Not fun to play. Do it for love and Wwaaarrrggggh. Some people dedicated their time and resources to keep this fabulous game alive. Ty for watching though I'm glad you enjoyed!

Although I am very happy I rediscovered RoR. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ReturnofReckoning community. r/ReturnofReckoning: Return of Reckoning is a Warhammer Online private server. The Daily Grind: What’s the point of collecting MMO vanity pets? Like up in people's faces smacking them with a big hammer? It’s hooked me more now than it did in 2008. He then released his source code and a small team worked tirelessly to create the Return of Reckoning: War EMU Private Server. Make sure you are using x64 version in the launcher settings, and check this thread for other crash/stutter/performance solutions. Since the closing of the official servers (December 18, 2013). Not unless you have a group of friends. Press J to jump to the feed. but once you hit 60 and get all the gear and you basically login to ironforge everyday it become boring. In fact, this week Return of Reckoning is celebrating its six-year anniversary of offering an online home to WAR players. I’ve been playing for 2 weeks now and haven’t seen lag at all. What might be even more astounding to you is learning that the rogue server that picked up the WAR ball and ran with it started up a mere half-year after that sunset. Its mostly just the game client being very old tech.

But in the good way!

My only temptation here was that from what i remember Warhammer Online was a flash, it was here and then it was gone. Judge enforces a Dutch government order for EA to remove FIFA lockboxes or face over $11M in fines. It’s not perfect by any means. Unfortunately it was kind of set up to fail considering it was rushed out and then the team was gutted when it didn’t perform as well as EA wanted it. Since the closing of the official servers (December 18, 2013). So this rogue server is actually getting new development ? Since the closing of the official servers (December 18, 2013). I know Crowfall, and Ashes of Creation are also starting to "move" towards launching as well... With these newer games coming, that offer similar experiences, the ROR private server may not actually keep growing. My interest would be to actually dig in and check it out now that it’s in the hands of people whom care about the game. Dyox one of the main developers, decided to make his own private server. (Apparently back in the day Alla scraped pickup text but not turn in text, so a lot of that has been lost, possibly forever.). But after a few months, he decided that he didn't have the drive or time to continue.

there should be some kind of live events like we have em in warhamer.. Werner, Blighted Empire. I hopped into RoR 2 weeks ago and I haven’t been able to play anything else. Close. well see how the launch of games like New World impact the numbers here. But I was and did enjoy my time there. Some … Press J to jump to the feed. Justin Olivetti - June 11, 2020 1:00 PM. i am super excited to see this because just a few months ago i was missing my squig hunter.

― C.L. Blizzard loses Dave Kosak to new studio as confused players show up for WoW Shadowlands, © Copyright 2015-2020 - Overpowered Media Group, LLC, LOTRO Legendarium – Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning celebrates sixth birthday with new scenario, Population Zero adds armor repair kits, lowers building restrictions, and shares an open dev roadmap, Multiplayer robot building sandbox Main Assembly promises deep creation tools with its early access launch today, Guild Wars 2 postpones November Steam launch indefinitely to focus on End of Dragons expansion and living world, Massively Uplifting: Supporting small businesses, grieving through games, and lending helping hands, Wisdom of Nym: The implications of Final Fantasy XIV Forspoken, Fight or Kite: Spellbreak’s Clash 9v9 mode is absolute mayhem, MMO Week in Review: WoW Shadowlands repositions for launch, Perfect Ten: MMOs that aimed at the future… and missed, Why I Play: How NCsoft’s Fafurion update saved Lineage 2 in 2019, The Soapbox: Calling an MMO launch a launch, Perfect Ten: Helpful tips for returning to City of Heroes in 2019, The Stream Team: Witches are brewing in Elder Scrolls Online. I played it a ton back in the day (got to RR100) and had a lot of fun, it was heartbreaking for me when it closed down and I’m not gonna go through the grind again. I'd still be playing it right now if blizzard wasn't sucking China dick, to be honest. Dyox one of the main developers, decided to make his own private server. I do wish the PVE side was being worked on as much, namely quests, but PQs work as do dungeons and going after gear sets makes sense and is fun with varying ways to do it from RVR, Scenarios, PQs, dungeons and getting tons of currencies to use to buy gear from all of the above. Return of Reckoning is a Warhammer Online private server. 9. Warhammer was ahead of its time at the wrong time. Best PVP in any MMO I’ve ever been in, mainly because I can actually survive fights with strategic LOS or partying with apt healers and tanks, plus using CC at certain points not spamming it like that other “war” game. The team crowed about this moment: “We have had deep battles with over 1,000 players in, almost 4,000 concurrently connected players, over 300,000 registered accounts, over 1,000,000 characters created, over 1,000,000 scenarios played, over 30,000,000 items, over 100,000,000 Tome of Knowledge unlocks and over 1,000,000,000 player kills.”. I kinda forgot RoR existed. Which is also painful. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Level 60 orc warrior(tank) on Herod, smashed all the PvE content that it had to offer but couldn't keep up with like the 30g gold sync twice a week to go from my tank spec, to arms for pvp, back to tank spec for the next weeks raid because I was the main tank. Absolutely loved the classic WoW leveling experience. I truly wish this was the game that came out in 2008 and that EA didn’t just “give up” and put money into it, the IP is loaded with so many possible lands and races and classes it would have easily kept going with great expansions.

Didn’t help that the PR guys were trying to hype it up like crazy and treat it like this would be the first of many failed “WoW killers”. I’m happy that it still lives on though and others are enjoying it. But it's an amazing game for filler, and even a main game for many.

Some people dedicated their time and resources to keep this fabulous game alive.