You can also find out the functioning of the scroll button as well. CPS-Check draws graph of your CPS during the 5+ seconds tests so you can see how your click speed changes in time. It is very common number and can be achieved with regular clicking technique. Start practicing with clicking techniques like jitter clicking and butterfly clicking. Challenge your self for 40.2 CPS which is the world record till now. Privacy. All you need to do is simply type in your mouse related issue and the solution will be in front of you.

Kohi Click Test. This tester helps you understand which button on your mouse works effectively, whereas which one is the trouble giver. Reset. If you want to retry just click red “reset” button and start over.

Important details: When the mouse button is pressed, during the dragging the mouse may go over or below the slider. We will contact you back with congratulations and your name on our website. The more number of times you score high on our cps tester, the better you are going to feel. Mouse testing is an easy and simple job, a task which does not require a lot of effort. Similarly, for the right hand button of your mouse you can repeat the same process and check for the functioning of the left button. So what are you waiting for? Mouse tester is your one stop shop for getting rid of all your problems. Before learning about Kohi Click Test, you need to understand what Kohi actually is.

It helps you to check the ability of how fast you can click, and earn the score in …

The CPS counter will be lower if time is more than 10 seconds because the finger gets strained and slowed down due to continuous clicking. The most players at cpstest managed to click between 5-10 clicks per second. We calculate your final clicking speed in Clicks per second, which is calculated by dividing the number of mouse clicks by the number of seconds taken. In case you think that you could have performed better in our CPS test, you can simply click the ‘Restart Test’ button to take another chance at this mouse clicker test and score higher than previous. Click in this method are generated not by pressing the button, but by vibrations caused from draging a finger over button. Firstly, Click Speed DOES MATTER. Personally, I find it is simpler and faster than the Jitter click but that depends on the way you execute it. In case you are having troubles with your mouse. Quick Tip: Fix Mouse Drag Issues By Activating ClickLock in Windows. Click and drag the squirrel! Want to test how many clicks you can do in a second? Or there is software that can make autoclick any mouse or even keyboard. The process of calculating mobile tapping speed is exactly similar to the process of calculating cps.
Now, with a single click we can easily test the performance of our mouse without any hassle. Those vibrations are only possible if button surface is scabrous or matte. The Higher the CPS score, the better you are. As mentioned in the beginning, our click speed test is based on the Kohi Click Test. This click test can handle up to 200 CPS (or even more, depends on PC perfomance), don’t be afraid to test your mouse macros here. I would personally suggest you contact our HP phone support for one on one interaction. Most secure than any other online applications. To test your click speed, follow five easy steps mentioned below. Just program your mouse to click on its own .

Mouse tester is one of those necessities which an individual who uses computers almost all the time, needs inevitably. Cps test allows you to test your finger speed on mouse to define how speedily you can click on the mouse button. With this method pro players can score up to 30 CPS. Jitter clicking is another way to boost up your CPS, but it requires more training to use it in game. As mentioned above there are more than one method of clicking, Let's take a quick look at these methods.

All you need to do, if and when your mouse gives you trouble is click on the website and press on the left button on your mouse, in the area specifically designated for the left button, if the light on the aforementioned area flashes, then you are in good luck as this indicates that your left button on the mouse works effectively. To do that, you must stiffen or tense your wrist a little and try to vibrate the hand to produce that ‘jitter’ effect.

This site was desined to precisely determine your click speed. We use a simple formula of diving the number of clicks you are performing in a unit time.