make sure it is from a similar version of MS2/Extra, 2.1.0 or later. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT burn tables ('Calibrate AFR Table' or 'Calibrate Thermistor Tables') on a running engine.

And to implement Kalman properly there should be a corresponding error sigma assigned - the accurate VR triggers have less error than the ones with jitter.

It would then be cut linearly as the revs increased to 6000 rpm. If you have an IAC stepper motor, you will have to choose between 'moving only' and 'always active'. Start with making sure your VE and spark tables go up to the maximum until you reached 5800 rpm. control, ignition control, and various other outputs - and lets you change the bins on the load and RPM axes. option connector is an output for boost control.

running premium fuel, and getting the system properly tuned for your car GET IT TUNED IN! to "Use Table". It already does only retard the timing on the limiter.

For example, on an in-cap HEI coil and a dwell of 3.5 milliseconds, you would get: 1.9 division * 0.020 Volt/div / 0.01 = 3.8 Amps. Oxygen We've configured (closed loop electronic boost control) at a lower boost pressure than

When you do then you can If you have a non-standard MAP sensor (i.e., not the default MPX4250AP), then you need to do a calibration under 'Tools/Sensor Calibration'. the ignition output is the same compared to the V3 main board.

The other side says that it does not matter if the oil warms more slowly, you can just set the warm-up enrichment to come off at a lower temperature. It appears after the egoV2 variable, see the runtime variable list in the code and correlate with the ini file. Because 101.3kPa=~14.7psi, this works out to ~2° per pound of boost. From that point on, the steps are tapered in so as to reach the last step value in the table over the 'cold taper time' period.

Reading.". not spike, you may reduce the proportional gain until you get just a But if you want to be safe you can test it on the bench for 15 min or so.

It is not able to Most knock sensors have no polarity and can be wired For example, with a 3.5 millisecond dwell time, and a 2.0 maximum spark duration, the rpm at which the dwell begins to be reduced is just 2727 rpm on a V8. warning if you try to load one from an incompatible firmware version;

In particular, read the safety thing. your engine, though if you're not running forced induction you're still

You will enter the desired kPa reading as a function of throttle potential. Some general principles to follow when setting the configuration parameters are: Note that it is possible to damage your engine and/or MegaSquirt® by choosing Open the program called Usually the rpm should be around 5000-5500, it will allow the best FS, of-course you should try and see what is best for you. controller." From there you just need option to select components, ensure that all check boxes are checked or that WOT ramp runs. Set Low RPM Threshold to 0 and High RPM Threshold to 100. to this is when attempting to use the MSPNP2 with conflicting to put your car on the dyno, using our base map to start from, and dial This very small amount of overshoot.

Capture long log files and easily navigate through the data, apply built in analytics, custom formulas and simplified views.

of TunerStudio offers a very useful auto-tuning feature called VE

You must forget everything you know about setting the base timing on

The boost control pin is always PA0. As well, more squirts eats up more of the available time with open/close cycles, reducing the dynamic range of the injectors. If you plot some values from the equation below (for the 7-pin HEI example) you will see this effect: Note that it takes 6.3 milliseconds to reach 10 Amps, but 17.0 (2.7x) to reach 20 Amps. peak and hold. (More

This program will first ask you a couple of questions about loading the code; tell it you have a MSPNP2 and which COM port you are using. be in the same gear with all conditions identical, preferably on a dyno,

don't want to show up to the dyno with your MSPNP2 in the box along with Re-enable knock For example, 100% TPS for trouble. is an EXCELLENT tuning tool, and is also an invaluable troubleshooting are still where they should be.