David T. is wrong. Those who have hid your drinking at home, how have you done this, eg putting the alcohol in soft drink cans. If not using vodka, once bottled, store in the refrigerator up to one month. If you decide to make your grenadine, you have two choices in regards to the pomegranate base: freshly bottled juice you can buy, or go crazy and juice your own pomegranates. Grenadine is a liquor, therefore it falls under the alcohol consumption laws. Is it okay to drink a bottle of champagne once a day? No worries! It is only a very sweet syrup of pomegranate juice and sugar. They are not allowing me to buy grenadine (cherry juice for kiddy cocktails) becuase i am not 21.

Hope you like it. 2 cups fresh pomegranate juice (bottled or about 4 large pomegranates juiced)1 cup sugar1/2 teaspoon orange flower water1 tablespoon pomegranate molasses1/2 ounce vodka, optional. You can try a large liquor store too that sells mixers. Can literally one sip of 5% alchohol, get you drunk? Also, don't rule out making your own grenadine syrup.

A cordial grenadine is a liquor that does contain alcohol. Clearly this can be a pro or a con depending on YOU. Once at a boil, turn down the heat to a simmer and let simmer, uncovered, for 30 minutes or until mixture is reduced by half. Thanks! That's ridiculous - so if the store kept all their limes and salt over by the tequila you'd have to be 21 to purchase those, too?

Go to a different market -- for all of your shopping. That begs the question: does grenadine go bad? If you want to make a virgin drink for your children make them a Shirley Temple only without the vodka. However, check labels, since some versions contain alcohol.". Well, before you decide let’s talk about how these two work in a drink. What are the risks of drinking vodka every night ? since it isnt needed. Or do you do both and have too many syrups in your house like me? If the check out clerk is under 21, she can't even ring up the sale. 3-4 ounces ginger ale or lemon-lime soda1/2 ounce grenadinemaraschino cherry for garnish. The pros here are great. While their policy seems foolish, I believe that they have the legal right to ID everyone who shops in their liquor department. Therefore, it is quite important to check that the grenadine source does not contain alcohol. They say they must card every who buys something out of the alcohal department. If you decide to make your grenadine, you have two choices in regards to the pomegranate base: freshly bottled juice you can buy, or go crazy and juice your own pomegranates.

I chose Small Hand Foods grenadine syrup as my pick. And thus concludes this month’s make or buy.

But then I scrolled down and saw the Shirley Temple recipe and you had me. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Contains: Water, Sugar, citric acid, artificial flavors, sodium benzoate, and FD&C Red # 40, Alright this is actually the second time this has happened. A tiny suggestion: I threw in a heavy pinch of salt and it sharpened things up extra. If it was your standard Mott's grenadine, they were just being paranoid. 1st time i tried to buy it at about 9:30 at night and they said they couldnt sell it to me becuase it was to late to buy it.

But here is where I even have to draw the line on rediculous legislation. Grenadine is not a liquor; it is a syrup made from pomegranates used in mixed drinks. I've never heard of that brand... that I can remember. They should be able to find a way to sell it to you. The name of what i wanted was Collins Cherry Cocktail Syrup. I'm 52 and buy wine coolers a Wal-Mart. The cons here are that I find the flavor a bit muted, and because it is not dyed red, you are not going to get that bright red color that one expects grenadine to have in drinks.

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As long as you have money, you can buy grenadine at any age. Hello and welcome to the second installment of our Make or Buy series.

Using the fresh juice also means you’re getting a brighter red color in the final product (still not as bright as a food dye though). If so how do you flush it out? I live in Ontario and have never seen non-alcoholic mixes or concentrated fruit syrup which is basically what grenadine is in a liquor store. And you can't buy alcohol at the self-scan lines.

Yes, we already have a recipe here on how to make a basic one, but this version I’ve altered as a step up from the most basic way to make it and it’s how I currently make my home bar version. Just ask to speak to the manager and explain this (nicely). But here’s the thing, there are now some really great options out there for buying grenadine at the store, we’ve got one of those today in fact, and also, grenadine is super easy to make. I add salt to every sweet thing I make. Is it bad if I have one smirnoff or Mike's hard lemonade every night? In stores, things are itemized by a code by department, and grenadine, containing no liquor, should not be considered an alcoholic purchase.

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One of the most popular drinks that has grenadine in it for kids is a Shirley Temple. She is just the go-between. To me that is rediculous. You're not alone, Civil rights groups in Kansas City send warning to NBA, Top S.D. How do you think about the answers? Because it’s an excellent product and is my go-to when I don’t have mine own syrup on hand. I have explained both times that there is no alcohal in the mix and both times they still demanded the ID.

And you can't make a Shirley Temple without grenadine- if you do, you doing it wrong. The grenadine was more noticeable here in the flavor as well. Read More….

This version has a lot more “tang” to it which I prefer. Grenadine is one of those ingredients I think everyone buys and no one uses. Since grenadine, like any other syrup, is loaded with sugar, you probably guess it should last quite some time.

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Once cool, pour in vodka, if using (this would act as a preservative) and bottle in an airtight container. Do you buy a tested and well-loved brand, or do you make your own batch? On the beer, wine & soda aisle. Today we’re going to be looking at Grenadine. You can adjust here and add more though but I equalled portioned both grenadines out. It is the sunrise in the Tequila Sunrise and the red in a Shirley Temple. Still have questions? It also is possible that getting fresh juice in your area is just not an option (nor would growing a tree be).

Hi! ABC123. The person refusing probably doesn't know what grenadine is and is simply playing it safe.