I bought an integrated freezer and biofresh fridge believing that it was similar in quality to Miele. The 36" Liebherrs run $5000-6000 depending on freestanding vs. built in. As I said - I want a quite frig that works well. We will see on our Bosch dishwasher... My sister loves hers and has had no problems but it isn't wowing me at all. They are now produced in five countries, i.e. I think it's the best fridge I've ever had in a lot of ways. The fridge size is a little misleading as only small items can be put on the top shelf due to having to fit them under the light assembly at the front that protrudes someway down from the roof across the whole width (having said that a front mounted roof light is brilliant (another pun) compared to the previous rear wall unit that was blocked by food). Liebherr was recognised as ‘Specialist Trade Brand of the Year 2012’ by the Plus X awards and, in 2014, Liebherr received the quality seal ‘Favourite Brand Gold’ – Consumers’ Choice. I called back to the Canadian HO and again the woman who answered Tried to direct me to the US.

Just thought I'd share a rather different experience of this company and group of people. Believe Liebherr's dimensions for depth and height would be similar. After much wrangling, Liebherr eventually sent out an engineer at their cost and it was during the lockdown. Unless it's quite small... (24" or less). Day before order they said they would not deliver downstairs. My 30" Liebherr was the most expensive thing I bought for my kitchen, and I've never regretted it once. We always use the highest-quality components to ensure that our appliances are reliable and offer the very best energy efficiency. counter-depth refrigerators, worth the upcharge?

Being as there isn't a single appliance out there that has a perfect track record this really means a lot to us. We just bought a Samsung and spent close to $2000. ft. for $6997 without the sides and front (extra even for just stainless) but dimensions were 30" wide by 24" deep by 84" high. Not what I had expected for over £800 initial cost. I had a problem with the ice maker in my Liebherr fridge which I purchased 6 years ago. I phoned Liebherr again and I was told it’s a design fault requiring a new freezer door and a kit. My continuous calls to the Area Sales Manager Arjun remained unanswered. Keep it in the fridge, Five foods to get you through the cold and flu season. When DH cooks it's almost always with fresh food. Resolved in record time. Didn't mean to get anyone excited thinking I'd found a great price :-) I should have said "over $2000" - I really didn't know what they cost but think $2000+ is a lot for a frig. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I did NOT get a Viking or Wolf range though, due to all of the bad reviews on both of them, although I think Wolf may be making a comeback. Every appliance undergoes intensive testing during manufacture to ensure perfect quality and perfect functionality. I will never buy another Liebherr appliance. I did a lot of research and decided on a separate 30 inch wide each all refrigerator and freezer by Electrolux. Instructions to do this incomprehensible as do not seem to fit model number and require non-standard UK screwdriver head. Given the price of their goods you'd expect better life out of them and certainly better care of their customers. I wanted built in look , but I wanted more space than 22 cubic feet, and I did not think I wanted to spend 8-10 thousand dollars.

We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. What may be "worth it" in some situations may not be in others...why are you considering it? We are a family of 2. Due to the current COVID pandemic I am unable to visit the service center and dont know what to do. And that’s not only true for our household appliances, but also for our professional sector appliances. Advertised as doors reversible. Up to now, we've always had Sears Kenmore refrigerators-never any problems and when we got rid of them, they were still working, even after 15+ years. When we ask why is it like that the company spoke person don’t have answer for it . I have owned a large Liebherr Wine Cooler for 9 years. I phoned Liebherr back and was offered a repair from a different company on the Wednesday. Would advise everyone not to go for this product. Im not wasting my money and time any more getting rid of thid fridge and buying another one. They were able to put my in touch with Customer Services (LCS) and Liebherr who immediately confirmed my registration. They make regular refrigerators that don't stick out so far, but of course the last refrigerator you bought was probably a decision based on the most cubic feet you could get. I was told by the service guy that this was corrected in newer fridges by installing a heat kit that stopped it from freezing. This fridge freezer has been nothing but trouble since I bought it. I wanted counter depth so had to spend more. I've had endless problems with the freezer that iced over destroying the entire contents 5 times due to 'sensor' issues. in 2013, Liebherr exhibited a model at the IFA that consumes 20% less energy than the most energy-efficient class A+++. Here they’ve taken wine storage to a new level. For the next 5 weeks it worked fine and then failed again with the same problem.I contacted the shop and the engineer who have more than helpfull to inform them that the same thing had happened again and we would not be spending any more money on it and the Only place its going to now is the TIP !! Given that after sales is as equally important to the customer as the original sale I am editing my feedback to give a fair overview of my personal experience.I still feel like I was put through far too much on a patently faulty item, but the fact remains they came through in the end and speedily resolved this in my favour. The appliance store gave it to me for free for purchasing all the other expensive stuff they can't reduce. Needless to say I will not purchase any Liebherr products in the future. I have had a SubZero in a previous home, while it kept foods very well I did not think it was necessary to spend that much money for less space than I needed. But all refrigerators keep things cold, basically, so a lot of it comes down to preference, features and it becomes very individual. My fridge wasn’t cold, rang customer services and have had the best experience of any customer service I have had to contact. Caveat: your mileage may vary! Finally, the door seal has split. ft of space. Very impresssive and I just thought that I needed to acknowledge it. Built quality and the design is an extraordinary when compare to other brands.. Ordered Fridge Freezer. Horrible experience. Avoid this brand and the bland servicemen who see the customer at fault for the poor design.

It had been such a good refrigerator for so long, I thought the company deserved another go! Called Liebherr to report the fault. Every day, the trust you place in us as customers motivates us to keep on working to produce the highest-quality appliances. Now the refrigerator has started leaking water and no service technician has visited since the last 2 days. Are built in refrigerators worth the expense? That was shortlived, however, the fridge is now collecting ice in the corner again and Liebherr has stopped responding to my emails. They are only interested in taking money, no interest in giving service. Then the thermostat failed. I bought Liebherr tcss2620 in the … Just something to consider. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Then they send new fridge freezer guess what same story keep breaking down with in a year. Because we are committed to the continuous development of our technology and to the optimisation of all our components, insisting upon meticulous workmanship in every detail, we can always guarantee our renowned Liebherr quality and the long service life of our appliances. Initially, looked at Sub Zero as more true counter depth than the Samsung but couldn't justify the $7000+ it would cost and that was for a small cu. EDIT: Since my review Liebherr have been in contact with me and replaced my faulty fridge freezer with a brand new upgrade.

We spent over $7,500 on a refigerator because we didnt want to deal with repairs after just a couple of years. It’ll be as good and probably a lot more reliable! We’d like to help you to make the right decision the next time you’re thinking about buying a new refrigerator, so, ask yourself the following: Do I ‘just’ want a fridge? I have thrown away enough food to fuel a small town including the post-Christmas goodies. I initially had a problem getting them to confirm my warranty but can forgive them for this given Covid pressures etc. Those will obviously stick out farther due to simple geometry. I hadn't checked Trust Pilot before I bought a Fridge and a Freezer from Liebherr - I chose the models because of the good use of space inside.