The character information is stored within the players.db file, located within the dayz.chernarusplus\storage_X folder (removal of this causes character wipe). storeHouseStateDisabled = false;// Disable houses/doors persistence (value true/false), usable in case of problems with persistence Please do not post in here for help.

loginQueueMaxPlayers=500; // The maximum number of players that can wait in login queue // The maximum number of players that can wait in login queue, // DayZ server instance id, to identify the number of instances per box and their storage folders with persistence files, // Checks if the persistence files are corrupted and replaces corrupted ones with empty ones (value 0-1), // Mission to load on server startup. By default, server logs are written to server profile folder. (only 2 is supported) All custom ported DayZ Maps that we support. This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 20:10. in this post, we will go over the basics of how to configure your server: The server configuration is handled via serverDZ.cfg, a configuration file which you can use to configure various game server settings such as the player count, 3rd person view, and welcome messages.

For automatic server termination set "deadline" and "shutdown" to enabled. To ensure, that Steam does not overwrite this file with an update, be sure to have a copy of this original file and rename it. Discussions on porting or creating new Arma 2 maps and using them within Dayz.

2.5 GB space on the drive.

I would like it to be a little colder. Supported parameters: 1. Copyright © Bohemia Interactive a.s. DAYZ® and Bohemia Interactive® are registered trademarks of Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved. This article deals with the configuration file which is used to configure various game server settings. {

TBs Thug wrote on FallingSheep's profile. "SystemTime" means the local time of the machine. It should be less or equal than the numbers of available cores. Run the DayZServer_x64.exe via the batch file, shortcut with parameters or other options. This is super simple to setup, On the right choose create task: Now make Daily triggers at certain times with the action being to run the …

-noFilePatching - Ensures that only PBOs are loaded and NO unpacked data. Please do not report hackers here. Discussions on using the editing component of Arma 2 to create new components for DayZ. class DayZ Buy us a coffee. Some RCon tools like Dart offer the option to ban users directly via their UI which is then, written to bans.txt. // Accelerated Time - The numerical value being a multiplier (0.1-64). An entire day would pass in one hour.

backpacks), set in meters, default value if not set is 20 loginQueueConcurrentPlayers=5; // The number of players concurrently processed during the login process.

lootHistory = 1; // How many persistence history files should be kept by instance, number is looped over during save Texture application (reskins), loading screens etc. Should prevent massive performance drop during connection when a lot of people are connecting at the same time.

serverNightTimeAcceleration=1; // Accelerated Nigh Time - The numerical value being a multiplier (0.1-64) and also multiplied by serverTimeAcceleration value. -config=serverDZ.cfg - Selects the Server Config File, -port=2302 - Port to have dedicated server listen on.

Discuss anything related to DayZ Standalone and the release of server files. steamQueryPort = 2305; // defines Steam query port, should fix the issue with server not being visible in client server browser Windows Environment variables are supported (E.g. This kills the DayZ server 64-bit process. password = ""; // Password to connect to the server Logs/dumps/etc will be created there, along with BattlEye/BEC/Rcon related files. For further info about our plans for modding in DayZ, please take a look at our Status Report from 28th August, our article introducing modding and do not hesitate to ask any question on our official forums. ImpulZ, September 18, 2018 in Servers. logFile = "server_console.log"; // Saves the server console log to a file in the folder with the other server logs The file usually is located in the root directory of the server but can be placed elsewhere with the startup parameter -config. adminLogPlayerList = 0; // 1 - log periodic player list with position every 5 minutes To setup an automatic restart you will need some other application that will automatically start the terminated server as Windows Scheduler, FireDaemon or a similar application. The real name is determined by the -config command line option when launching the dedicated server.

By default, server logs are written to server profile folder. It is not currently part of Steam server data package so you will have to create it yourself. disableContainerDamage = 0; // set to 1 to disable damage/destruction of tents, barrels, wooden crate and seachest, , ,