... Feb 22 @ 3:33am Locations for Low Temperature Diamond Mining? The material content (Low, Medium, High) does not affect the amount of metals, minerals or chemicals that the asteroid contains. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/454587-Content-Recap-Beyond-Chapter-Four-Livestream-Mining-and-Squadrons, https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/a9pgdo/thanks_frontier_for_actually_making_coop_mining_a/, https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Miner?oldid=137209, Required to extract the ore fragments from an. Once you find your station, stock op on limpets and begin looking for rings with a hotspot matching the material you are looking for. Alternatively, in a RES, fly 30 or more km away from the RES marker. Certain asteroids, as identified by the Fissures discovered on their surface, can be completely broken apart to reveal a treasure trove of resources. Again it's not that important which one, any of them will do. Having more bins is always nice, but you can make do with just 3 or 4 bins. When no bin is available, minerals will not leave the depositing bin and will block it from accepting new fragments. To be 100% sure you can fire a prospector which will reveal if the rock has a mother lode. When you have arrived, you will see a number (from a handful to many dozens) of asteroids, which you can then mine. The most sought-after minerals in missions are painite, osmium and platinum.

Additional tip - You can mine planetary rings anywhere, even completely outside a Resource Extraction Site (RES)- just get close in supercruise, then lower your speed to minimum before hitting the ring. For hardpoints you will need a Seismic charge launcher to crack the asteroids open and an abrasion blaster to shoot the fragments loose inside the rock. If the asteroid's fragments have low concentration (below ±15%), don't waste your precious time and try a different one.

Use some of your largest slots for cargo and the remaining slots for a fuel scoop and a shield generator. If you have space to install 2 class 5 collector limpet modules, for instance, you may have 6 collector limpets active simultaneously. You don’t have to manually detonate all the charges, once one goes off the rest will follow. Laser mining is the simplest form of mining in elite and currently the most profitable way to mine. The more charges you set the more the signal will increase. Once in the ring you need to locate a rock with a high % of the material you are looking for. Collector limpets have 2 modes: quick single-collection and autonomous area-collection. UPDATED MINING TUTORIAL AND LOADOUT ELITE DANGEROUS CHAPTER 4 3.3 UPDATE, The Complete Beginner's Guide to Mining - Elite Dangerous 3.3, Elite Dangerous - How to Mine Void Opals for ~100 Million Credits per Hour. For hardpoints you only need mining lasers. Some miners prefer small, nimble ships for mining, as they are better at maneuvering around asteroids, in tight asteroid belts and rings at higher velocities.

The Detailed Surface Scanner, Prospector Limpet, and Pulse Wave Analyser can also be equipped to more easily locate ideal mining sites and valuable asteroids, and the Collector Limpet can be used to more efficiently gather raw resources. Commanders can fire probes into the rings, which will then clearly display the areas worth investigating on your screen. A lot of internal slots allows you to carry more cargo and the speed and manoeuvrability will help you locate and explode rocks faster.

You will also see a number of surface deposits on the broken parts of the asteroid, these can be shot loose with an abrasion blaster to get even more fragments. This is important as activating a limpet with a collectible item targeted will activate the limpet in single-collection mode. Each fissure will either be low-, medium- or high-strength, this is an indication of how much damage an explosion inside the fissure will do. In your lowest slot you should fit a surface scanner, this is used to scan the rings around planets for hotspots where you get a higher chances for mother lodes. when mining try to position you’r self as close to the rock as you can to reduce the flight time for you collector limpets. If you don't want to check out the other locations in the Miner's Tool, just wait a couple of hours for the hotspots to refill. Krait MkII Keelback Cobra MkIII Asp Explorer Type-6 Transporter Adder Python Anaconda Imperial Cutter Type-9 Heavy Federal Corvette In icy rings the mother lode rocks look like pop-corn. E.g. It's not that important which one you fit, but I usual fit the largest A-rate that will go in that slot. You need to drop into an area covered by all 3 hotspots. Ensure your ship's computer is set to 'report crimes committed against me' to enable a swift security response. Mining Laser Refinery Cargo Racks Collector Limpets Prospector Limpets Abrasion Blaster Pulse Wave Analyser Seismic Charge Launcher Sub-surface Displacement Missile Treat it as extra cargo space. You can equip multiple collector drone limpet controls assuming you have enough internal compartments. My buddy was just rolling in a Anaconda with the most collector limpets and cargo space he could fit in it, and a 4A refinery. Use the Seismic Charge Launcher to place Seismic Charges within the fissures.

