The fire I had started earlier in the morning had burned down into perfect cooking coals and it took little to no effort for me to start the cooking process. View what we have to offer.

Lake Nottely Facts & Figures from the TVA: I’m always available to answer questions and I’m here to help you find your perfect North Georgia home. In addition to accessing the public boat ramps, you can rent boats, jet skis, stand-up paddleboards and kayaks at Nottely Marina, North Georgia Watersports and The Cove at Nottely Boat Club and Marina. We chose to launch the kayaks from the boat ramp at Poteete Creek Campground.

But what a sight that would have been to someone in the distance, me hauling a make shift toilet across a lake strapped to my kayak. We made our way about half around the loop and somehow we lost the trail. Reaching the bank of the island I landed my boat on the beach. Nottely Dam is a hydroelectric facility. We headed north and eventually we came to the loop and there was a choice to go left or right(we chose right). There is a floating dock on the North side of the island and on the west side, there is a gigantic log that was carved out to make a bench. Poteete Creek Campground is always another way to enjoy this lake. TVA created this lake in 1942 by impounding the Nottely River.

Dock Gallery. Sitting staring out at the water and watching the dogs explore the beach gave me a great deal contentment. Major City:Chattanooga, TN This did not go well for the dogs. Then we decided to turn around and start the way back to the boats. Full Name.

The excitement was definitely starting to build as we got closer. We found another spot on the west side of the island as well, but what we really wanted was a beach spot, so we pressed on.

It has one generating unit with a net dependable capacity of 18 megawatts. Nottely Boat Club & Marina was established as Terry's Boat Dock in 1941, when construction to create Lake Nottely began, and was later operated as Cozy Cove Marina, until it was sold to new owners in 2014. I also plan on going back to Davenport Mountain to explore the trails up there. It was already shaping up to be a great day on a beautiful lake setting in the north Georgia mountains. This definitely made securing the tarp a little challenging, but I got through it and we wound up with a nice little shelter. You can tell, though, that at some points during the year this sliver of beach submerged. Then, of course, some nice thick cut bacon and finally scrambled eggs cooked in the left over bacon grease. Stay informed about my latest projects, great deals/finds, and behind the scenes footage and insights. Elevation:1,762 ft I walked up the hill and found a campsite directly in the middle of the small island. It was a nice day for a paddle and we took our time heading in. Photos.

Affordable & Effective. Thankfully, the coals were still burning from the fire the night before and it didn’t take me long to have a nice fire burning again. The campsite in the middle of this island is nice and there even a toilet constructed with 2x4s and an old toilet seat. The lake was peaceful and serene and there are plenty of ways to enjoy Nottely Lake. After we got the shelter built and Marcie built the fire ring, it was time to gather wood. There was definitely an abundance of the stuff on this island and we didn’t have to go far to get it either.

After breakfast, we lounged around a bit and started to pack up most of our gear. I made pasta and potato salads then broke down an entire chicken and marinated it for twelve hours for our dinner for the first night on the island. After lunch and a little mapping, we launched the boats and paddled over to the beach that we planned on landing. As she slowly got up and got her coffee on, we talked about being woken up by the old jalopy and I asked her if she had heard the sound of the blowdown (she did not). Boaters, anglers, and water skiers can gain access to Lake Nottely through two marinas and several public boat ramps located along the lake's shorelines. Boaters, anglers, and water skiers can gain access to Lake Nottely through two marinas and several public boat ramps located along the lake's shorelines. %PDF-1.5 please check out our website at thank you and have a great day.

We ended our exploration and headed back to camp to do some planning for the hike we wanted to do later on Davenport Mountain. Cheaha Wilderness: Overnight on Nubbin Creek Trail, Frank Gross Campground, Blue Ridge WMA, GA, Camping at Dockery Lake in the Chattahoochee National Forest, Dockery Lake Campground in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Conclusion. Nottely Boat Club & Marina continues the proud tradition of serving Lake Nottely and Blairsville, along with a variety of visitors from Georgia and other states across the Nation. I went to the top of the ridge to see if I could spot and reclaim the trail.

Once on the south side of the island, we found another cove with a perfect little beach. Dock Catalogue . This is such a great website. I used my tomahawk to cut the vines back, which took about half an hour and yes they fought back. We drove over to the boat ramp, took the kayaks off the car and loaded our gear onto boats.

© Copyright 2012-2018 Kristy Petrillo We found an established campsite in the middle of the island and it looked pretty sweet but we decided to do a little more scouting. After paddling around the western tip of the island, we landed at our little beach spot. (q�e?����ʆ��P�)E�,l9�l�� (S��W�!e�V�X #���# ٔTO���Haz�EE�C�N=�׀��Y��)�v8?=�FvkY��D糧�t�}8� �쬑xw��h>R��y.�T�I.`Ê%!��CF9U6���:j���j5�W�6+Læ.

After dinner, the wind was picking up again and the temperature was already starting to drop. This sounded like a great plan to end our day.

While planning the trip with my map and satellite photos, I discovered Hyatt Bend island. I started with potatoes cooked with garlic, onions and red bell peppers. It would have been awesome to haul back the toilet. Reservoir features a beach and camping area and is a great place for viewing wildlife. They soon moved on and we fell back to sleep.

Neither, Marcie or I had ever been to Nottely Lake before, so we took a little extra time off of work to make it a three- day, two-night expedition.

