Mantus chain Hook pass through the anchor roller? With the snubber or bridle in place, the line slowly stretches and puts pressure on the anchor chain, digging the anchor in. No harm done, since the water is slack and obviously not pulling the chain tight. The Mantis Web site is a great resource covering the fine art of anchoring for us newbies.