Crystal Mine • Crystal Storage • ", "Our expedition team came across a strange colony that had been abandoned eons ago. Reapers being able to recycle immediately after a battle from within the main fleet means no follow up fleet of recyclers is likely to be needed, potentially doubling the number of attacks a fleeter can make, giving generals the potential to make 4 times as many hits as non-generals. ", "We found the planet of an extinct civilization. We are able to see a giant intact space station, orbiting. // you can find it here:

Classes were introduced with the v7 MCO. ", "The expeditions flagship collided with a foreign ship when it jumped into the fleet without any warning. This means generals can have little to no defense and instead invest the resources they would use for defenses on a bigger, stronger fleet which unlike defenses directly results in more potential income. Turtle • Modified in version 7 to dramatically increase finds, especially for Discoverer class. The danger of blind farming is that a defender can easily have some defence you can't see (as you don't have the probes yet) or he can use half/ finish buttons to build some. Maybe we will also get information about what happened here. +25% cargo bay for Transporters, Find abandoned ships (note Deathstars can't be found), Find an alien or pirate fleet and be attacked, A combat report is made; your ships may be destroyed, Find Solar Wind, a wormhole, or other propulsion aid, Get lost / Hyperspace jump misscalculated, Your fleet took some good pictures of outer space, Foreign ship jumps into middle of the Fleet and explodes, dealing damage to Fleet, "Your expedition took gorgeous pictures of a supernova. The maximum total bonus depends on the overall level of your mines. Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share on Twitter. +25% mine production +10% energy production +25% speed for Transporters +25% cargo bay for Transporters +2 fleet slots +2 offers Collectors get access to the special “crawler” ship which increases all mine production .03% per ship. Question: I want to join a new uni!

Discoverers get access to the “Pathfinder” ship. The best way to find ships, is to send a Bomber which can find Destroyers and are capable of holding their own against Pirates and Aliens. Unfortunately as a result of the computer malfunction, the fleet returns home empty handed. (function(w, d, n, r, t, s){ You also might want to switch point 12 and 13, but that depends on how many resources you have at the moment and wether you will be away for a while or not. The best fleet in my opinion is made of LF + cruisers in proportion 3:1. These two need to be merged. Much like resources, the amount of ships to be found increases based on several multipliers. You only get one free class selection when you start your account. Regarding the influence of player upgrades, pirates have (each) of your technology levels subtracted by three levels; likewise, aliens have (each) your technologies but added by three. At level 0, for any and all techs the player has, pirates will have 70%, whilst, aliens will have 130%. However, the expedition itself didn't bring anything new. Gaining resources • Defense • You also might want to switch steps 12 and 13, but that depends on how many resources you have at the moment and wether you will be away for a while or not. Reaper • Not only did the fleet miss the target completely, but the return trip will take a lot more time than originally planned.". There was nothing besides the emptiness of space between the stars in that sector. This often leads to a buildup of excess deuterium. The maximum total bonus depends on the overall level of your mines. It nearly landed in the heart of a sun. ", "Our expedition found a planet which was almost destroyed during a certain chain of wars.

"Your expedition fleet made contact with a friendly alien race. With the help of automated drones, we tried to harvest as many resources as possible. t.async=1; ", "Our Expedition located a rusty space station, which seemed to have been floating uncontrolled through outer space for a long time. As opposed to Battleships or Destroyers, cargos are easy to replace; although, sending a fleet of Large Cargos is not always the best idea. Nanite Factory •