I like that you have him just kind of watching on. /r/DnDBehindTheScreen is a subreddit for Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters to trade tools, guides and resources. When she got to melee distance, he used an unarmed strike to grapple her. He pointed out how this showed how much he cared for her and how it was the boy's fault for looking at something that wasn't his. Thanks guys!

That doesn't mean they aren't scared of him though, haha. "), and the players, to my surprise, promptly followed him. But as soon as that happens the 4-6 dire worgs all attack the girl killing her. Strahd, a powerful Vampire, is the main villain of the adventure, and, as the book describes, he is not a villain that will only show up for the final encounter. After the grounds were re-consecrated, Strahd showed up at the very edge of the light...just a silhouette with red eyes...and bowed, like a fencer acknowledging a point. I decided to instead attack her pride in her work. After the group goes to the church to bury the burgomaster with Ireena, an angry mob of 30 villagers lead by Vasili claiming Ireena is now a Vampire. Around midnight after coming out of the bar talking to the Burgomaster's son they will see that girl being carted off by spirts towards the death house but because of twisting and turning through the town they lose track of her, at the same time the ghost march starts from the church. Encounter 2: Feast of St. Andral's...Party narrowly saved the church in large part thanks to the fact that Ezmerelda was in town (in disguise) and with use of Magic Circle, managed to hold the line until the party got there with the bones. The mage is a necromancer with some of his minions. STORY. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DnDBehindTheScreen community, Continue browsing in r/DnDBehindTheScreen.

But a TWO? Worst case scenario, everyone drops except the one he wants to feed on, so he charms that one and sucks maximum amount of blood possible. I just finished session 2 where they met him. The party is terrified of him right now because, so far, they have only fought his servants and have nearly been wiped out by them every single time. The druid's Entangle kept her from running (not that it would have helped.) The players didn't know what to do, so they let the situation unfold as he welcomed the players to Barovia, hugged Ireena and told the player who "owned" the death house to protect her. Not that hey don't fear him. I spent a while deciding how to introduce Strahd to the characters. No one attacked or stepped forward as Strahd casually looked the person up and down - no hint of malice or trying to hurt her. I ran Death House with my crew, and as the burst out onto the streets of the village, there was a figure who emerged from the alleyway, slow clapping and praising them for their hard work exterminating the evil below. They found van richten stapled to the tower wall with his own wooden stakes. My Player's First Encounter with Strahd. Besides, he considers the players as wholly beneath even dignifying with direct combat, despite having cleansed the Death House and Doru. I think having him as part of a mystery for a while really adds to the dread in the campaign. The new player was at the inn and was with two other dudes. The results of this battle will determine the fate of all who reside in Barovia. But the way you have it planned now leaves a lot to work with.

Eventually the rogue protested, which amused my Strahd as he casually dropped the person he was holding. Encounter 1: Party gets ambushed by zombies on the trail to Barovia Town. More posts from the CurseofStrahd community. Ambushing them anyway is fair game. They were being accompanied by Ireena and a revenant of the Order of the Silver Dragon named Emmirick. Leveling up in Curse of Strahd is done with milestone leveling and is up to the DMs discretion. 7. He was a well dressed man on the road and probably the only nice and not horrid person they met. Just finished session one, and my players just finished meeting with Madame Eva at the Tser Pool. INTRODUCTION Hello and welcome back! I expected back-talk, but I guess they were all too terrified for themselves and Ireena.

While floating away they hear Strahd laughing. It's AMAZING.

Strahd strode forward and confidently introduced himself, welcomed them to the land, and remarked at how capable they all looked! Hi everyone!I'm currently preparing to run Curse of Strahd, and I think I want the players to encounter Strahd in session 2 or 3. Its indeed a fine balance you need to have while playing strahd as a DM. Turnabout is fair play. I want to intro Strahd at some point in the next two games, im thinking perhaps having him approach the partys camp during the night while in disguise pretending to be a traveler of some kind. Offer them a carriage ride when danger is imminent, then deposit them in a situation where Strahd is in total control with implied threats under his command, such as the pack of werewolves. Honestly, he hasn't done a whole lot of bad things to the party. Strahd disguises himself as a lost little boy being attacked by wolves, says they cornered his brother and him in a cave but he escaped. I actually held Strahd off for a while until after the party had explored for a bit, they went straight from Barovia village to Krezk (completely bypassing Vallaki but hitting up Madam Eva's camp), then was turned away and went to Wizard of Wines and dealt with the threat there and back up to Krezk to deliver the wine (a portion, they had all agreed to split the remaining wine between all the towns) and Strahd was waiting for them on one of the crossroads back.

The players must bring Ireena to him or he will signal them to attack. That was how I did it.

Then he left. Strahd reveals a disguised Rahadin and several Vistani have already been sent into the hallowed church in Vallaki. He whispered sweet nothings to Ireena as they embraced and then let her go. Then after the fight, he said that was their free one and flew away out the other balcony. Strahd reveals a disguised Rahadin and several Vistani have already been sent into the hallowed church in Vallaki. They didn't find out until later, when he stormed Kolyan's funeral, that that was the Devil Strahd himself.

