© 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It's Samantha Baker's Sweet Sixteen and no one in her family remembers the important occasion. According to the Wikipedia entry for this film, "Sixteen Candles was filmed primarily in and around the Chicago North Shore suburban communities of Evanston, Skokie, and Highland Park, Illinois during the summer of 1983. Beth Ringwald was born on October 27, 1964 in Roseville, California, USA as Elizabeth Anne Ringwald. Beth has two younger siblings, Molly and Kelly Ringwald. The iconic 1984 film starred actors including Molly Ringwald, Michael Schoeffling, Anthony Michael Hall … Director of photography Bobby Byrne. The premise is ordinary, but the film is distinguished by funny gags and excellent performances by Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall. Sixteen Candles. She is an actress, known for Sixteen Candles (1984), Fatal Vision (1984) and Crash Island (1981). He is determined to increase his range and visibility. Samantha ... Beth Ringwald Patty. Havilland Morris also played Wendy Worthington in "Who's That Girl" (1987). Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, We weren't sure at first what "relay dances" were either….

Molly Ringwald has won Golden Globe nomination for her movie Tempest. The actress is best known for roles in the movies, Sixteen Candles (1984), Fatal Vision (1984), and Crash Island(1981). According to Beth, she had more parts but decided during filming that her football player boyfriend looked too old to be a high school kid so most of her parts, along with his, ended up on the cutting room floor. 16, and her life is dominated by her love for Jake (Michael Schoeffling),...read more, Anthony Michael Hall Racy, drunken, hilarious '80s high school comedy. Justin Henry (Samantha's obnoxious brother Mike) was nominated for an Oscar for his work in Kramer vs Kramer. If not for Molly, now-Oscar-winner Julia Roberts might still be delivering Mystic Pizza!

All rights reserved. Haviland played chain-smoking corporate go-getter Marla Bloodstone and Gedde played a tourist-turned-news cameraman named Mr. Katsuji. Steven Monarque, who palyed a Jock looking through the hole in the floor at the party, went on to play Johhny Ventura in "Friday the 13th: The Series". Apple Inc. In the 1990's, director Garry Marshal severely punished the man for forgetting Sam's Sweet 16 by casting him as a father who had paid for three aborted weddings.

Molly Ringwald almost lost the part of "Samantha" to. Support. Did you also notice that the plate on Jake Ryan's car also adds up to the number "16" as well as John Hughes birthday?

Jimmy Montrose, Steven Farber Blanche appeared in 70s miniseries Holocaust. Not only did Anthony Michael Hall release a Blues/Rock n Roll Album, he acted in a Rock n Roll film, alongside Supermodel Amber Valetta in the VH-1 Original Movie "Hysteria : The Def Leppard Story". The Best Shows and Movies to Watch This Week: Jim Carrey's Joe Biden Is Visited By the Ghost of Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton in the, Sean Connery, Legend of Screen and Stage, Dead at 90, What's New on Hulu in November: Kristen Stewart's.

Internet Service Terms We believe the following trivia is all legit. Genres: Comedies Romance. Paul Dooley (Samantha's father) always seems to play father roles such as "Breaking Away" and Claire Danes's dad in "My So-Called Life". The groom in the movie (Rudy Ryszczyck) played by. Copyright © 2020 The strange girl on the bus in the neck brace is. Ned Tanen Producer. Hilton A. Photo Credits: Netflix; Pop TV; Robert Viglasky, Hartswood Films; Fred Hayes/Disney+, Fox, PopTV; Bettina Strauss/Netflix; Nicole Rivelli/Amazon, Netflix, Frank Masi/Apple, Disney, Jasper Savage/Hulu; Diyah Pera/CW. Gedde Watanabe owned the 80's as the "Token Japanese Guy." John Hughes Director. ‘Sixteen Candles’ is the first of about three 1980s comedies about school-aged teenagers to be written and directed by John Hughes and to star Molly Ringwald, although the characters and plots are not related. Sixteen Candles A teenage girls deals with her parents forgetting her birthday and a crush on her high school's heartthrob. This sparkling film features a dynamic score, and outstanding performances by Paul Dooley, Emmy winner Blanche Baker and Oscar® nominee Justin Henry.

Similarly, she had first gained recognition in the 1980s, further achieving success in the 1990s appearing in numerous films. Blanche Baker (Samantha's sister Ginny) is the daughter of famed actress Carroll Baker (Tennessee Williams' Baby Doll.

Molly Ringwald was born on February 18, 1968, in Roseville, California, U.S. She is an American actress and author. Apple TV & Privacy Not so fast, my friend.

The Long Duk Dong character is suspiciously similar to another character in a story John Hughes wrote for National Lampoon magazine titled "Christmas '59". While not a bad film, this is nowhere near as good as ‘The Breakfast Club’, which they made together the following year.

She is the bride and friend of Sarah Jessica Parker. 1984; ... but the film is distinguished by funny gags and excellent performances by Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall. Character Zelda Rubinstein. Cast: Molly Ringwald Anthony Michael Hall Michael Schoeffling Paul Dooley Justin Henry Gedde Watanabe Blanche Baker Carlin Glynn Edward Andrews Billie Bird Carole Cook Max Showalter John Cusack Joan Cusack Jami Gertz Beth Ringwald. HA.

