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"You could also consider scheduling time with other couples you enjoy or who you would like to get to know better.". But you need time to be able to enjoy your personal preferences, don’t you? Quickly what was once a steamy romance can fizzle out to a dull routine in the blink of an eye. My boyfriend has a problem with me spending too much time with my friends in college.

We spend more time with my partner's friends than mine or we spend more time with my friends than my partners. The most important thing in having a healthy relationship is being comfortable and sure of yourself as a person, remember this! Why spending too much time together is unhealthy. Is your relationship worth the tears, or is it time to end it?
Avoid the mistake of trying to learn to enjoy each other’s hobbies, so you can spend even more time together. Sure, you needed to compromise because you committed to a relationship that must work for two individuals. It doesn’t even have to be a surprise party. And one thing that will definitely be impacted by this is your level of intimacy. That’s the thing about spending too much time together.

How Much Time Is Too Much With My Boyfriend? Asking for help isn’t needy or weak. Why Do me and my Girlfriend Fight so much. Liked what you just read? #8 You spend time reading books, your partner like outdoor sports. Hobbies you both really want to do in your own phase, on your own time, and on your own volition. Anyone who struggles to stay in touch with lots of people at once has probably felt the shame of letting some friendships fall off the radar. The benefits this will bring to your relationship will be amazing. We each have our own goals, they are different in some ways. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. You and your partner spend as many hours as you can together. Spending time on yourself will keep you centered and will act as a reminder that there are opportunities for you with or without love. For more advice on this subject be sure to check out our article, “5 Ways Time Apart Improves Your Relationship.”, Tags: african american relationship advice, black love, black love advice, Dating Advice, Relationship advice.

Your boyfriend should be mature enough to understand what you want and therefore cooperate with you.

[Read: Overly attached boyfriend? Again, dependency isn’t a bad thing. But how can you even say you miss them if you haven’t spent time apart? Is there something wrong with this? "Your other friends will be there for you even if your romantic relationship ends," Bennett said. Really, you see, hear, and even feel everything. Whether you like to admit it or not, there should still be a “me” time for you and a “me” time for your partner. But life has its own demands too. They want to be with each other for as long as possible.

For this reason, it’s imperative that you give yourselves some time apart from one another and accumulate new experiences on your own time. Your partner loves to chill out with a stiff drink after a long -- or short -- day. How to give space in a relationship and not drift apart, 9 important habits you need to be more independent, A closer look at “you,” “me” and “we” relationships, 5 clear signs you’re already smothering your partner, Overly attached boyfriend? Or should your partner not go outside and do sport and read with you inside the house? You have heard the cliché, “I need space.” It’s true. Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself that maybe you are spending too much time with your boyfriend and that it might be negatively impacting your relationship? Are you going to always go trekking with your partner, even though, there are a hundred books waiting to be read on your shelf? Posted by Quentin Witt in Black Love Advice, I was recently asked the question “Can spending too much time together ruin your relationship?”. You were your own person. Setting aside time when you're really connecting with your partner—rather than just sharing a space with them—will ensure that neither of you feel abandoned or rejected by time apart. In the beginning we used to spend a lot of time together and on occassions he would surprise me and show up at my door a few times a week. See How Well You Know Kim Kardashian's Love Life. The key to determining if too much time is a bad sign is to measure the amount of time couples spend arguing together, and how they feel once they do get some separation.