You’ll have the option to chat with a support agent or to set up a callback from an agent. Find the serial number on your Surface Type Cover. The model info for your Surface will appear in the Value column next to System Model. If you have questions during the submission process, you can contact support for assistance.

If the device isn't listed, select Don't see your device? How to find or identify my NEW Microsoft Surface model? After you complete the steps, the commands will display the model number as well as the serial number of … Before you send your to us, make sure you check out How to prepare your Surface for service. Lookup Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other Apple devices by Apple Order Number, Model Number, EMC Number, Model Identifier, and Serial Number as well as Intel processor number to check its specs and other details. All Rights Reserved, How to Check Computer Specs in Windows 10, How to Remove Bloatware From Windows 10 PC, How to Setup Chromecast on Android and iPhone, Mac vs PC Comparison: Should You Buy Mac or PC, Kindle E-Reader Comparison | Which Kindle to Buy. For more information, see Microsoft Complete.

With the inside of the earmuff facing you, turn it clockwise to secure the earmuff onto the headphone base. Secondly you'll need to decode your serial number to see exactly which model Match the grooves of the earmuff with the headphone.

If you want additional coverage, including accidental damage coverage, you can purchase Microsoft Complete when you purchase your device or within 45 days of purchase.

Get all the features you love and know in Windows 10. Your new Surface comes with a one-year limited hardware warranty and 90 days of technical support. of tablets. The warranty end date listed for my device is incorrect; how do I change it? Microsoft Complete also extends technical support for preinstalled software to the full duration of the extended warranty. also show you your serial number.

In an ideal world you noted the serial numbers of your device upon purchase (located on the bottom of the laptop on a sticker that also includes a barcode). Reply.

How do I get my data off a Surface I’m sending in for service?

While it's not difficult to to register it. Select System Information in the list of results. SOLVED: How To Query a Surface 4 (or 3) Serial Number From PowerShell WMI November 12, 2015 November 12, 2015 If you have a Microsoft Surface 3 or 4 (and likely 2 or any other computer with the Serial Number stored in the UEFI BIOS), you can determine the BIOS Version and Serial Number through a simple command line: How can we help you? Is my standard warranty or Microsoft Complete applicable outside the country where I purchased my Surface? How do I learn more about its warranty? Create your account and enjoy a new shopping experience. to add it to your account. It is not running an ARM processor and limited like the Surface RT or Surface … a bit clearer in regards to your tablet type from Microsoft, and here is a

Identify Surface Model: TIP: The fine

Here are a couple images to show you where on the tablet itself you can locate the serial number.

You'll need to disconnect the screen from the base. Discounts and Special Offers Today! ScottyS; Total: 176 (members: 1, guests: 175) Share this page. Or to identify the device for inventory purposes.

If you need help,  contact us. Where can I review the Warranty Terms & Conditions for my device? How do I check the status of my device repair?

Select the device that needs service. On an iOS device or Android device: Open the Surface Audio app, select Settings  next to Surface Headphones, then select About. Save big on Echo, Fire TV, and more at Amazon right now, How to check device model using System Information, How to check device model using Command Prompt, How to check device model using PowerShell, Windows 10 on Windows Central – All you need to know. You can also go to and select a device to see its warranty.

There's a separate process for business customers. After you complete the steps, the commands will display the model number as well as the serial number of …

See How much does out-of-warranty service cost for your Surface device or accessory? We're focusing these instructions on Windows 10, but you can also use these steps on Windows 8.x.

Required Fields Not Present. Turn the case around backwards. What's my warranty coverage after my Surface is replaced?

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For help finding this, see Find the serial number on Surface devices. On Windows 10, understanding the model number of your device can come in handy in many situations.

involved. This is the quickest way to find your serial number.

For more info about changing settings for your earbuds in the Surface Audio app, see Manage Surface Earbuds settings. Care, My Find the serial number on Surface devices. The model info for your Surface will appear in the Value column next to System Model.

The earmuff should be touching the headphone base all the way around. If you still have the original packaging for your Surface, you can find the serial number on the barcode label.