I’m a man of my word.Forrest Gump: Okay.   Rain that flew in sideways. Jenny Curran: Come on, Forrest.Forrest Gump: Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your Black Panther party.Jenny Curran: He doesn’t mean it when he does things like this. We got more money that Davy Crockett." Forrest Gump: Well, how are we going to find them? He wrote you a letter. It’s me, Forrest Gump. Forrest: "Bubba Gump Shrimp. I even wrote Jenny and told her all about it. Forrest Gump: [voice over] You know, it’s funny what a young man recollects, because I don’t remember being born. The crowd cheers once they embrace]Forrest Gump: [voice over] It was the happiest moment of my life. Matter of fact, I’m going into the shrimping business by myself after I get out of the army. Private Gump here is going to be a shrimp boat captain. [Jenny takes a last look at Forrest, then climbs into the truck which drives away] Forrest Gump: [voice over] And just like that, she was gone.

He’s really good. But I miss you, Jenny.

I was so good that some years later the Army decided that I should be on the All-American ping-pong team. Lt. Dan Taylor: Oh? Lt. Dan Taylor: Get out of here!Carla: You retard!Lenore: Loser. Jenny suddenly heaves a rock angrily at the house] Jenny Curran: [shouting] How could you do this? Forrest Gump: I didn’t know I was supposed to be looking for him, sir.[Lt.

they told us that Vietnam was going to be very different from the United States of America.

[young Jenny’s father is chasing her through the fields to beat her when she stops and hides in the corn field]Young Jenny Curran: Pray with me, Forrest. Man at bus bench: Boy, I heard some whoppers in my time, but that tops them all. Cleveland, he was from Detroit. Forrest Gump: Will you marry me? [Jenny turns and looks at him] Jenny Curran: You would, Forrest. [running after Forrest] Aging Hippie: Hey, man, hey, listen. Lt. Dan Taylor: Two standing orders in this platoon. Forrest Gump: [voice over] At first it seemed like I made a mistake seeing how it was only my induction day, and I was getting yelled at.

Sucking it dry! [Forrest is at the White House Standing in front of a food table with a large spread of food and soda]Forrest Gump: [voice over] The really good thing about meeting the President of the United States is the food. Forrest Gump: [voice over] Jenny came back and stayed with me. She helped me learn how to read, and I showed her how to swing. And every night, we read a book. Well, I-I don’t know. But I think it was her grandma’s dog. Soldier: See?

Dan Taylor: Hey! Jenny Curran: I wish I could’ve been there with you. Okay. Lt. Dan Taylor: Well, maybe you should just pray for shrimp. Forrest Gump: You got new legs. [Forrest wipes his face on the T-shirt and hands it back to the man]Forrest Gump: Have a nice day. [Forrest stops running and the group running behind him stops waiting expectantly]Young Man: Quiet. Forrest Gump: [voice over] We walked around all night, Jenny and me, just talking.

The hospital’s people said it made me look like a duck in water, whatever that means. You cheated me! Have you given any thought to your future? Forrest Gump: [voice over] Another time, I was running along, somebody who’d lost all his money in the T-shirt business, and he wanted to put my face on a T-shirt, but he couldn’t draw that well, and he didn’t have a camera.Wild Eyed Man: Here, use this one. Forrest Gump: [voice over] And just like that, my running days was over. Well, I tell you what, Gilligan. Forrest Gump: Yes. Where are you boys from in the world?Bubba, Forrest Gump: Alabama, sir!Lt. You’ll never sink this boat! You know that. It was so beautiful. Southern Gentleman: "Hold on there, boy.

Jenny Curran: Forrest, I’m sick. My Mama always said you got to put the past behind you before you can move on. Lt. Dan Taylor: Well, then, that’s just perfect! He doesn’tForrest Gump: I would never hurt you, Jenny. But I think maybe it's both. He stops], [he turns and sees wounded soldier has put up his hand], [Forrest runs back towards the jungle and keeps encountering wounded soldiers from his platoon], [Forrest tries to pick up Lt. Dan, who tries to push Forrest away], [Forrest pulls Lt. Dan over his shoulder and runs through the jungle], [Forrest drops Lt. Dan down at the bank, next to the other wounded soldiers], [Forrest runs back through the jungle searching for Bubba], [Forrest finds Bubba who has been wounded, his chest has been blown open], [Forrest carries Bubba to the bank of the river. Here’s somebody who’s got it, all figured out. We ain’t got to pay no rent. Forrest Gump: [voice over] Bubba did have a fine idea. [back on the bus bench where the elderly woman sitting next to Forrest is crying] Forrest Gump: And that’s all I have to say about that.

I bought her a new hat with little flowers on it. Forrest Gump: I got to buy me one of them shrimping boats as soon as I have some money. I was so good that some years later the Army decided that I should be on the All-American ping-pong team. But is, is he smart? Forrest Gump: Those must be comfortable shoes, I bet you could walk all day in shoes like those and not feel a thing. I make sure he combs his hair and brushes his teeth every day. [Forrest drops his pants, bends over and shows the bullet wound on his bare buttocks, President Johnson looks down, smiles and walks away shaking his head]President Lyndon B. Johnson: Goddamn, son! Forrest looks at her nervously]Jenny Curran: Have you ever been with a girl, Forrest?Forrest Gump: [nervously] I sit next to them in my Home Economics class all the time. Now, if I accept Jesus into my heart, I’ll get to walk beside him in the kingdom of heaven.

And so then I got a call from him saying we don’t have to worry about money no more, and I said, “That’s good. [the male nurse picks up Lt. Dan, whose legs have been amputated]. Well, here I am. Forrest: "Yes, sir. Service is up, son.

I want to be able to say things, just one to one. Dan sits up] Lt. Dan Taylor: Look at me. [Jenny says nothing]Forrest Gump: I’m not a smart man, but I know what love is. Get away. I just I want to apologize for anything that I ever did to you because I was messed up for a long time.

Mama always said that dying was a part of life. Surely he would have been WWII or Korea at the latest? Forrest Gump: Lieutenant Dan.Lt. I made me a promise to Bubba in Vietnam, that as soon as the war was over, we’d go in partners. He didn’t want to be called crippled just, like I didn’t want to be called stupid. Lenore leaps on him and begins to kiss him and grabbing his crotch. You know that.