Member. show that they come from, with a few minor differences. But seriously, it wouldn't work.

I wish there was a real genie. Maybe prevent Hitler from joining the Nazi party. 184K Views. But my favorite is I wish I had my OWN galaxy with its own laws of physics and more about that sometime. Here the wife acts not out of greed, but out of desperate love, and is still placed into the category of the “foolish wisher.” This woman.


This would be incredible, and the only wish that really mattered. 1.

Have a taste of what the poor animal is feeling. To turn you into a wizard. The biggest variations seem to be who the granter of wishes is and what types of wishes are made.

:D. To live forever with the people you love would be heaven to me! ... Cameo decides to trick Polnareff into thinking Judgement is an all-powerful genie that will grant him three wishes… That would suck so much. Get me the guy who came up with Apple's terms of service. There are some fictional characters I love with a passion and I think would make great companions for me. Trust me guys you don't want to wish for this. I totally wish for this except all the downsides to it because of villains or extraterrestrial beings that could destroy the world in seconds. Why the hate on English? You wouldn't feel any pain or be damaged at all, but no one would ever find you and you'd be doomed with almost eternal loneliness. Oh, and needless to say, spoilers ahead for each show's entry! First wish: I wish that this and all other wishes are granted exactly as I am picturing them in my head with no drawbacks or genie-fuckery. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [1][2] Common scenarios include releasing a genie from a lamp, catching and agreeing to release a mermaid or magical fish; or crossing paths with the devil. I'm an introvert so this would be a nightmare. When these stories were being written, women had less equality than they, in many places, have today. If the evil qualities would be something objectively evil and truly the root to all evil.

You could be prettiest, smartest, with the love of your life, most popular, best singer, best athlete, and you wouldn't have any enemies. I find this idea as cool but terrifying at the same time. I mean...that would be amazing if it worked right? In “The Fisherman’s Wife,” a fisherman catches a large, glimmering fish, who then pleads for its life. 178 Comments.

The most common connection: the nagging woman who seeks too much. However, the perhaps most famous example of the “Foolish Wish” shifts this slightly—and even more problematically—in the story “The Monkey’s Paw.” Here an older couple are given a magical monkey’s paw. This is one thing I would definitely wish for. 3. Mythical creatures roaming the land with dinosaurs and aliens oh my! After first wishing for a house and a car, the man wishes to be beaten "half to death" — which Marge doesn't understand.

Sure, he's a slave, and slavery is wrong, but what if he's a goddamn monster? A commission for Enjoy! I think having a twin sibling would be cool! (Don't ask for details, okay?). Let them fly, when they get up really high remove the power. Genie Wishes By Morpheus Larry's best friend Peter finds a genie and soon gets carried away with the wishes. Well I kind of have one but I can't hit really low ones or super high ones but besides that I think I'm good, Honestly I think I have one. How would you twist the most common genie wishes if you were an evil genie? ! Of course, not every monkey's paw has to be literal. These story types seem to be saying that women will always ask for more than they deserve. The fish, to repay the man’s kindness, offers to grant the man a wish.

They wish for the money to pay off their house, and the wish comes true in the worst way—the money is given to them after their son dies in a horrible accident at work. His only option is to destroy the Grail before it can finish "giving him what he wants," forever changing what's left of his life and the fate of his future son. One way, to a city in the same country, but one that's far enough away they would have to spend some serious money getting back home. Robots would eat your food and we would starve, We’re just ruining the planet by doing this, I want a genie to give me a lot of wishes and I wan,t the genie to be a girl, If we wanna make happiness lets start here, Because you can put a spell the people you hate. In the story, the recipient of the monkey's paw wishes for £200, only to learn that his son has been killed in a terrible work accident, for which the employer makes a goodwill payment of £200. When I think about them, their stories are similar to the movie/T.V. That would suck you would never have any down time and or time to yourself. I would live in a world that has Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob and also has Rick and Morty and other fictional things as long as my friends and family are there! The fisherman’s wife has him make greater and greater wishes—going from just being comfortable to living in a castle-esque home.

Oct 25, 2017 32,463. Posted by 7 years ago. Crippling food shortages and disease run rampant.

save hide report. I want a genie to give me a lot of wishes and I wan,t the genie to be a girl.

In response, the paw jumps out and closes around her throat, undoing not only all her wishes, but her very existence. [3] Alternatively, the wishes are split between three people, with the last person's wish inadvertently or intentionally thwarting or undoing the wishes of the other characters. Ever since then, it's been permanently affixed to her own arm, growing further up into her elbow with each new wish she makes. Now imagine you had a genie and three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe this is and amazing wish ever.

----- Peter was my best friend, and had been since we'd first met back in high school. Get over Justin Bieber people.

… In a variant of this type of tale, called “The Two-Headed Weaver,” a poor weaver is given a wish, but decides he should ask his friend and his wife for advice before deciding for what to wish. These types of tales can be found all around the world; I easily found examples of “man gets wish, woman makes him wish for something foolish, man loses the chance at wishes, no one is happy” tales from a huge variety of cultures. Like stopping the first nuclear bomb test. If the whole world is filled with honest, caring and loving people, it would become a paradise.