So I can deal with selling only 50T at a time as long as I can pick up that 50T within a reasonable time. If the rock has a mother load inside you will be able to spot cracks on the surface of the rock as you get closer. You should always fit N A-rated prospector limpet controller since the rating of the controller determines how many fragments you will get from the rock. When laser mining you have to go to one of the overlapping hotspots, meaning you will need to find 2 or 3 hotspots of the same type with overlapping areas. Mining involves traveling to potential sites in space, usually pristine Planetary Rings, identifying specific resource-rich asteroids, and using various specialized Hardpoint modules to remove and collect their resources. To collect with a cargo scoop, first, engage your scoop (just like you would with your landing gear or hardpoints), then fly slowly towards the target. A buddy and I have been fighting with ways to make deep core mining more efficient with the two of us. It can be accessed on the right panel under cargo tab, then there is a refinery tab on the left column. Equipment The value of a mineral is scaled to the supply/demand meaning that selling minerals where there are many other players selling the same mineral will result in a smaller profit per ton as demand for that item is low with so many suppliers. You will not see any NPCs spawn again unless you go closer. It can be helpful to screenshot the nearest station's metal, mineral and chemical market prices to ensure highest profit, since varying demand of different resources can result in great variation of profit. Anyone? Simply fire prospector limpets at the rocks around you until you find what you are looking for. However others prefer larger ships such as the Python, Imperial Clipper, Federal Corvette, Imperial Cutter and the Anaconda, which are not as maneuverable, but can equip all the beneficial Limpet Controllers and carry a large number of limpets for their use, while still having room for cargo and shields, increasing efficiency. A countdown for all the charges will display on screen, so Commanders are limited on the amount of time they have to set up the perfect controlled explosion. Suggested Upgrades Once in area mode, the limpet will automatically collect any fragments a specific distance from you based on the class and rating of the controller. Prospecting asteroids before mining results in double yield. For maximum profit, focus on mining highly valued metals or minerals (like Painite, Platinum, Palladium or Low Temperature Diamonds). First we tried one of us with Seismic Charges while the other used the Abrasion Blaster, but found once a prospector limpet is on a rock it really bugs it out for the other person (seismic charge graphic and countdown do not show etc).[2]. Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter Four (3.3) introduced new aspects to mining: using new tools and exploration mechanics, miners can investigate rings to locate the best spots to start their mining sessions, and then the best specific asteroids to probe and excavate for rewards. It is important, however, to identify the metallic rings before attempting this.

* Use collector drones with caution near spinning asteroids, since their basic AI doesn't account for the movement of the asteroid.

In this guide we will go through both methods to teach you everything you need to know regardless of what type of mining you prefer. In metallic rings mother load rocks will always be tear-drop shaped as shown here. When this happens you must either vent a refinery bin to free up space or vent the mineral from the depositing bin. Use the System Map to find systems with asteroid belts or rings that have the description "Pristine Reserves" and "Metallic".

A new hardpoint module with which Commanders can shoot at Surface Deposits, breaking them off for collection. Often people are using the local planet or a nearby hotspot and when looking for rocks keep moving in the direction of the point-of-reference to ensure you are always moving into new rocks. Fast ships, such as those in the Krait family of ships, are capable of outrunning pirates. In the new Analysis Mode, if a Commander fires a Prospecting Limpet at an asteroid, you will be able to see the highlighted location of all the deposits on it, making it easy for you to target and exploit those specific areas. They are quite small and hard to detect visually but do show up as white contacts on your radar. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. In fact, any ship with a speed of over 450m/s will outrun any pirate. The number of collector limpet modules on each ship is not limited to one, and installing more than one limpet module increases the max number of active limpet at a time, thus increasing collection efficiency. The medium lasers mine about twice as fast as the small ones. Once all charge have been set you can go to the left hand panel and select any of the fissures with a charge in it and detonate it from there. Use prospector drones to double the yield of asteroid fragments. To collect with a collector limpet controller you must purchase limpets ahead of time in any munitions store (the place you buy your ammo). Before you set out mining you should consider where you want to sell your materials. if you scoop and process three 35% Indite shards you end up with 1 ton of Indite. For your internals fit a surface scanner in the lowest slot. Here's my Asp Scout Mining Build. Flying at any part of a ring system at less than 1Mm/s will result in a safe drop approximately 7km away from the ring. Finally I recommend a shield generator. Materials cannot be sold for credits, but are used by Engineers and Technology Brokers and can be exchanged for powerful modifications and modules. This will make it so your collector limpets will launch themselves into the rock; destroying themselves.

Limpets have a set lifetime and will automatically collect items with no user input required. I recommend using a site like https://inara.cz/galaxy-commodities/ or https://eddb.io/commodity. With the Pulse Wave Analyser it should always show a bright, brilliant yellow glow even as you approach it.

If your second lowest slot is class 3 or higher fit a prospector limpet controller, if it is a class 1 or 2 fit a refinery. Fragments range in mineral content from ~5% to ~65%. Prospector limpet controller (1 active limpet is enough), Collector limpet controller (4 to 6 active limpets should do it).