Constructive criticism gives me feedback and helps me improve for the future.Thanks for watching my content, and take care guys!SHAREfactory™!/en-ca/tid=CUSA00572_00 I saw someone else's video, so take a look at the original post -\u0026feature=youtu.beApparently it takes 5 billion amrita to get to max level of 750. If for any instance you did not like the video, hit the dislike and please leave a comment as to why you did not like it. Nioh - Infinite Amrita Glitch (Patch 1.03 and below) - YouTube Black Samurai 854 views. So another glitch to break the game :PSub Mission - The trail of the Master in Tokai RegionAll the armor and accessories I'm wearing, have the amrita earned bonus effect. So if you got unlucky and installed the patch, well you can't do it anymore as your save file is tied to the latest patchI will be posting trophy guides, gameplay videos, and boss videos for games coming in the future.

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2:25 . I'm also using Suzaku for 30% extra amrita earned, and I have the Kodama blessing for 25% extra amrita earned from the shrinesI was not the one to find this glitch. NiohInfinity /Unendlich Amrita Glitch Part 2 Sawayama (no headset) - Duration: 2:25. Subbing helps grow the channel and is much appreciated.If you guys enjoyed this or found it helpful, a like would go a long way to help the channel.