Once you find the cursed tombstone, attack it a few times to destroy it. For this exercise, Frank must simply survive until the timer runs out. Location: Collect all 60 Capcom Hero Stars and you’ll get this instantly. This site © 2020 ReedPop. Nevertheless, if you're picking up interest in the game now that it's making its way to the PlayStation 4 this December, you'll probably find yourself doubly excited after witnessing the Capcom Heroes Mode in action. TechRaptor is your source for high quality gaming news, reviews, and articles. Use X Sword attacks and wait for Frank to get surrounded by zombies then quickly use his Y gun attack to kill many zombies surrounding him. What's more is that you'll also be able to partake in special side-quests for each of the Capcom Heroes outfits and unlock additional abilities, vehicles, and specials. Kill 60 zombies with skill moves (super move).

Capcom Heroes Costumes are awarded for performing certain tasks such as finding Capcom Hero Stars and completing certain main objectives of the Capcom Heroes mode. Capcom Heroes will be an alternate way to experience Dead Rising 4’s story; players will find arcade cabinets that give Frank new Hero Outfits. It’s very easy to die in this exercise if you don’t approach it very carefully. You must build up the counter by attacking zombies then perform your skill move (super move [Y+B]) against zombies to rack up a total of 50 kills in one minute. Dead Rising 4 Capcom Heroes - Capcom Heroes Costumes Guide, Dead Rising 4 brings Frank's Big Package to PlayStation 4 in December, The first collectible is the Amaterasu Bomb on top of the small northwest building. The base story and world from standard Dead Rising 4 remains completely unchanged – the only real difference in this mode is the aforementioned costumes, as well as the addition of special collectibles around the environment to unlock more costumes. Location: Clear out the emergency shelter in West Ridge and this will be available from the Collectibles Vendor for 15000 coins. If a sphere crosses your path, simply blast it to make it explode. Store: N/A

He's listed there, so there has to be a way. All of the flower sets are hidden throughout the Christmas Tree Lot. Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes Debuts 'Quickdraw' Hop-Up, Demon's Souls Has Over 180 Tips Videos Built In, Capcom Heroes Turns Dead Rising 4 Into A Full-On Musou. The weapon combat was one of the only things about Dead Rising 4 that worked well, and changing it to pure button mashing only cements the game's movement in the opposite direction of its prequels. Map Location Description During Case 0, as Frank is exploring the base. It's certainly not Dead Rising, but it might be worth a look for those folks who can't get enough Dynasty Warriors in their lives. Frank must fight a super evolved zombies in the room below. Owns an office chair once used by Billy Mays. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. First Arthur Training Exercise: The first training exercise is located near the southwest entrance to the Cemetery in the southwest portion of Old Town. Build up the skill move by tossing out fireballs then run into a heavily populated zombie crowd and perform the skill move and you’ll likely get around 75 kills per skill move. Once you get upstairs, enter the open room to the far left and the soldier leader will be staring outside the window – stealth kill him from behind to finish the training exercise. And the last new outfit that was unveiled in the trailer was a classic Dante costume from Capcom's other famous hack-and-slash series, Devil May Cry. Frank has two minutes to hit five evolved zombies with at least one attack.