John's first board was a re-shape, made in a 14' X 14' shack behind Tucker's mom's house. Balsa baords from the late 50s. check out OUR instagram feed @thirdworldsurfco. John “Ike” Eichert is a surfboard shaper, an innovator, and a polymath who was central to Santa Barbara's nascent board building industry before moving to Alaska to pursue commercial fishing. Price: SOLD Contact: Email for more information. I retired from the surfing world and became an educater. As a result of its navigability compared to other models of its time, the Spoon provided a platform for a smooth and low-key style of California surfing in which Yater was both purveyor and performer.

In 1969, John made a major shift in his career - from surfing to commercial fishing and boat building. All prices are in USD. Hollister Ranch homeowner residents Jeff Kruthers, Broker, and his wife Wendie are partners in the firm. Used Surfboards in Santa Barbara, California Second Hand Boards provides the ultimate free online solution for buying and selling used surfboards in Santa Barbara, California. All Greenough wanted in return for Brown's use of the footage was a couple of rolls of fresh film...seems that's the way in was in those days. In fact, it was Ike who shaped most of the Yater Spoons that were built in the mid '60s. Distant from ordinary urban sensibilities, Hollister Ranch offers myriad opportunities and activities for those who enjoy open spaces and the natural world. In the fall of 1959, Yater Surfboards opened in Santa Barbara. In the fall of 1959, Yater Surfboards opened in Santa Barbara.

Back in 1957 I was a partner in the Ike and Tuck Surfboards in Santa Barbara, California. Then in August of 1961 - at the age of 20 - Ike opened his first surf shop at 24 Cota Street in Santa Barbara. | Sitemap |, Infinity Surfboards Classic T-Shirt - Indigo.

One of the first to surf at Hollister Ranch, John "Ike" Eichert opened Santa Barbara’s first surfboard shop in 1961 on Cota Street.

At the age of 14, John started surfing - on an old 10' 8" balsa surfboard. John still makes custom boards from balsa for people who can pay the high prices. In fact, it was Ike who shaped most of the Yater Spoons that were built in the mid '60s. I bought it from CCS in SLO. © 2020 Last Wave Originals Come surf the world with us! We're stoked to call Ike our friend... All prices are in USD. Santa Barbara, CA. It was started by John "Ike" Eichert, who was also an accomplished boat builder and commercial fisherman. They got lighter. View. Today, the board reigns as one of the lightest and most maneuverable boards of its era, marking it as a centerpiece in progressive surfboard design. That shack was home to Ike and Tuck Surfboards from 1957 to 1960. It was very old school. After returning to boat yard management in San Diego and Santa Barbara in the '90s, Ike retired to Paso Robles, California in 2000. Then in 1970, Ike moved with his family to the Puget Sound, working in a boat yard and continuing to fish commercially. George Greenough and Ike became friends in elementary school, and when George needed tips on fiberglassing, he went to Ike. Duke Kahanamoku Hawaii Sportflite circa 1965-69 The one I hope you get will have a letter and 5 pictures. That's right - it was John Eichert behind George's camera at the sandspit just inside the Santa Barbara harbor.