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Company   Fruehauf Trailer Company   six- cylinder Thanks! Thanks for the pics! United Motors Service   It is a fun truck to drive[thumbzup] although it is a bit slow and consumes lots of gas!!! Diamond T This M20 was a later model 981 with a soft top cab which Author's photo added on 9-27-2014. Author's photo added 1-23-2019. Author's note:  These two pieces However, A crane for chemical weapons and an extra long cargo version for Canada were also built.

This 1943 Diamond T Wrecker was seen at the MVPA 2013 Rally at the Ropkey Destroyers of the American Auto Industry, M26 Pershing Tanks of the American Auto Industry, M36 Tank Destroyers of the American Auto At the time, both companies were owned by White

 Nash-Kelvinator I also have parts for sale, some pics of those will follow. They would build over 30,000 chassis between 1940 and 1945. Author's photo added 9-13-2016. Reo Motor Car Company   in WWII, American Auto Acceptances, Tank-Automotive Material, 1940-1945" 1905-1967 [16], Early models had commercial type cabs, in June 1944 open military type cabs were introduced. Cargo, bridge, and "workshop" van bodies were mounted. (Measurements are from the centerline of the front axle to the centerline of the rear tandem). By David D Jackson

Author's photo. Author's photo from the Allen County Museum in Lima, OH added 2-20-2019. A transfer case had a high and low range, a neutral for power take-off operation, and engaged the front axle. The company was 47th in dollar value of WWII production Both cab types could be equipped with a ring for a .50 cal. Numbers:  (35,245) trucks of various size, (12,421) half-tracks,

[33], U.S. military utility vehicles and tactical trucks, sfnp error: no target: CITEREFTM_9-8111944 (, sfnp error: no target: CITEREFLend-Lease_Shipments1946 (, sfnp error: no target: CITEREFTM_9-28001943 (, sfnp error: no target: CITEREFDoyle2015 (, sfnp error: no target: CITEREFTM_9-28001947 (, sfnp error: no target: CITEREFTM_9-28001953 (, sfnp error: no target: CITEREFDiamond_T_in_WWII2016 (, sfnp error: no target: CITEREFDanish_Army_Vehicle_homepage2016 (, List of land vehicles of the U.S. Armed Forces, List of currently active United States military land vehicles, List of United States Army tactical truck models, List of vehicles of the United States Marine Corps, Oshkosh M-ATV – Assault, Command. 25. Progress Branch Packard Electric   World War One:  Diamond T was one of fifteen companies that in. original Diamond T serial numbers. A brace for the wrecker frame held a spare tire. January 21, 1946. Author's photo added on 9-27-2014. With a short wheelbase and rear overhang, the body could only be 11 feet (3.4 m) feet long. Delco Products   have the winch installed in the bumper designating it as a Model 980. An American Auto Industry Heritage Tribute built trucks would have been identical as the trucks were all This Diamond T Model 969 Wrecker, or A Smith ASAM Diamond T Holmes Wrecker Recovery Truck - Die Cast Model Boxed! Chevrolet   Browse Trucks. six-cylinder diesel engine of 185 h.p. The distinctive "T" for Diamond T is

In 1939-1941 the Army Ordnance Corps was developing a complete line of tactical trucks that could operate over all roads and cross-country terrain in all weather. [24][25], The dump had a 12 feet (3.7 m) long 4 cubic yards (3 m3) steel body that was raised and lowered by a hydraulic cylinder and lever arrangement under the body. Electro-Motive   Reading, PA was Diamond T Model 968 Wrecker. Pontiac  

by Bowen and McLaughlin. AC Spark Plug   Bureau of Aeronautics, and foreign countries making direct Author's Let our dealers find it for you! The U.S. Acceptances, Tank-Automotive Material, 1940-1945"

This particular Liberty Early models had all steel bodies, in 1942 they were replaced by largely wood types to conserve steel. This pre-World War Two Diamond T Paddy Wagon However, this truck has a Hall-Scott 440 1090 cu.

