The recitation can be done and blown over a bowl of water and given to the person for drinking. Only those people are entitled to write a taweez who know and understand this subject well enough. For instance, is you read a manual about electrical connections and then set the wiring in your house in the right way so there will be light in your house. They begin to see faces and some people are harmed by these beings. Commonly, the lunar hurf-e-taji is used for calculating the numerical values and this is put in to practice. There are some people who write taweez with ball pens but this is an incorrect way of writing a taweez. Zakaat is very important and without giving zakat a taweez cannot be activated. There are 40 Substitutes, al-Abdal, the saints that Allah honored Sham with them. This type of taweez can be buried near water bodies such as riverbanks or floated in the water of river, lakes etc. After buying the wooden pens you will have to sharpen them.

Atishe taweez: The direction of this taweez is east. It cannot be filled randomly. If you see some of his books they contain many symbols, such as triangles and circles, which contain words and numbers. Wooden pens can be bought from big book stationary shops. This is the taweez of Atishe methodology and in the 7th box I have added one to complete it. Taking pages from children’s note-books is wrong as those pages have lines on them. Below there are different types of taweez. For writing a taweez special paper has to be used. Whosoever wears the hijab or so-called taweez that includes pictures, numbers, signs, characters or strange wording that has no meaning, or even writes some Qur’anic words on a piece of paper and puts it around the neck all these are means and forms of shirk. It is usually buried under the bed or threshold of the person on whom some effect is desired.

Just like huruf have Atishi, Badi, Abi and Khaki, similarly taweez also have them. The cleaner the room, the more spiritual powers will you get. If you count all its numbers then they will sum up to 136. This taweez can also be written and hung on the branches of a huge tree. They should also have the sum total of 786. You cannot stay there, you will run. As mentioned, the taweez is used by people of various faiths, and the resemblances between the taweez of different cultures and creeds can be striking at times; it also points to the common source of this practise (i.e. The word talisman comes from the Arabic word, tilsam which itself comes from the Greek word telos which means to consecrate or to initiate into the mysteries. These taweez contain numbers, grids, letters, diagrams, symbols, etc. So later we asked Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, as it is difficult to write so many copies by hand, so he gave permission to print it and so we had it written by a calligrapher and then printed it. This creates an impression of their words on the other pages also. Moreover, the paper should not be kept open due to fear of lizards that may leave droppings on the paper. If there is a carpet on the floor than it should be ensured that it is clean or paak. So we still have one that is written by hand. keep your motive in mind while blowing over the two pens. For writing a taweez first of all you will have to calculate the numerical value of the Quranic verse. If you count all its numbers then they will sum up to 325.

Do not allow anyone to use or even touch your personal wooden pens. Because when the amil will do tark-jamali and jalali then the pigeon’s feather cannot be kept in the room of the amil.

In one of the main hadiths supporting that is once some Sahaba were traveling in one of their travels, going from one place to another and they came to a place where there is a tribe and that tribe had a very sick person and he is head of the tribe. So, here is another thing that can be derived, that means you can exchange by giving in exchange a gift of sheep or goat or whatever you ask for. 774 is divided by three. You can contact amel soname through email ONLY. Shaykh Hisham: Which one. Every time there is a different one that works. That mountain is full of prophets buried there, and it has Maqaam al-Arba`een. While writing this taweez one should face the southern direction. Khaki taweez: This type of taweez is placed under something heavy, such as a heavy object or stone. Taweez Marba: This taweez is related to the planet Ataarad or mercury and it has 16 rows in total. If the taweez has been written accurately then the total value will remain the same when the values of all the rows are added. Conduct a random search of taweez their necks of all present day Muslims, most will be sporting a paper talisman, mini Quran, rosary, ribbon or little razor, etc.. The color of the taweez is decided by the amil according to the Saat of the star, the Nazar of the star, the Sharf or the huboot in which the taweez is written. Therefore the words taweez and tameemah are often translated as  amulet, charm or talisman. Would you ever dare take the Quran to the bathroom? After protecting the taweez in this way it can be floated in river, wells or even sea. What they fail to realize is that cures are not possible without the will of ALLAH. That is from fadaa’il ash-Sham, special benefits of Sham. While you write the taweez, women who are have menstrual cycle should not come into your room and neither should you eat food that has been cooked by them. This value of 2 will have to be added to the value of the box number 4 to complete the taweez. Its element is Khaki. Zakat is another condition that needs to be fulfilled to make taweez work efficiently. First of all it should be kept in mind that the paper that is used for writing a taweez should be of white color and plain, i.e. Conduct a random search of the necks of most present day Muslims, the majority will be wearing a paper talisman, miniature Quran, rosary, thread or small razor, etc. The Qur’an was revealed to be recited and followed; its commandments to be obeyed and its prohibitions heeded, its information to be believed and its limits to be adhered to, its parables and stories to serve as lessons and not to be hanged on walls or around necks. Its element or nature is Abi. No misfortune can happen on Earth or in your souls but is recorded in a decree before WE bring it into existence: That is truly easy for ALLAH" [57:22], "Your destiny is defined, but the path has yet to be chosen. Abi taweez: The direction of this taweez is north. The ink that is used for writing amal khair taweez is made by mixing together rose water and saffron extracts. As I have mentioned earlier the type of taweez depends on the purpose for which it is being written. And on the way back to the Holy Prophet (s) they were discussing amongst each other, “Is it acceptable to take the gifts or not,” because they had used the Holy Qur’an and du`a of the Prophet to make that cure. In many cases people who lack a proper training in this field start writing taweez to make some maney and fool naïve people. Amils prepare special inks for writing the taweez. This happens only when the amil makes it properly and offers the zakaat and performs the abstinence or parhez in a requisite way. So after he wrote it, he needs more to be written and what I know, after like around 50 years he ordered my wife to write them for him.

Such people have plenty of knowledge about amalyaat, stars and planetary positions, huruf or Arabic alphabets etc. Wake up Muslims…….. Taweez containing any of the great 99 Allah names ( ismi azam) cannot be haram.