MarinaTex is made using proteins from biological fishing waste. OUR BUSINESS SEGMENTS. UK – Created by UK graduate Lucy Hughes, MarinaTex is a compostable material that turns waste from the fishing industry into an alternative to single-use plastic. Information about your patent is being retrieved from the USPTO database. To access i3's full capabilities. Share this profile You can enter multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma (,) Hi there, I was browsing i3 and came across the profile of {{}} To access it, … The material, MarinaTex, won Hughes this year’s James Dyson Award. Get an overview of major world indexes, current values and stock market data. We use cookies for performance, security and analytics. We use MailChimp as our email campaign platform. Use i3 to access market intelligence on companies, investors, market activity and innovation trends. University of Sussex graduate Lucy Hughes used fish waste to create a compostable alternative to single-use plastic. {{400 - investment.notes.length}}/400 Latest Articles in "Science and Management", Moth's Antennae Inspire Modern Microsensors, New Flexible Sensor Ensures Greater Accuracy and Reliability, Changes in Subcellular Traffic Increase Invasiveness of Radioresistant Cancer Cells: Scientists, Dynamic Growth in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals Struggles, Latest Articles in "Laboratory Technology", Non-Invasive Technique Detects Impurities in Semiconducting Crystals, Latest Articles in "Water and Environmental Analysis", Fossilised Corals Reveal Ancient CO2 Levels, Terahertz Waves: A Non-Destructive Means to Detect Frost Damage in Crops, Climate Change Pushes Komodo Dragons to the Brink of Extinction, Cleaning Kitchen Counters after Preparing Food is Vital, EFSA Examines Risks and Sets Tolerable Intake of PFAS, Good News for Vegans: Dough Fermentation Is a Sufficient Source for Vitamin B 12, Latest Articles in "Bio- and Pharmaanalysis", Roche, Atea Pharmaceuticals to Develop Potential Oral Treatment for Covid-19, Unige’s Technique Can Identify ‘Combination of Drugs’ for Treating Colorectal Cancer, Spilled Samples no longer a Problem with New Weighing-pan, Lower Weighing Pan for a Relaxed Weighing Process. The UK … After submitting, it may take 24 hours before added patents appear. {{250 - company.short_description.length}}/250 :}}, {{investment.investment_date | date: 'MM/dd/yyyy'}}, ({{profile.traction.customers.confirmed}} confirmed), ({{profile.traction.partnerships.confirmed}} confirmed). General Terms & Conditions, Copyright © 2020 Vogel Communications Group, This portal is a brand of Vogel Communications Group. You will find our complete range of products and services on, ©luchschen -; Covestro; Reuters/Stuart Mc Dill; Public Domain; NUS; Ping-Hsiu Wu; Chemdata International, VCI; ©cendeced -; Tohoku University; © 2020 Andrea Bertoncini; Deutsche Messe; © 2020 Kaust; Anastasia Serin; Dann Blackwood, USGS; University of Adelaide; Achmad Ariefiandy, Komodo Survival Program; Isabell Lien / Nofima; EFSA; Chong Xie; Yuto Yoshinari; Deposit Photos ; Unige/Nowak-Sliwinska; Mettler Toledo, New Material Created from Fish Waste is Your Plastic Solution. In a quote to the news organisation Reuters she said, “It was me trying to work out how I could use that waste stream and add value to that waste. Another plus point of MarinaTex is that it biodegrades in four to six weeks in home compost and does not contaminate soil. MarinaTex was formed by incorporating a mixture of scales and skin, molecules chitosan from crustaceans and agar from red algae. :}}, {{rel.notes | limitTo: 500}} {{rel.notes.length > 500 ?