Various considerations need to be thought of before starting this project: The most important factors in this project are the levelness of the monitors, the alignment of the monitors and the rigidity of the frame holding the monitors. You may also use washers in this step to make sure the hinge is flush with the side surface of the timber. Log in sign up. Press J to jump to the feed. OSR will send you the digital version of the plans right away and an shopping list to complete the project. Ideally, you want to use hinges that are less in height to that of the timber. For extra measure, I drilled a large screw into either side of this supporting timber to ensure it is stable. The measurements I'm building it to are taken directly from my NB Mx5 daily driver as I love the seating position in it. Don't hesitate to send me ideas of projects you'd like to see me build. Triple Monitor Stand Heavy Duty - Plate Kit & Plans - 15, 25, & 40 Series. For hardware, sims, leagues, and more! Did you make this project? Triple Monitor Stand Heavy Duty - Plate Kit & Plans - 15, 25, & 40 Series. 192. Thank you for taking your time to read my instructable! The central hub for the sim racing community! Did you end up doing this. Most wood sim rig are made from sheet MDF or plywood. In order to accommodate for this, I decided to build a triple monitor stand with a couple of means of adjustment.In order to build this wooden monitor mo…

Hello everyone!!! $575 View. I recently received an extra monitor to supplement my existing setup (2 monitors). The rest of the assembly process is very straight forward, just follow the plans! Thus, in order to allow access for the cables to be plugged, I had to trim a small section of the frame as shown in the pictures. For this, I used a 4x2, the same width as the centre monitor timber and fastened it with 2x120mm screws on either side for stability. $70 View. I've been considering getting a 2nd monitor. Once the monitors were placed, I found that there was no access for the input cables to be plugged into the monitor that was mounted onto the drawer slider. The OSR custom monitor mount plate kit it does NOT include the extrusion. The completed or partially completed sim rigs chassis is not permitted to be sold, resold, distributed, mass produced or used in any commercial fashion. It is important that the default, closed position of the slider is in the center, where the monitor would belong had there not been a slider. In order to accommodate for this, I decided to build a triple monitor stand with a couple of means of adjustment. However, if you enjoy DIY and have three monitors sitting around, this is a great weekend project that requires minimal materials and tools. Fourthly, the use of other materials such as metal, in particular solid metal angles would have been a more effective choice provided that metal fabrication tools such as welding equipment and grinders were available. Once all the OSR Plans, Custom Hardware and Shopping List parts have arrived you are ready for assembly. This link will automatically create a shopping cart to purchase a complete 15 series kit of aluminium extrusion & hardware.

Super Sport Evolution - Custom Plate Kit - 25 Series, Triple Monitor Stand Heavy Duty - Plate Kit & Plans - 15, 25, & 40 Series, Triple Monitor Stand - Plate Kit & Plans - 15, 25, & 40 Series, OMP 310 AL GT - Full Carbon Fibre Plate Set, OSR EVO 4 - Billet Aluminium Magnetic Shifters - Ready to Install, OSR EVO 5 - Roller Bearing Magnetic Shifters - Ready to Install. Archived. If you enjoyed this project and made it, please favourite it. (I used small, 2cm M4 bolts here with washers and an extra bolt for fine tuning and adjustment). They only thing it was missing was a monitor stand for my 34” Ultrawide Monitor and was wondering if anyone had any leads on a DIY build with a stand? Thank you!

Conclusively, I would not recommend building this frame if you are uninterested in long DIY projects. It is of utmost importance that the length of the timber is exactly the width of the monitor, this will be important for alignment and ensuring consistent gaps in later steps. In late May I saw a release of a new F1 cockpit, I fell in love with it immediately, I spoke with Matt at Trak Racer about it and purchased it soon after. The length of each of these timbers is the same as that of the center one. Place the timber underneath the brackets so that screws may be used to hold the timber in place. To secure the base to the table, I used two clamps of different designs. The lengths of these timbers depends on the height you want for your monitor frame. My current setup is shown in the last photo and due to receiving an extra monitor, I decided to build this stand to support all 3 monitors whilst minimise the space required to accommodate them. In order for the hinges to be fastened, its holes must align with those of the brackets. It is not much more expensive to buy a monitor frame that is ready to be used upon unboxing. Use enough washers so that the hinge is flush with the surface. Close. The plans are copyrighted and licensed for personal use only. Good ideas : ), About: Hey guys, my name is Ahmad, I am 16 years old from Adelaide, South Australia. $70 View. Also, you must ensure that the rail can sustain the weight of the monitor over a long period without failure, thus why I chose a slider with ball bearings. Finally, you want to add a timber that can be used as a base for the frame.