It is impossible not to feel stirred at the thought of the emotions of man at certain historic moments of adventure and discovery—Columbus when he first saw the Western shore, Pizarro when he stared at the Pacific Ocean, Franklin when the electric spark came from the string of his kite, Galileo when he first turned his telescope to the heavens. There he opened his shop, creating spectacles and crafting lenses of various sizes. Oral History Transcript of interview with Dr. Jesse Greenstein by Paul Wright (31 Jul 1974), on website of American Institute of Physics.

At the age of 24 he settled in Middelburg (province Zeeland), Netherlands, where he was married.

Princes and potentates, political or industrial, equally with men of science, have felt the lure of the uncharted seas of space, and through their provision of instrumental means the sphere of exploration has made new discoveries and brought back permanent additions to our knowledge of the heavens. Netherlands so that it could be patented, but there Lippershey encountered problems. He explores nature with his telescopes or microscopes, or much more sophisticated techniques, and feeds into a computer what he finds or sees in an attempt to define mathematically its significance and relationships. One story relating to the development of the telescope involves Lippershey noticing two children playing with lenses in his shop. Mrs. Einstein was particularly impressed by the giant telescope. The soul without imagination is what an observatory would be without a telescope. We in astronomy have an advantage in studying the universe, in that we can actually see the past.

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There are now five or six whole classes of objects that violate this absolutely basic assumption. Astrophysicists have the formidable privilege of having the largest view of the Universe; particle detectors and large telescopes are today used to study distant stars, and throughout space and time, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, the Universe never ceases to surprise us by revealing its structures little by little. The core of my personality consists of many selves. He became firmly resolved to test the theory to prove it to be true. His curiosity was evoked and Galileo began experimenting by creating lenses. The most important discoveries will provide answers to questions that we do not yet know how to ask and will concern objects we have not yet imagined. They reveal galaxies so far away that their light has taken billions of years to reach us.

Influenced by: Aristotle, Hans Lippershey, Nicolaus Copernicus and Ostilio Ricci Inspired: Albert Einstein, Alexander Alexandrovich Friedmann, Arthur Stanley Eddington, Benedetto Castelli, Edwin Powell Hubble, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, Mario Guiducci, Marc Aaronson, Vincenzo Viviani and Yakov Borisovich Zeldovich Women decide the larger questions of life correctly and quickly, not because they are lucky guessers, not because they practise a magic inherited from savagery, but simply and solely because they have sense. The number of fixed stars which observers have been able to see without artificial powers of sight up to this day can be counted.

This design was brought to the States General of the Looking through the telescope, one saw a circle of deep blue and the little round planet swimming in the field. I would liken science and poetry in their natural independence to those binary stars, often different in colour, which Herschel’s telescope discovered to revolve round each other. International cooperation, multilateralism is indispensable. What could be expected beforehand from such a combination? Equipped with our five senses, along with telescopes and microscopes and mass spectrometers and seismographs and magnetometers and particle accelerators and detectors across the electromagnetic spectrum, we explore the universe around us and call the adventure science. He begins with an idea and ends with an object. The other was Archimedes", The historian Florian Cajori summed him up thus: "Galileo is the founder of the science of dynamics. Hans Lippershey – The Telescope.

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It is not exactly known from where he got an idea for building his first telescope. Men and women are not content to comfort themselves with tales of gods and giants, or to confine their thoughts to the daily affairs of life; they also build telescopes and satellites and accelerators and sit at their desks for endless hours working out the meaning of the data they gather.
In fact, the Dutch diplomat William Boreel, who was apparently an acquaintance of all three in Middleburg during his youth, claimed that Lippershey stole his ideas from the Janssens.

Concluding remark, BBC Reith Lecture (30 Nov 1958), 'Astronomy and the State', published as, The first telescope opened the heavens; the first microscope opened the world of the microbes; radioisotopic methodology, as examplified by RIA [radioimmunoassay], has shown the potential for opening new vistas in science and medicine, 'Radioimmunoassay: A Probe for the Fine Structure of Biologic Systems', Nobel Lecture (8 Dec 1977). It was during the month of January in 1610 that Galilei made his first significant discovery.

The greatest star is at the small end of the telescope, the star that is looking, not looked after nor looked at. Learn More at

At times the [radio telescope] records exhibited a feature characteristic of interference, occurring some time later than the passage of the two known sources.

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A complete microscope history.

By accident the brighter component of Alpha Centauri (which is double) is almost the Sun's twin in brightness, mass, and size. A powerful telescope superior to and more powerful than any telescope ever yet made … and also, a suitable Observatory connected therewith … and shall be made useful in promoting science. But the Telescope, even in its most elementary form, embodies a novel and gigantic idea, without an analogue in nature, and without a prototype in experience.

Electromagnetic waves in the optical part of the spectrum (that is, waves longer than X rays and shorter than radio waves) penetrate to the surface of the earth only in a few narrow spectral bands. He trained his device on the skies so making him the first man to view the heavens.

Back down on terrafirma, Galileo also discovered several basic laws of motion which proved particularly useful to Isaac Newton's laws of motion and later the Albert Einstein theory of relativity. We know that the sun is hub of our little corner of the universe, and that ties of genealogy connect all living things on our planet, because these theories assemble and explain so much otherwise disparate and unrelated information–not because Galileo trained his telescope on the moons of Jupiter or because Darwin took a ride on a Galápagos tortoise. Her host explained that one of its chief purposes was to find out the shape of the universe. By this means the Heavens are open'd, and a vast number of new Stars, and new Motions, and new Productions appear in them, to which all the ancient Astronomers were utterly Strangers. I work for perfection, for perfection's sake. How many can name the bishops and professors who refused to look through his telescope?

The only mode, therefore, in which, under such a state of affairs, we could comprehend the voids which our telescopes find in innumerable directions, would be by supposing the distance of the invisible background so immense that no ray from it has yet been able to reach us at all. In G. Michael Schneider, Judith L. Gersting, Sara Baase. Eventually, we reach … the utmost limits of our telescopes. Hans Lippershey (1570-1619) was a Dutch lens maker - eyeglasses (now known as spectacles) were already in vogue. As quoted in Timothy Ferris, 'The Space Telescope: A Sign of Intelligent Life'.