Mine was about an hour away from my house, and I'm totally not a morning person. Don't use this for study problems as I will discuss later. Buy the CERM. See Forum RulesSchool of PE - Professional Engineer Exam Preparation. a lot of it was contradicting information. You aren't going to learn anything new at that point. that's 56/80 +/-, that means if you get 40 correct in the morning, you only need 16 correct in the afternoon to pass, think about that. But I don't see why you can't take your mask off while at your desk. Read the sidebar BEFORE posting.

I took the same approach as the morning, do all the easy ones first, then go back and do the ones you have an idea on, and finally do the ones you need to spend the most time on. 16/40 on the afternoon part if you can ace the morning. I highly recommend budgeting time to at least give a look over your approach and answers. A lot of the material was simple, but so much if it has been forgotten in the years since school. Some background- I am taking the Transportation depth, so that's less than 2 weeks until game dayyyyy baby! Has anyone here taken …

I didn't buy his transpo reference book (partly b/c several reviews noted it had significant errors) but got the individual transpo manuals from AASHTO, et al. Almost as if those books are out of date. At the end of exam, do something for yourself. I’m planning on taking the PE Exam in October.

NCEES is monitoring the situation and evaluating options to increase testing capacities. I used mainly the six minute solutions. So I would have to wait until oct 2021 to take it. That's because not everyone studies the same way. After taking the practice exam, evaluate where you stand.

3) Ask around your office and ASCE group for PE materials to save some serious money.

This is almost the exact approach i took back in 2015. I generally did what you did and that worked great for me. This exam will give the most accurate representation of the actual PE exam you can find. The idea is know how much time you needed in addition to how you scored. Tab the hell out of this thing and know where to find all the key equations. Worked for me getting through both my LS and PE exams and passing both on the first try.

Examinees must practice social distancing outside the exam room before the exam starts, during breaks, and when the exam ends. Bring an extra calculator and leave a cooler in the car with lots of drinks and snacks. On the afternoon session, I finished all 40 questions, checked my answers, left ~20 minutes early and noticed many folks weren't even half done. CBT exams include traditional multiple-choice questions as well as alternative item types (AITs). Extra tip, bring the practice NCEES test with you and other worked out problems with solutions and use it to help solve similar problems if they are on the text.