Move through the sewer tunnel in front of you on the right to descend another set of steps and exit using the open doorway to your left, then approach the control panel ahead on the right to pull down on the lever and activate the auto-turrets below. The vanilla game isn’t so easy either, if you’re having trouble against the massive bosses or deadly Authority, get a helped hand with Game Front’s Rage walkthrough. Mow down the enemies funneling together in front of you to eliminate them more efficiently and continue defending yourself until the Boneyard is clear, then move through the door that opens on the opposite side of the arena and activate the Balloon Games. Eliminate the enemies that sprint towards you and use a scoped rifle to pick off the mutants on the surrounding platforms above, then continue navigating the metal walkway to collect supplies from the shelf around the next corner and move through the door at the end to reach Shipwreck Island. Mutants have set a trap to stop you, defeat them. Don’t get burned, let Game Front be your guide. , Check out the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay reveal! Everything is awesome! Extended Play Mode & Combat Scenario Selection — Continue exploring the Wasteland long after the final fight with the ‘Extended Play’ option, and relive your favorite missions any time you want with the all-new ‘Combat Scenario Selection’ menu. With new levels, new weapons, and a gang of bad guys, this expansion comes packed with additional content for fans looking to extend the life of this post-apocalyptic FPS. Tip 2: If you’re further in the game or have finished it, then go from Subway Town to the Wasteland to start. Exit the room through the door that is now open and use the zipline to land on the next platform below, then descend the nearby staircase to drop over the ledge on your left at the bottom and head down the cement ramp to return to the Wasteland. Climb the boxes in the corner to move through the open window above and ascend the incline on the right to make your way up the ladder at the top, then circle around to the back of the tower and enter the Second Chance Bar. Flip the switch to ride the elevator to the level above and enter the next cave tunnel, then make a right in the room on the other side and follow the walkway around to reach the three small pillars emerging from the ground. Approach the leftmost set of dials and turn them so that both needs on the control panels land within the green triangle, then repeat this process on the other pair of dials beside you and open the door below. Look up towards your left to shoot down the enemy wearing a jetpack and proceed in this direction to reach the zipline above, then ride it over onto the opposite ledge across from you and continue moving forward to aim down over the next railing ahead. It is a diverse system of shrines, temples, and ruins that are used to add depth to the location. Keep your distance from the enormous monster to evade its tentacles and open fire into the creature’s head repeatedly with shotgun blasts, then fend off the smaller mutants that approach you at close range and stay on the move at all times to avoid taking damage.
Rage: The Scorchers Walkthrough continues on Page 2 with Mission 5. Fight alongside new allies to thwart the Scorcher clan’s deadly plot to destroy the Wasteland. Use the corners of the tunnel as cover to throw grenades at the heavily armored enemy equipped with a flamethrower and score a few headshots as well to inflict additional damage, then continue attacking this hostile until he falls over dead. Top Contributors: Samuel Claiborn, IGN Cheats, Rugen007 + more. Aim your scoped rifle towards the tower in the distance above to the right and pick off the remaining enemy, then descend the next two staircase beside you to make a left at the bottom and follow the tunnel around to encounter another group of hostiles. Fight your way through the tunnel on the left to reach the next open cavern and mow down any creatures that appear in front of you, then head left again to move beneath the mine track bridge below and pick up some spare pistol rounds. Turn left to open fire on the enemy above and sprint forward to use the ledge he’s on as cover, then back up to take him out with repeated headshots and climb the ladder in front of you to reach the next rooftop above. Home » Walkthroughs » PC Walkthroughs » Rage: The Scorchers Walkthrough. Up next is the “Ticket to Oasis” mission. Collect the crystals from the right side of the altar at the center of the room and move through the door that opens directly ahead, then climb another staircase to reach the outside again and approach the two red banners flying from the building across from you. Next, you must return to Jackpots and give Clive the ticket to Oasis., This is considered