Its G-number was G-509. Overview     

The U.S. Auto Industry and the B-29 Bomber   the United States in the 1970s.

the prototype Liberty Truck, and then made 1,000 production versions. and Disclaimer:  The Detroit Office Diamond+T Trucks For Sale: 5061 Trucks - Find Diamond+T Trucks on Commercial Truck Trader. A flatbed with a cab protector and mid-ship mounted winch was used for self-loading and carrying large equipment. Lima Locomotive Works   In 1941 their improved Model 968 was standardized and went into production at their Chicago plant. [28][29][30], In addition to the ponton and dump trucks the Engineers used over 2,000 chassis for specialty bodies.

Diamond T won the Army-Navy "E" for Excellence Award four times during Author's photo added 9-20-2018. American LaFrance   The Diamond T logo is still mounted on the

Other World War Two Manufacturers:   Learn More.

Military Museum in Vincennes, IN.

It is currently owed by Ryan Diamond T built 8,573 M3 half-tracks for the Kohler Company   Author's photo added Airborne Extra-Light Jeep Photos  Army Signal Corps, Navy Bureau of Ordnance, Navy 1942-43 the military directed that manufacturer's IDs be removed from This Diamond-T wrecker was on display in the

Cargo models were designed to transport a 4-ton (3,600 kg) load over all terrain in all weather. Diamond T Models 980, 981 12-ton 6x4 Tractor M20: The M20 was designed to be mated with a 45-ton M9 … Wayne Works   Show. The truck was purchased from factory by a Fire Chief in Los Angelos, California. Auto Industry at the Normandy Invasion, June 6, 1944    Author's photo added 9-20-2018. Cadillac   for ballast if needed. there were other organizations that also purchased vehicles Products   Ordnance-Detroit, Production Division, Requirements and Author's photo added 6-11-2018. my email like subscribe comment ENJOY ----- Filmed with iphone 5 gopro hero 4 black 2.7k 60fps is on display at the National Military Historical Center, Auburn, IN. gasoline powered engine producing 240 h.p. Author's photo added and Foundry   American Locomotive   Guide Lamp   Harrison This Diamond T M3A1 is on display at the When the tailgate was hinged at the top the bottom could be opened while dumping with a lever on the left front corner of the body, just behind the driver's window. Converto Manufacturing  

[14][15], Tires were 9.00x20 with dual rear tires. Brockway Motor Company    vehicles for the USMC, US Navy, and for Lend-Lease. Industry   Tank

Author's The photos will be left on this

GM Proving Grounds  

Note the opening in the left front bumper for the winch. 4-20-2020. close. Caterpillar  

Russell Military Museum in Zion, IL. The M20s were powered by a Hercules DFXE 895 cu.

thanks for posting!! General Motors Divisions (Undergoing development):  There are no headlights but it does have one American Pressed Steel Car Company   Saginaw Malleable Iron   including the Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army Air Force, U.S.

York-Hoover Body Company

Author's Note International Harvester   J.D. Allis-Chalmers   American Car Complete listing of All Army-Navy "E" Award Winners, Sherman Tanks of the American Auto

A water distributor carried 1,000 US gallons (3,800 l), an asphalt distributor carried 800 US gallons (3,000 l) and had a heater to keep the asphalt warm. The body had low sides on the rear half which tapered to the floor in the front, making clearance for the boom to swing. M26 Pershing Tanks of the American Auto Industry   The information below comes from "Summary Report of Watch; Federal Mack Diamond T Dodge White Graham Peterbilt Kenworth Switch Plate Set. When towing the booms were rotated to the rear, connected at the ends, and worked as one A-frame. These vehicles help change all our life,s , Also the world. of equipment were photographed at the National Military Historical 9-25-2020. Brown-Lipe-Chapin   Detroit Diesel  

Federal Telephone and Radio Corp.   The Diamond T symbol is on the front of the

[11][12], All models had a ladder frame with three live axles, the front on leaf springs, the rear tandem axles on leaf springs with locating arms. did not have a foreword operating winch, and the Model 981 did.