Email. As we observed the landscape, it was easy to tell that Hyatt Bend was once the ridge of a knob in the years before the valley was flooded to make Nottely Lake.

Unlike many north Georgia lakes, Nottely is a fertile reservoir with low fishing pressure, making it one of the best bass fishing lakes in the region. Reluctantly we got into our boats and paddled back to the boat ramp at Poteete Creek Campground. I thought that maybe they were poaching. By the time we made it back to Hyatt Bend it was getting late into the evening. This boat was loud and sounded like an old jalopy powered by a lawnmower engine that smoked too many cigarettes after a long night at the bar. Additional amenities of Lake Nottely include picnic areas, playground, and access to the hiking and biking trails nearby.

Aside from a few fishermen, there was no one else on the lake all day. Immediately she was intrigued by my discovery, and we decided that after breakfast she would have to see it for herself. The closest state park is Vogel State Park, located just 11 miles south from Blairsville. Nottely Boat Club & Marina serves the North Georgia, Lake Nottely, and Blairsville communities and beyond, with wet slip rentals, with covered/year-round, uncovered/year-round, and uncovered/seasonal slips. Georgia Freshwater Game Fish Daily Limits. We walked around to the south side of the island and found another family of geese but this time we kept the dogs far away. I saw a cove that looked pretty nice and it appeared to have a beach, so we decided we were going check it out and see if we liked it when we got there. endobj

We didn’t know what to expect of Hyatt Bend except what had seen on the satellite imagery. We put four dollars in the slot on a locked mailbox and took our two bags of ice. We loaded our gear and put the kayaks on the roof of the car the night before. Our plan was to get an early start to get there early just in case the island wasn’t suitable.
We made our way through some brush and lite forest until we found the jeep trail.

Surface Area:4,180 acres 3 0 obj Construction began in 1941 and was completed in 1942. <>>> x��}M���m���?�q��W���A�����:.�tp_� ��W�k�����ؓ�CJ[�DQ$ER��?�~�_����+��������^���[z�wJ)�����%���O߿�Ͽ{����������ȩ}�������������u} ?�/�mJs���Zn���z�\_�k������x�Z�����������~��_��_��_��߯���� �?�4�V�x�e_���֫��h�1ʻ��[C��O4��x�/M��.�߷���m��.�j������7����&���/�����O���׏��y������=�k��N��+��ta�3�@�=�A��~�r�ę�Z�{�z7�f�j��e� � �I^���{3�M�Z�!�t���j���o�u�;��T�#���ݺ!��$��^ٰ �A:�����à� �j��_Z(n� zQ�����:�:+a�������m�w��,��n�9b����g�@y߳p* ����j>�T�5矶����[J�4 5�5 �m ���pA��@`&�T�>�J�&��'���I}F׬�>���@���C�C�k&b��3���3��OR�f"�L���4�f�hq�R9E�+"���es\g�οo� [�cW�Y��0�As�n��j��f@��U�k�e[������^��n/�ё+l~��z��_[_�A�s�U�|c�X�C�i�f�^ۀA��D����� ( �@Z�d�a�Qs�����M��S�1(�����d�>�! The dam is 197 feet high and stretches 3,915 feet across the Nottely River. The lady I spoke to said it would be a nominal fee of two dollars per night. Call anytime!

The food was better on this trip than when we go backcountry.

There are a couple different ways we could have gone about camping at Nottely Lake. Boat docks made just for you.

After my exploration was over, I paddled back to Hyatt Bend and started contemplating breakfast. It also wasn’t as nice as we had anticipated, so we decided to scout the island for another spot. We launched the kayaks from the ramp and off we paddled. Once the sky was illuminated a little more by the morning sun, I decided to go for a paddle across the lake and check the shoreline across from Hyatt Bend Island. If dispersed island camping isn’t an option for you. I was raised from my slumber at one point by the sounds of a very large crash, and I can only assume that it was a blowdown.

Visitors can find hotels, B&Bs, and resorts in Blairsville and throughout Union County. This reservoir is a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) project located in Union County, Georgia. Nottely Boat Club & Marina continues the proud tradition of serving Lake Nottely and Blairsville, along with a variety of visitors from Georgia and other states across the Nation. Other than the scare by the geese, they definitely enjoyed their freedom. <> Blairsville, also located in Union County, is the closest town. If you want to learn more about this lake, you can search for it under various names -- Lake Nottely, Nottely Lake, or Nottely Reservoir.

I left the shelter for last, so we could hang out for an hour or so before we had to make our way back the campground and head back to the city. Sharing our adventures with the world, one trip at a time. We got the fire going, grilled some hot dogs and made some baked beans to fuel us up to explore the island. endobj It was time to launch! I set up the ridgeline and began to hang our tarp, while Marcie gathered stones from the beach to build a fire ring. I know it was a treat for the dogs to roam. The shoreline is home to hundreds of private residential home sites, but the recreation area is open to the public and features a beach and camping area. The next morning we got on the road at about nine am. We also wanted a spot where the dogs could roam free without having us having to worry about them. With the small amount of exploring we did, we found four dispersed campsites and I’m sure there are plenty more out there. With its proximity to the Chattahoochee National Forest, Cohutta National Forest, and other wildlife management areas, Nottely Lake visitors can enjoy a wide variety of camping experiences beyond the lake.