Very cheap per check’, ‘Start with 10 days of vacation and earn more the longer you stay’, Very good vacation, very good 401k plan plus 5 percent match, Great company match and excellent health insurance, Health insurance, wellness, help stop smoking, Great Health / Dental / Vision, 401K, Vacation + Holiday. But this is not HR. Finding an in-network provider (aka, doctor, facility, etc.) This isn’t what healthcare should be, and they are looking for you to help solve it. High costs & zero transparency should not be healthcare. By blending cost management, clinical care management and administrative services, we help employers and their benefits advisors optimize their benefit plans to drive better outcomes at a lower cost. Unconscious bias can impact an organization’s hiring practices and overall company culture — and unfair habits may be intensifying under the isolation of quarantine.

You’re all too familiar with how the healthcare industry prioritizes profits over people—and the impact it has on your clients and their employees every year. Self-funded health plan D&I initiatives are no longer nice-to-have, but rather vital for organizations to thrive as employees increasingly demand them. What if my provider doesn’t understand my new health plan? Glassdoor is your resource for information about the Health Insurance benefits at Valeo. Take a data-driven approach and receive real-time data analytics within the employer dashboard. If your provider doesn’t understand your health plan or know of Maestro Health, please direct them to the Maestro Health My Benefits™ web portal where they can access all of your eligibility and benefits information, claim details and more. With your employer’s self-funded health plan management model, you have access to a provider network to seek care. And your employees are more than just a number. We’re on mission to change that. Access aggregate member health data to help improve health outcomes. Maestro Health has the bandwidth and resources of a large carrier without the restrictions.

Give me a different door, meet me where I am. Access your benefits info anytime, anywhere with the Maestro Health My Benefits™ web portal, available via desktop or mobile app. PTO is pretty standard. List based on reports from current and former employees. This is a lot of information to take in, and most of it may be new, so we’ve outlined the three most important takeaways here: We’ve partnered with your employer to manage the self-funded health plan that your employer has designed and funded. Lots of additional benefits like pet insurance, lawyer assistance, etc. © 2020 - Maestro Health, Inc. All rights reserved. Improving health outcomes and overall wellbeing for members is at the core of our mission. That’s why we arm your employees with the education and resources needed to help them navigate the healthcare system. Candidates take video interviews on their time, you review and rate them back-to-back, on your time. Healthcare isn’t about profits. Let me choose.”. Former associate editor, Learn about Valeo Health Insurance, including a description from the employer, and comments and ratings provided anonymously by current and former Valeo employees. “The system is able to provide the rules that match their benefit plan.”. Fill out the form to request a demo or get more information. At the same time, they admit to not having control over their own healthcare journeys. According to our recent data study, consumers have a perceived positive experience when it comes to healthcare. is as easy as using the Maestro Health My Benefits™ portal or going to the provider network site on your ID card.

This is not healthcare.

A summary of your health expenses, including payments, deductibles and more, Claims history, including in-depth details from your five most recent doctor or hospital visits. With our innovative health plan management approach to self-funded benefits, we’re helping cut through the fraud, waste and abuse that’s all too common in today’s healthcare industry. Sickening Stats Behind Low Healthcare Literacy Infographic, The Poor Health of America’s Healthcare System.

We accomplish it by helping our partners manage costs and their health data. The company aimed to update its previous system by simplifying the system for both employers and employees. The personalization continues with utilization, especially around decision support tools. Maestro Health’s algorithm will also automatically add an HSA account if an employee decides to enroll in a HDHP, which will then provide a contribution calculator.

There’s always a real person on the other end of the line who is familiar with your plan. Don’t worry, we’ll always connect you with a real human being. Zero paid sick days attendance points are difficult to reduce. 952-949-0676. The system costs range from $3 to $6 per eligible employee per month, depending on complexity, employer size and if multiple products are purchased, according to Maestro Health. In 2018, Maestro Health joined forces with AXA to continue our mission to simplify and personalize healthcare. PTO is pretty standard. The final stretch of the race for the White House between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has been fraught with dramatic twists — yet none of it appears to have altered the course of the race that was set months ago. A Health & Benefits Solution That Puts People First.. Meet Maestro Health, a tech-enabled third-party administrator (TPA) for employee health and benefits. We believe in people helping people. Dubbed (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0, it consolidates HR functions for employers while providing personalization for employees using the new program. We work with employers and their trusted advisors to build health and benefits solutions designed around what matters most—people. We will maintain the confidentiality of your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy. We create custom resources so members can get the most of their health plans. Learn about Valeo, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy. Many employers are deciding to implement a self-funded health plan management model as it allows them to only pay for claims that happen, ultimately saving you and your employer money. Find out how we can help improve the employee health and benefits experience.

Since your employer isn’t using an insurance company, they’ve partnered with Maestro Health to help administer the health plan they have designed for you. U.S. employees will now be paid the same, based on high-cost locations like NY or San Francisco, whether they work from those places or not. Our self-funded benefits solution helps employers and their advisors build tailored benefits plans that work.

“What drives me crazy is I’m expected to go through the same door of someone who looks at [benefits] once a year. Dental and vision is cheap. © Maestro Health 2020 all rights reserved. We’re sorry but My Benefits doesn’t work properly without JavaScript enabled. It may not be complete.