Is a subdivision of Liewer Enterprises Inc of Burke, South Dakota. This would be a great change for every Argo. We’ve been testing ATVs together for more than a decade. At the rear is a handy hitch for towing. There is no suspension on the Argo other than adjusting tire air pressure. Die neue Einstiegsstufe an allen Modellen* machten den Einstieg in Ihr ARGO noch einfacher und komfortabler. Speed on-road is 35 to 40km/h, about the same as most diesel side-by-sides. in the water, and it’s capable of towing 1800 lb. This allows the ARGO to operate on top of snow like a person on snowshoes. The second row can be removed for more cargo space.

As with previous Argo models we’ve tested, the Aurora models ride slightly nose down in the water. What is the top speed on water? (670 KG), L x W x H              119 IN (3,023 MM) X 60 IN (1,524 MM) X 50 IN (1,271 MM). The wheels can even be flipped around for adding tracks with no other hardware required! I am thinking of getting an Argo 8X8 Avenger. There is no suspension on the Argo other than adjusting tire air pressure. ARGO 8x8 Frontier EFi mit 23 PS (ehem. 1:44 . It was time to see what the new Aurora models could do and the first thing we noticed is getting inside is a little easier. Argo gave the new Aurora models a couple features we were eager to try out. EUR 56,15. Reg can drive or ride anything, make anything, fix anything and is never wrong.

Depending on load and terrain the top speed for 8x8 models varies between 18-20 mph and for the 6x6 models between 20-23 mph. It’s much safer than an ATV, climbs better, carries more, and can drive straight from land into water. It isn’t fast by any means. The top speed of our Frontier 8x8 was about 35km/h. On the other hand, most diesel side-by-sides don’t go much faster than that so unless you’re covering big distances every day, top speed isn’t an issue.
The steering stem and handlebars have been moved to the left side of the vehicle and it seems more natural in the new position. Again, try that with any other UTV. I will use it to do fishing and hunting exploration trips in our north country (Canada). * Pre-production model is shown. Every ARGO is an adventure machine. We will contact you as soon as this product is available. Sitze und Rückenlehnen sind mit raffinierten Nähten und eingeprägtem Logo versehen. Because of its bigger cargo section and towing capabilities. "You can get a lot of accessories for Argos too, like a cab, tracks, ROPS [rollover protection], roofs, windscreens, racks, outboard engine fittings and so forth, so it’s versatile as well.". Where no Polaris, Arctic Cat, Honda, Can-Am or Yamaha will dare venture, the 6 or 8 wheeled ARGO dives in with no limits to what you can conquer, and it just so happens that wading into deep water in an ARGO is also ridiculously fun. Top of the line. extrem robuster Antrieb. Neus Felgensystem mit eingebauter Federung für besseren Fahrkomfort und geringeren Bodendruck für Fahrten über raues Gelände. Speed:                  Land  -  20 MPH (32 KM/H)     Water  -  3 mph / 5 km per hour, Weight:                 1479 LB. The 6x6`s have a payload capacity of 700 lb. The second major feature is a new steering system they call Argo Progressive Steering. (417 KG),  Water - 771 LB.

Top of its class. With the new ARGO AURORA they might want to rethink that!

As the water gets deeper the Argo shows a capability no other UTV can match.
Because of its bigger cargo section and towing capabilities.