There are many different sizes of coaxial power connectors (see table at end of this article). A coaxial power connector is an electrical power connector used for attaching extra-low voltage devices such as consumer electronics to external electricity. Cables are available with one in-line receptacle fanning out to a number of plugs, so that many devices may be supplied by one supply.

This list attempts to show all known sizes, and is annotated with some manufacturers producing selected types, since each manufacturer makes its own unique subset of the known types.

The first thing you need to figure out is what the things are called. The 01 through 03 sizes do not and are similar to the generic plugs in structure. If you slide this into the end of a 2.1 mm ID plug it will be snug and would not fall out when tipped up. In addition, there appears to be a trend to standardize DC connector to negative barrel (or sleeve) of a coaxial power connector. The difficult specification to find on many of these power supplies is what size if the inner diameter of the plug / connector. Measuring Power Supply Barrel Plug ID 2.1mm vs 2.5mm. [7] Similarly, some people view the corded plug as female[8] and some perceive it as male. The connector pairs for barrel connectors are defined in terms of 'plugs' and 'receptacles'; receptacles are more commonly called 'sockets' or 'jacks' (US). As the use of a plug implies a cable, even a short stub, some power supplies carry panel-mounted receptacles instead to avoid this cable, i.e. Reply EIAJ-03: For 6.3–10.5 V. 5.0 mm OD, 1.7 mm ID. ), Also used in older Alcatel phones (3DS07008A?AA, 3DS09371A?AA, 3DS10628A?AA), Also used for Canon CA-570 Charger (Output: 8.4V 2A), Used in Acer Aspire V5 adapter and some Hikvision 48V NVRs, Philmore Coaxial Power Plug 3.0mm I.D./5.5mm O.D. I've been reading a lot of conflicting information as to what really matters when your trying to find a replacement connector component. If you've got the "barrel type" (a large round plug with a hole in it, and a socket with a pin in the center) they are specified by the OD of the barrel, and the diameter of the pin. Each "Adaptaplug" had a single-letter code, but did not provide any other official designation, nor did RadioShack publish the complete specifications and tolerances on barrel and pin dimensions. Then you can search the 'Net for info. Five plug and matching socket or jack designs are defined by the EIAJ standard RC-5320A (also called JEITA RC-5320A). Coaxial plugs that have a male center pin will have another measurement, Center Pin Diameter (CPD). By Eva | October 30, 2018. At least one of these sizes has a maximum rating of 34 V and 3 A. IEC 60130-10:1971 defines five DC power connectors.[11].

Designations may vary between manufacturers. There are many more design variants than can be listed in this table, so only a small sampling of part numbers is given. We use cookies to provide our visitors with an optimal site experience. Since this measurement is too close to use a ruler and fitting a caliper (if available) inside a 2.1 or 2.5 mm hole is very difficult to do accurately.

This is made more difficult by the fact that the two most common sizes of plugs at 2.1 mm ID x 5.5 mm OD and 2.5 mm ID x 5.5 mm OD. The German national standards organization DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung—German Institute for Standardization) issued DIN 45323, which defines two DC power plug and jack (respectively) sizes. View our privacy notice and cookie notice to learn more about how we use cookies and how to manage your settings.
[15], Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Telecom 101 Telecommunications Book - ISBN 9781894887038", "Connectors for frequencies below 3 MHz. A 'lock-tab DC coaxial connector' (also called 'bayonet lock') offers a compromise that resists unplugging, but which will disengage when pulled hard enough. 11 years ago. Most laptop DC jacks don't have part numbers unless they are from a main distributor like DELL.
When placed in a 2.5 mm ID plug the toothpick is loose and will fall out when tipped. It is quite possible that new sizes will continue to appear and disappear. [3] Type N connectors,[4][5] and all IEC 60320 "appliance coupler" plugs, and VGA cables with male connectors on the cable and female connectors on the devices[3] are examples of this. On the male plug, the outer body is metallic and cylindrical in shape, and comprises one of the two contacts.

These 3.5 mm OD plugs are normally used for lower voltages and currents. I used a "5.5mm/2.1mm" jack for my project. This means that the entire tip will not go into a 2.1 mm plug, however will go into a 2.5 mm plug. A 'lock-ring DC coaxial connector' uses a captive threaded ring or collar to secure the connection between the plug and jack. Voltage is often unspecified, but may be up to 48 V with 12 V typical. This leaves you with two options. ], Used for Sony PSP Charger (Input: 100-240VAC, Output: 5VDC @ 1500mA for PSP 1000, 2000, 3000), used in Miniware TS100 soldering iron by e-Design, RadioShack sold a line of adapter plugs for universal AC adapters. The staff may or may not be competent to help you :-/.

the normal convention of power from plug to receptacle is reversed.

The Toothpick Alternatively, connectors of the same size can be part of power supplies with different voltages and currents. Most test leads you will find have a diameter of 2 mm and fit in both the 2.1 and 2.5 mm plugs so you have to look at the gap. I have no idea what the "tube" type are called.. From my experience, the plug can't be too long, but it can be too short. These plugs are often used for higher power applications such as portable computers. One possible reason that a particular manufacturer may use a new size is to discourage use of third-party power supplies, either for technical reasons or to force use of their own accessories, or both. Please make sure the power supply is de-energized before trying any of these methods. Recently I was browsing instructables and noticed that there aren't any 'ables on how to figure out what size of DC powerjack one has or even for that matter how those barrel power jacks are measured. A coaxial power connector is an electrical power connector used for attaching extra-low voltage devices such as consumer electronics to external electricity.