A decade later, Topher had not aged thanks to his powers. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Topher was then asked by Minoru to come and talk in her bedroom. However, the use of rocks Topher injected in his body caused him to become addicted to it, in turn affecting his personality which became more violent.

Regardless, his presence deeply affected the team, as he was their first run-in with villainous supernatural forces beyond their parents and the ancient pseudo-gods they worshipped, the Gibborim.

Topher is a crafty runaway who schools our kids on new levels of street game. In the comics, he's a vampire, and has a posse of minions who obey his every word, though he hides his true nature from his new friends. Topher attempted to leave, reiterating that the Runaways could not hold him, only to be attacked by Hernandez. Status Who is Topher on Marvel's Runaways? Alias(es) [3] Assuring them that he meant them no harm, Topher expressed his amazement towards the Hostel. Seeing this as an opportunity to find more rocks, Topher later stole the map of the dig site and, claiming to Gert Yorkes that he would find medication for her anxiety, he left the Hostel without anyone noticing. Topher was chased by the Runaways in an attempt to have him stop using the rocks, but this caused him to fall into paranoid dementia, and Topher's fate was left uncertain in the ensuing confrontation in which he was grievously wounded. Mysterious Stranger[1] Topher was then ordered by Minoru to tell the truth about the origin of his powers.[1].

The show has already changed some of the significant characteristics of the main cast, like taking out Nico's tendency to self-harm and making Chase far less of "dumb jock" persona. Unknown
Leapfrog: Runaways #18 (November 2004)

[1], Topher is described as a tough and complicated kid. Citizenship

Marvel.com First Look: Meet Topher from 'Marvel's Runaways', https://runaways.fandom.com/wiki/Topher?oldid=12755. In exchange, Topher only wanted to be allowed to stay in the Hostel so he would have a roof and a bed where to sleep. Topher's run in Runaways was a relatively short one. Based on a popular character from the RUNAWAYS comic series, Topher is a crafty runaway who schools our kids on new levels of street game. Marvel's Runaways will be 13 episodes this season, the first of which premieres on Hulu on Dec. 21, 2018. "I'm super grateful to be joining the Marvel/Hulu/Runaways family," shared Jan Luis Castellanos to Marvel.com. Topher pushed her back, but was then attacked by Nico Minoru using the Staff of One. He then gave the computer to Wilder, who thanked him, and the Runaways then returned to the Hostel.
Backstory Throughout Runaways Season Two Personality.

However, Topher's personality progressively grew more erratic and violent due to his use of the Gibborim rocks, which had caused him to be addicted to the substance and it's effects. He explained that his street skills could be of use to the teenagers, who had much less experience in living as he had for years. With the effort being apparently successful, Topher was questioned about his use of the Gibborim Rocks, but he falsely assumed that all the Runaways were using it and that Minoru was simply playing dumb.

When the rest of the Runaways arrived, Topher figured out that they still did not trust him, seeing how Chase Stein had brought the Fistigons with him. Double Zeros Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Topher begged his sister Sofia to let him return home, but she refused, recalling what he had done to their father Joseph.

Castellanos put out a statement through Marvel timed with the live announcement. Thrilled by these newfound abilities, Topher kept the rocks to further use them.