As many Inuyasha fans are aware, there will be a livestream with the VAs for Sesshomaru and Rin coming out within the next few hours. These are my personal musings and opinions. Please believe me when I say that I do not and would not ever wish any of you ill will. Maybe not in the exact same way, mind you, but there’s a thin line between them when you really think about it. This isn’t a question of age gaps, this is a question of physical/emotional compatibility. In fact, we want it to! Those aren’t one in the same, but it’s easy to make it appear that way when the US is currently tackling major systems of oppression and racial injustice. They didn’t even have the decency to show their face either. Alright, I want to quickly return to what I was saying earlier about fiction’s impact on real life. I just mean generally. I mean, what other explanation is there for why literal pedos on the internet have been known to sneak into pro-sessrin group chats here on Tumblr before? The title we give him doesn’t hold as much weight as a lot of us are making it out to be. But that hasn’t stopped many fans from referencing it anyway so let’s too consider it for a moment. Nothing has changed in their argument, yet they’re persistent in bringing it up. Adult!Rin is a figment of your imagination, nothing more. Let me tell ya, this is gaslighting at its finest! You know what’s really sweet when your feeling sad and the family pet comes in your room trying to cheer you up, I'm sad you weren't brought back as Shani in the Gundam SEED redub :(. It both astounds me and terrifies me that they don’t see the glaring similarities they share in common with actual pedos. Fictional example: Usagi Drop. The last two screenshots do not come from something I’ve written myself. So it’s more than okay if they love on their ship but it’s not okay if we don’t and we should just keep our mouths shut. The issue is that it isn’t only age of consent we’re concerned about regarding this pairing. It’s like the title says, meaning fiction does matter. Many fans have already proven how fucked up and inaccurate it is to label whole countries and cultures. NO, THE REAL PROBLEM IS CHILD GROOMING. I mean how else would you interpret it? More often than not, victims of grooming aren’t even aware they’ve been groomed until much later. Okay, moving on! please make a cameo the happiest of tears would flow if you did :’) plus, it’s like a paid acting challenge every video. Please and thank you! i just need you to say a few things to me oKAY. Speaking as a former teacher, you don’t need to be a parental figure who’s around all the time in order to have great love and affection for a child. No offense to anyone (just stating facts), but more times than not antis like myself feel as if we’re talking to a brick wall when we interact with Sessrin peeps. And he didn’t even assist in helping raise her but look at how they reacted! Even recently, an anon here on Tumblr sent Richard Ian Cox (English VA for Inuyasha) a totally uncalled for ask telling him that “sessrin is love and there’s nothing he can do about it.” (That’s not verbatim, but if you’re interested I’ll link you to it.) It’s for everyone’s benefit, not only yours, I promise! Richard Ian Cox was born on October 3, 1973 in St. Asaph, Wales. I hope everyone has a great day and keeps enjoying all their favourite shows and fandoms! Long story short: fiction matters because real life does. Ugh. It’s for everyone’s benefit, not only yours, I promise! One of their reasonings being that some people IRL have actually lived through these traumas, so we shouldn’t dare to assume they’re comparable since one is just fiction and the other is not. We don’t have all the details yet, and afterwards we probably still won’t. They’ll say things like, “I don’t see them as an adult and a child. They chalk up our complaints of Sessrin being canon (which is a LIE, nothing has been confirmed yet) to us just being salty because that somehow means our ships aren’t or won’t be. You’ll also find it makes it tremendously easier to empathize with others. It’s like they simply think mentioning it makes it count even though we’ve discredited their points over and over. It’s much more complicated and multi-faceted. Does that make my love for them any less unique? Think about it this way: it’s in the same bracket of family members or family friends who’ve watched you grow up and mature into an adult. They tell us things like “grow up” or “nobody is telling you to keep watching,” yet fail to realize they’re reacting just as fervently as we are but just on the opposing side of the same damn argument. That’s How To Have An Argument: 101. I’d really love to be proven wrong someday. Now I’m no philosophy professor, but I’m pretty sure they’d say I hit that nail right smack on the head. Do you honestly believe that Inuyasha and the others would take kindly to this? If you’re still struggling to grasp this, I urge you to take a moment (or all the time you need!) Sexualizing young and pre-pubescent girls is way more normalized than some of us even realize. About supernoobs, Did you ship Kevin and Shope? I know she’s one of the biggest catalysts for his character growth- if not THE biggest- but how and