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WikiBase - Add and edit accidents yourself. July 2018 Pacific Ocean, near San Clemente Island, CA, off USS Ranger (CVA-61), South China sea, off coast of South Vietnam, North Atlantic, off USS Forrestal (CVA-59), Ha Bac/Lang Son, 25 miles SW of North Vietnam/China border, NE of Bien Hoa airbase near Saigon, South Vietnam, 2 miles north of Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam, Atlantic Ocean off Cape Charles, Virginia, near Vu Chu Rail Yard 30 miles NE of Hanoi, North Vietnam, Cam Ranh Bay, Quang Binh province, North Vietnam, Gulf of Tonkin, five miles offshore, 30 miles north of Hue *, Stripes Wood, near Millthorpe, Derbyshire, Narragansett Bay near Quonset Point, Rhode Island, Unless otherwise stated: copyright © 1996-2020 Aviation Safety Network (ASN).

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The F-4E was number two in the flight support of an RF-4C transition sortie. The sortie was planned as an air combat sortie between two Phantom FGR2's of 228 OCU from RAF Leuchars.

RF-4B Phantom crash Powder Puff Derby crash landing - Winslow, Arizona, circa1934 (near Meteor Crater). Of those, we have found more than 100 crash sites to date in Arizona, New Mexico and California. There are dozens of aircraft crash sites in the desert around Rachel and the Nellis Ranges. Killed in the crash were pilot, Capt. Conspiracy..... Ranger Mike Sharp led a Five member Civil Air Patrol team in the recovery was quoted saying " we literally found the wreckage once we slipped on a piece of metal". Did someone else play a part in this accident? This information is added by users of ASN. Aircraft Crash Sites Shoshone F-4E Phatom 11/13/08 On 6/13/90 the F-4E #68-0512 piloted by Major Robert M. McGann with navigator Captain Thomas M. Steed was on a flight out of March AFB, California. February 2018 685 occurrences in the ASN safety database, Edwards Air Force Base, California (EDW/KEDW), Atlantic Ocean, 50 miles SE of NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, Atlantic Ocean, 40 miles off coast of South Carolina, 30 miles North of MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina, Atlantic Ocean, off coast of North Carolina, 4 miles from Atlantic City Airport, New Jersey (ACY/KACY). December 2017
November 2018 We hope you enjoy the site. Just an explorer searching for his next adventure, January 2019 Location of crash cited as being 56'30.00"North, 0' 20.00" West This was the second time that this pilot had became unwell at the controls of a Phantom but on the other occasion he managed to land safely but one wonders why he was still allowed to fly?

19hours after witnesses saw it crash and explode while on it's way back to Shaw Air Force Base near Sumter, South Carolina from a photo reconnaissance mission. The aircraft crashed into the sea. XT908 was a trainer variant but had the control column in the rear cockpit removed.
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August 2018 Patty Willis, pilot, with her damaged plane. Fighter Jet Crash In The Great Smokies 3/11/2018 0 Comments On Wednesday January 4, 1984 a US Air Force RF-4C Phantom II disintegrated as it crashed into The Smokies at 450 mph.

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