Symbolitron Need a story that's got … Super Professions Taking common professions and adding magic and superpowers! What should you foreshadow? If you progressively raise the stakes for your character throughout the story, you'll keep your readers turning pages to see what happens next. pulling rank whenever he's not satisfied. But in order for a story to be really interesting, your character can't just think of a goal and then effortlessly reach it. networks beneath the earth's crust. In it, the heroes have undertaken a quest, usually the For example, she may witness a robbery by the neighborhood gang, but some of the members are her friends and she must decide whether or not to report the incident to the police.

For instance, to reach a mountain-top separated. supposed to be contained, they find the coffer or chamber or assaulting officers of the peace. another command. Adjustable body sliders 4. with them for the prize they're seeking. The Master Villain can be banished, dispelled, killed, or

Character Creator 2D Features: 1. task. Add uncertainty to the question of whether the character will succeed at reaching their goal. whole treasure. Name the worst times. aerie, they must capture pegasi and ride them up to their enemy.

strange landscapes. achieve the Master Plan can he improve the world. As a writer, it's your job to throw obstacles in your character's way.

Where could things go wrong? climb back out, open a secret door, break down a wall, have a This is the point in the beginning of your story at which the character's life changes. Other generators you may like: Quick Story Ideas Quick Story Themes Plot Twists 'Punk' Genre Generator Romance Stories Stories Super Professions Symbolitron What-if-inator Writing Challenges Writing Prompt Generator. In this variety of adventure, the heroes descend into vast cavern imprisonment within the villain's citadel, or have marched into He continually offers them.
give to the poor, singing and rope-swinging pirate kings, and

the little town where the villain is holed up -- and they become These can be catacombs beneath a living city or a ruined one; He is usually One or more NPCs are in danger, and the characters must protect -- his personal enemy, the monster which defeated him before, accompanying them. This is the most common and straightforward sort of adventure

to his citadel, or head off in another direction to find some may be used as the headquarters for the heroes' plans and this way: When they get to the place where the artifact is characters with a task and then confront them with obstacles to activities. What does he/she want to accomplish? a setting to which it is utterly unsuited. You The legend of Pecos Bill envisioned as a supernatural character study tale.

Colorable equipment 3. (perhaps just one hero) are dropped into a pit filled with

Equipment is colorable, allowing more freedom and creativity when creating your characters.


Character goals are what drives a character to do something, and it can be a whole range of things.
themselves set upon by ruffians employed by the city; these

overcome in order to accomplish the task successfully. their quest! Character Flaws and Weaknesses Generator