1, Jonathan Chapin

Unlike many TV and movie hunks of the 80's and 90's that came and went, the elusive Michael Schoeffling proved to be a timeless phenomenon that screwed up an entire generation of girls who got all hopeful that men that perfect really existed. Gedde Watanabe (Long Duk Dong) was also in 80's horror comedy VAMP. JH.

Cookie Warning NT. She is also the girl that cuts Caroline's hair when it was stuck in the door. Haviland Morris (Caroline) and Gedde Watanabe (Long Duk Dong) would be reunited 6 years later in the classic sequel "Gremlins 2: The New Batch".

Ray Gun Geek No.2, Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Her full name is Molly Kathleen Ringwald. Samantha (Ringwald) is a high-school sophomore about to turn John Hughes Writer. ROMANCE; It's Samantha Baker's Sweet Sixteen and no one in her family remembers the important occasion. In fact, you could argue that all John Hughes' characters in this film are racial stereotypes.
Beth Ringwald was an old girlfriend and neighbor of Adam Carolla (radio personality and "Man Show" host). Beth Ringwald Patty. On the May 26, 2006 episode of his show she called in and described her small part in Sixteen Candles. Sean Daniel Producer. © 1984 Universal City Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Sixteen Candles 1984. In addition to the other roles already mentioned on this page, he hosted "Wheel of Fish" in the Weird Al Yankovic movie UHF and had a much larger role in Ron Howard's Gung Ho where he played the Japanese executive sent to manage "Hassan Motors" with Michael Keaton. Molly Ringwald's sister Beth (Patty) is the blonde girl at the dance who is being carried off by the football player when "Sam" and "Jake" are standing by the coat table. Likewise, she further achieved success starring in films such as The Stand (1994), Malicious (1995), Office Killer (1997), among others. This section contains mature content and you need to be at least 17 years old. She plays the girl who is at the party walking upstairs with Jake Ryan's mom's pearls on and she says: "What? Yes, I'm over 17. Ray Gun Geek No. Long Duk Dong, Gedde Watanabe, is actually an American from Utah. We need to check your ID. This section contains mature content and you need to be at least 17 years old. Garry Marshal offered the lead role in "Pretty Woman" to Molly Ringwald, but she turned it down, not liking the idea of playing a hooker. Character Beth Ringwald. Coincidence?? If you disagree or have additional info, please. In fact, on Valentine's Day 2004 (20 years after the film's release), a Washington Post article called "Real Men Can't Hold A Match To Jake Ryan" was published; citing that waiting for that perfect man has been referred to as "spending my whole life waiting for my Jake Ryan to come get me". Character Elaine Wilkes. Sixteen Candles. Haviland Morris was in an episode of Sex and the City in the episode called "The Turtle and The Hare". She was the girl at the dance who got picked up and carried out of the coat room by the football player. SD. His first single was played on mp3.com. But wait...the day isn't over yet! Amber Valetta played Supermodel of the 80's, Lorelei Shellist (girlfriend of legendary Leppard guitarist Steve Clark). Directors: John Hughes He says "it's fear that drives him". The following trivia for "Sixteen Candles" is apparently bogus. Anthony Michael Hall recalled of Sixteen Candles: "I love the work and I would never disparage it," he said. Anthony Michael Hall appeared on the USA hit Show Dead Zone as lead character Johnny.

"The Geek", Farmer Ted moves in for the kill... Beth Ringwald plays one of Caroline Mulford's friends. She's your average teen, enduring creepy freshmen, spoiled siblings, confused parents and the Big Blonde on Campus who stands between her and the boy of her dreams. Recently, he played Bill Gates in Pirates of Silicon Valley and he also stars in Hitched, a USA Network movie Hall likened to Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

If it's bogus or you have additional info, please. After appearing in the successful Hughes films Sixteen Candles (1984), The Breakfast Club (1985), and Pretty in Pink (1986), Ringwald became a teen icon.She later starred in The Pick-up Artist (1987), Fresh Horses (1988) and For Keeps (1988).
The story, which seemingly also formed the storyline for the "Christmas Vacation" movie, has "Grandma & Grandpa Swenson" visiting for Christmas with exchange student "Xgung Wo" along for the ride. There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? Ted, the Geek, Ross Berkson John Hughes, the writer of National Lampoon's Vacation, shows how coming-of-age can be full of surprises in this warm-hearted teenage comedy starring Molly Ringwald.

Molly is also an actress and probably more famous than Beth herself while there is no information on Kelly. Character Samantha 'Sam' Baker. I don't do that!" Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Michael Schoeffling.

JH. Beth Ringwald was an old girlfriend and neighbor of Adam Carolla (radio personality and "Man Show" host). Previous Films More Films.

The license plate on Jake's car says "21850" which is director John Hughes' birthday (2/18/50). -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby". His daughter was Julia Roberts as the "Runaway Bride"!

See Beth Ringwald’s Full Filmography. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. John Kapelos also appeared in Weird Science as the Dino.

Hall played legendary music producer Robert John 'Mutt' Lange, (who has produced AC/DC, Bryan Adams and his wife, Shania Twain).

and the pearls break. Far from the nerd in real life, he grew up to be a solid 6-foot-2!!

There’s no way Sixteen Candles premiered nearly 35 years ago already!