the most dangerous of locations in. Follow the tunnel around to reach the next open cave room and eliminate the first enemy you see inside, then jump over the rock’s directly on your right and take out the creature that emerges on the set of mine tracks above. You must enter Mutant Bash Canyon: Complete all of the arenas in Mutant Bash Canyon alive! Enter the next tunnel in front of you to hear the enemies conversing around the corner and approach them at a safe distance, then back away quickly to eliminate the smaller creature first and avoid the larger one’s flamethrower burst. The Scorcher Base is a location featured in RAGE: The Scorchers. Take out the next group of enemies below on the right right as you descend the steps to reach ground level, then turn right again to climb another set of stair and eliminate the mutant at the top. Spin around again to eliminate the enemies that descend from above by running backwards and shooting them repeatedly in the head with your shotgun, then take out the next series of mutants that appear using this same tactic and exit through the next barred gate that rises. The goal here is to meet up with Sarah again, to let her know what’s going on. Drop down into the next area below and climb onto the elevated ledge to your left, then use the surrounding mine carts as cover to proceed forward and clear out the next wave of enemies ahead. Continue peeling away the airships hull to reveal the glowing blue energy underneath and keep a safe distance to eliminate any jetpack mutants with your sniper rifle, then finish shooting the panels off the side of the enemy vessel and eventually chase it away with repeated gunfire. Nothing else seems to harm it. Share: stLight.options({ publisher:'2c893999-73ed-42d5-9497-31507d2d27d5' }); Categories: News, PC Walkthroughs, PS3 Walkthroughs, Videos, Walkthroughs, Xbox 360 Walkthroughs. Move through the next gate that opens for you to reach the last arena and use your shotgun to fend off the incoming wave of mutants, then equip a rifle to pick off the enemy on the ledge above the door and wait for JK to unleash the final monster from the green container that appears. Location Tip: The Mutant Bash TV Studio isn’t the same as the Races. Continue assaulting the large mutant with your shotgun until it falls over dead and clear the remaining enemies from the arena to finish the Kraken Returns challenge, then exit the area and drop through the next hole in the floor ahead.

Use the sniper rifle to score repeated head shots on the large mutant riding the balloon platform and sprint sideways to avoid the flame bursts he fires, then defeat this enemy to complete the Balloon Games and move through the MB gate that opens next. After the next cut scene, return to the Jackpots casino in Wellspring and speak with Clive to complete this mission. Please note that viewers must be at least 18 to watch, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes.

It’s shown at 11 minutes into the following video walkthrough. Drop down to the next level below in the tower and turn in a constant circle to eliminate the enemies that descend in front of the surrounding windows, then use the pipes in the room as cover and execute close-range kills to defeat the mutants that are able to enter the area. If you've come to the part where you have to use the pressure plates and the rising pillar.First take the feltrite,the pressure plate should rise and initiate the pillar. Move through the next brick corridor ahead to reach the open area on the other side and make your way forward across it, then turn around at the barred gate that drops and return to cavern. Disclaimer: The voice-over has a dirty mind, so yeah, uhm… good luck watching lol! Wait for the larger mutant to emerge from the circular opening the wall and start firing on the monster with your shotgun as it lands on the ground in front of you, then sprint backwards to the cylinder at the center of the room and use it as cover by running around the outside to continue assaulting the enemy. Commandeer a vehicle to start traveling along the white dotted line on your map and eventually arrive in the Outrigger settlement, then park outside of the indicated building to open the front door and enter the Refinery. "The Scorcher Threat" is a quest in RAGE: The Scorchers. Go to the studio with fat guy on a chair (JK Stiles) with lots of TV screens near. Open fire on the enemy standing on the rock ledge above and the one on the ground to your right, then defeat them both by backing up into the tunnel if necessary to avoid damage and follow the next trail around to the other side of the open cave room. Finish clearing the area of all remaining mutants and enter the next room through the doorway that opens in the wall, then make a right past the spinning mixers and climb the staircase ahead.