Doors close. My favorite part though, was the bard. Players awoke to the sound of hooves (Ismark had offered his guest rooms), saw a bit of conversation between the two, then Strahd glanced at the windows before turning back to his carriage. And although he will act civil and calm, the players know he can snap their necks with a twitch of his hand. I want to build his reputation first, and then have the players meet him with that in mind. After dispatching most of the small wolves, one of the party members made a dash for the large wolf, which shifted into the more humanoid Strahd and promptly one shotted the character into unconsciousness. a new player was joining the group. You can do it! The DM may also decide on things such as the starting level, and what adventures you will encounter first in the world. After my party left the Vista i camp and got the fortune they ran into Vasili on the road who asked to escort him to the gates. He just wants a taste of blood from one PC, preferaby one he hasn't tasted before. STORY. He was super friendly and even helped them defeat the Spector that was kicking their butts.

After the sessions have gone on and players have completed objectives and shown their heroics, they will start to level up. They were like whoah who is this guy? I feel this sets a dire mood and hints that Strahd is watching them.

managing to charm Strahd with Hypnotic Pattern. Anyway.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Just as they were leaving the village of Barovia with Ireena, they came across a figure in the mist. I ended up deciding to have him approach them in disguise and offer a totally 'civilized' picnic...they ended up reluctantly accepting the invite. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We’ll see how it goes Friday . After a heated argument, cue ominous organ coming from the castle, thunder clouds and magic fog descends into the valley. When HP wittled down, Rahadin/Arrigal strikes from hidden position in woods with poison arrow. I introduced Strahd at the burgomeisters estate in the village of Barovia. Second encounter was at Yester hill, the group was at the tree and was about to start taking it down when Strahd arrived on Beacephalus and instructed the hidden berserkers/druids to attack.

With a hand on Ireena's shoulder, Strahd turned and properly introduced himself to the players, addressing each of them. Probably on his second encounter with the group, Strahd lures the characters into a room or chamber of the castle with one of the effects below. Maybe only let the wolves circle them so they feel threatened but arn't accually attacked? But I am capable of great mercy as well. All in one place. Strahd charmed her into performing for him (she failed her save), and no matter what she rolled for performance, I planned on having Strahd belittle it. A growing archive of hundreds of years of D&D experience. They are in Ravenloft (at level 4). Ultimately he says that he will undoubtedly see them again, and looks forward to it, but right now they have a friend waiting for them in the church.

For reasons. About 8 sessions in, the party was at Bonegrinder, fighting a solitary hag and trying to save some children. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I do open rolls, so the party saw it was +9 to hit and 4d6 damage. He claimed that he was constantly having to hide from the monsters. They meet the priest to bury Kolyan, the priest sends them to the grave to wait while he fetches his holy symbols and prayer book etc. I didn't want the "fight to bury the burgomaster" intro simply because I want him to be more to the players than a combat encounter. I really want it to be a scary and memorable encounter, and am therefore looking for some inspiration :) So anyone who has DMed this encounter, how did you do it? This sounds like a pretty good start-up for a Strahd that is in-your-face from the word go. The conversation was normal at first, mainly touching on some small talk topics of Barovia (it's still very early in the game so its small, but big news to the players, and frankly since it's coming from Strahd, who even knows if they should believe some or most of it). First to 3 hits wins. My group got to Valaki just hearing tales of Strahd.

PC's start finding their allies heads in sacks, especially in conspicuous places like the open road to their next destination, signed "S".

Strahd had offered his condolences...though Ismark believes and told the players the visit was to Ismark to remind him of his newfound duty as burgomaster. They immediately ran for the church to try to reconsecrate the grounds.... to find Strahd there, holding Father Lucian by the neck . The players will fight through Castle Ravenloft to find him and have their final battle. Needless to say, he was dead, and Ireena was pale and weak and needed care. I cant wait till they get to Vallaki and realize that was an alternate identity for the Devil Strahd when the coffin maker tells them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And threw this mission vasil is going to try to earn their trust and slowly try and convince them strahd is bad but he's the best choice.

As a reward, he gave the party three days to run and hide, after which time he would come for them. The confusion was LOVELY. So my players have been playing theough Curse of Strahd and were doing their first visit of Ravenloft (level 5). She told the players to make a Bargain (a la u/guildsbounty ) for Ireena's life. This is the one I've developed one for Curse of Strahd. To get set up to start the campaign the DM should read through the book and familiarize themselves with the world and the characters within it.

Leveling Up.

After a few more … The party immediately surrounded Ireena. My first strahd encounter was pretty different from everything described here. Exactly what I want to achieve. And then, with his spellbook in hand and the thief probably making death saving throws, he hands a healing potion to Ireena and points at the thief.