why does that need to turn romantic? Or even worse, can you picture this happening to one of your own children??! I know it’s difficult to remain civil when things get heated and people start taking things personally- yet more proof that fiction impacts our lives- but that’s the only way any of us will ever have constructive discussions about serious topics like this. Their presence on other platforms like Twitter and Reddit are some examples of how delusional and unstable some Sessrin fans are capable of becoming. Just because it’s widely-viewed does not make it widely-accepted or well-received. *Sesshomaru is an adult male authority whose protection Rin is under*, *It’s safe to assume that Rin has grown attached to him and maybe even looks up to him*, *They care about each other and the other’s well-being*, *He has has played a crucial part in her supervision and care for a significant period of time (yes, even if it’s just passing a message along to Jaken)*, Not so random anecdote: In an Inuyasha episode I recently revisited, Sesshomaru had just rescued Rin from Kohaku who had been possessed by Naraku and was ordered to kill Rin. It conflicts with their fantasy, so rather than present a sound argument of their own, they flat-out reject it and offer no plausible back-up behind their reasoning besides “I don’t interpret it that way.” GUYS, CHILD GROOMING IS NOT UP FOR INTERPRETATION. I apologize if any of my words are triggering by the way, so please feel free to take a break and return later if that’s more suitable for you. Inuyasha is too wholesome for porn. Shippers of the Sesshomaru x Rin (Sessrin) pairing say it’s not fair of us to throw around serious accusations or use certain deragatory terms that suggest such awful acts like child grooming or pedophilia because of the harmful implications. Perhaps in the victim’s mind that because one huge indicator of grooming never actually took place it technically cannot constitute as grooming. I’ll clarify soon down below. Maybe it will come up again later in my blog though! Be it the real world or on screen. No, it’s just different but not inferior. That is Sessrin shippers misinterpret one of the issues we have with this ship. Whatever happens, please just remember to be kind to one another. And honestly? All shitty jokes aside, the whole reason I’m mentioning this specific example in the first place is because this recently came up with another Sessrin supporter. Just admit it’s toxic, because it’s extremely harmful to many viewers- and not just victims- to pretend and suggest otherwise. At the very core, Inuyasha is a story that’s very reminiscent of the human experience: love, camaraderie, a sense of purpose, and much more! If that’s all it means is nothing then why are we even talking about this?! They may be vocal but that doesn’t mean they can pack a punch. Now when they actually do decide to participate in discourse with antis, you’ll see them fishing for excuses to bow out. Even if they were officially canon, nothing is ever gonna change our opinion. And when you really think about it, our stories are just a celebration of life- both our struggles and our triumphs. Set aside those rose-tinted glasses of yours, and going by everything we’ve been delivered in the manga and parts of the anime (and NOT the drama cd), there are literally no hints that indicate a blossoming romance between this adult male demon and this small human girl he’s taken under his wing. So perhaps we got a full-fledged dog demon like Sesshomaru, but does that necessarily mean we can’t relate to him or understand him simply because dog demons don’t exist in the real world? Freedom of speech doesn’t equate to freedom from consequences. We’re not undermining any one’s past experiences with grooming or the like, nor are we prioritizing fiction to diminish real life abuse. Out of nowhere, some of them even started assuming all us antis were white, which in their books is also equivalent to Karens or even white supremacists somehow?? And yes, always with a touch of imagination! I did know and I’m sure it will mean as much to its inevitable many many fans as Inuyasha did to its fandom! They’re such a family dammit and nothing will ever change that!! Powered by Tumblr. Then later just because they’re all grown up, does that mean that those children “are not off bounds” - that’s quoting a Sessrin shipper by the way- to these certain family members and family friends? Even if all you literally say is that you don’t like the ship, they’ll gang up on you. Take the drama CD for example. Not all of them, but a whole lot of them. Seeing as how for me this is more than just a matter of opinion- it’s a moral responsibility and even an obligation. There are good and honest people everywhere. Where was I earlier? Would you truly be alright with a family friend you haven’t seen in years (but sorely missed because they used to occasionally babysit you) just someday coming back into your life and then very inappropriately flirting with you or even making sexual advances on you? This is why the “but Sesshomaru left Rin in the village” point upsets me greatly. These are my personal musings and opinions. I would bet a shit ton of money on that, believe you me!