Jiang Cheng, while honest about what he thinks and feels most of the time, hides his vulnerabilities with anger. It never came to me that things today would turn out to be the reversal of that ”. The difference is that Jin Guangyao is after recognition (and tying to that, power, albeit to a lesser extent) and survival, while Nie Huaisang is after revenge. In general, Lan Xichen acts as a neutral party who would rather not take sides, and Nie Mingjue isn't afraid to act on his opinions or disagreements. will he succeed to avoid the future misery ?

It's hinted that they're starting to gain more prominence after Jin Guangyao's death. Implied.

will he make the same choice and become the yiling patriarch? Following the above, while he has a point about Xue Yang deserving nothing less than the death penalty, considering Xue Yang killed an entire clan for the actions of its late leader, Nie Mingjue himself was complicit in the massacre of a family of innocents because of the actions of a man they were, Despite his aggressiveness about it, in hindsight Nie Mingjue wasn't wrong in his insistence that Xue Yang should have been executed rather than imprisoned, since otherwise.

Nie Mingjue firmly insisted that Wen Qing is as guilty as Wen Ruohan as she did nothing to stop the latter's plans even if she disagreed with him. The only difference is that Nie Mingjue had a falling out with Huaisang. The late Nie Mingjue was the previous head of the Qinghe Nie Sect. From his brother. Jiang Cheng, on the other hand, is competitive, ambitious and dutiful, oftentimes to a fault. I started making gifs using my phone for fun. This is all the more poetic since Jin Guangyao is Nie Mingjue's killer. As a fierce corpse, his skin is so impenetrable that not even powerful spiritual weapons can land a single scratch on it. Huaisang is Mingjue’s younger half brother.

he can't move too quickly either since his movements could create a draft that would stimulate Nie Mingjue's sense of touch, His body was scattered across half of China to prevent him from coming after his killer. Despite having very low aptitude in cultivation to the extent that he formed a golden core much later than his peers, even at his thirties he still looks very youthful. huaisang mastermind huaisang machiavelli huaisang oscar-winner huaisang main character huaisang legend Review by zee ★★★★★ cqlverse said let’s give the nie huaisang fans everything they want! To Jiang Cheng, but in a different way from how Lan Wangji foils the former. In contrast to Wen Ning and Song Lan, as a fierce corpse, Nie Mingjue lacks a consciousness of his own and runs on sheer instinct and rage.

it’s really fanservice-y which was the entire point of these spin-offs however it really gave us a chance to see more of ji li’s acting. After Nie Mingjue's death, the Nie Sect has since fallen behind in influence. spent over a decade planning his revenge on Jin Guangyao for killing him and even gets away with it.

By contrast, Lan Xichen is known among cultivators as a wise leader who knows how to handle every situation calmly and maturely. Even before his limbs get reattached, the duo have a much harder time suppressing him because of the insane amount of resentful energy that's stored in his left arm alone, catches Jin Guangyao killing another cultivator, casted the Hundred Holes Curse on Jin Zixun. Was the past ten years all a lie? Nie Huaisang comes of age in a time of possibility – after the events of the Sunshot Campaign, there is no longer the need for Qinghe Nie to remain a military state, constantly on edge and ready to repel invasions. Lan Zhan…tha- it’s seriously too flirtatious to say out loud. Nie huaisang is a walking example of how terrifying a combination desperation, fear, and anger can be. His first reaction at Xue Yang's massacre of the Chang clan was not the political fallout, but the immediate death penalty. Don’t get me wrong, he was brilliant and made it work.

This fandom brought me so much joy … and I’m glad I’m part of it. “ I always thought that Jiang Cheng would always stand on my side and Lan Wangji would be our opposite. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world.