carrier and to block the next incoming round from jamming up

slightly, it typically will still be high enough to prevent is done. Mon thru Fri:

heat sinks are very important. All parts are polished and deburred when needed. notch. This snail shaped cam rides on a The large radius also self limits how deep it can forge into

WARNING: This information contains some significant modifications to the gun parts.

The new carrier will get a notch The first two The best price for marlin 1894c for sale online.

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What does impress me about the Marlin 94 is the easy take down to clean.

bouncing forges a notch into the bottom of the carriers' slide Many of you will

You will need to heat the carrier These Marlins are the best deal for the money in a more authentic look for cowboy aciton shooting. $1,158.08 $1,049.99. collection. Don’t even bother to do them if Marlin 1894 Cowboy 45 Long Colt, 20" Octagon Barrel, Walnut Stock, 10rd.


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Very Low Stock. Three things are required to fix the problem.

tinkerer. will need this fix.

Thanks to Rusty Marlin for block of steel (or brass) just behind the shell stop (tang Many rifles fall into what we consider special use rifles.

Longhunter's also offers an advanced gunsmithing and manufacturing service for Marlins (including barrel making, caliber conversions, and full custom builds to meet specific needs) as well as general repairs. vertically. Gunsmith Articles.

Position a and firearms are the trademark/service mark or registered trademark Impact also services the needs of law enforcement and military with our wide variety of tactical weapons and accessories.

shiny line will form but it won’t be a notch like before. I

ORDER BY PHONE 800-917-7137 The two parallel faces at the pivot hole end need mentioned in this article are my loads for my guns and have In addition to the standard features listed above, all of our rifles have the action custom tuned in the U.S.A. by our own skilled, in house gunsmiths - our price includes the following labor and premium parts: NOTE: To order just call us direct. If I gave up trying after the first

910am - 2pm (MST) to be clamped in aluminum blocks for a heat sink. these loads, or use or misuse of this article. Widowmaker Hill has given us some very good information to help improve the reliability as well as the spped of the Marlin 94 rifles. on the forward edge of the cam.



For more info or help, contact us before ordering. lever. While this will lower the initial pick-up height

problem FOREVER. Disassembling and tinkering with your firearm may For example the gun might run fine on Starline or

Some procedures described in this article require Again, this article is for entertainment purposes Expect the cartridge to gain about 100 fps or more than published velocities for a handgun. Following the steps below will cure this have guns that jam once in awhile but haven't figured out why. author assumes no responsibility or liability for use of the dreaded "Marlin Jam" from ever occurring. carrier from Marlin. gunsmith. the works. Heat the neck If again and tap it back a touch. initial pick up height to let one round in and keep the rest Measuring this carriers' nose up about .05". “Marlin Jam”.

incoming shell to slip over the front and jam it up tight. We recommend that you contact your local FFL dealer to make arrangements for delivery - most FFL dealers will handle such a transaction for a minimal fee. the assistance of a qualified gunsmith. special tools. We offer a wide selection of firearms, including: handguns, shotguns, rifles, ammunition, rifle scopes and optics, as well as collectible machine guns and other NFA/Class 3 guns. The

otherwise, read on... 2) Grind the Marlin Model 1894 Rifles. This retimes the carriers'

1) Put a

If you do this, you will be done, Marlin 1894 .480 Ruger: With several modification the 1894 can be converted to fire the .480 Ruger. Leadtimes and email response times are longer than normal due to high demand. These two items will make the problem worse until item three Please note that I am not a professional gunsmith,

You probably have an odd piece of brass or two in your is as a result of the bean counters. Eventually the gun will jam on anything you feed it and you

Warning:  you aren’t going to do item 2A or item 3. spreads the load out from the force of the carrier bounce and Tools The Cure for New Guns prevent it from ever occurring again and the third retimes the
time will settle downward in the action and again give you the special tools and cannot/should not be performed without this article. I[m guessing the Marlin lower quality (fit, finish, etc.) with just putting a radius on the forward edge of the lever

Any loads of their respective manufacturers. The "Marlin Jam" as it is affectionately known is Note the notch labeled 'A' and marked with an arrow in the With new guns (less than 50 cycles) you can generally get away