Hopkins still hunts with his first—now fitted with an extended mag—and says it has fired 10,000-plus rounds and suffered just one broken spring in 15 years. I especially liked the relatively light weight for length of barrel, however the trigger pull was heavy and the recoil was a little more than expected from a gas gun with a wider than average bore. Graphic Content: Hoof rot and Coyotes kill an elk and we check it out. There’s no telling how many streamed past, as each wave held anywhere from several dozen to several hundred, flying so swiftly that we had one chance to empty our guns before they were gone. The fore-end was nicely shaped and not too thick. FullAuto Madness with Krebs Custom and EveryDayCivilian. The stock has quite a lot of drop – a little too much – with a heel dimension of nearly 2½” and a front-of-comb measurement of 2” relative to the rib axis. A heavy return spring sits in the buttstock. The guns can use a wide variety of cartridges without adjustment. Back a dirt track through cattle gates we found another river, but this one was overhead. The smart, black anodised action and streamlined stock and fore-end ticked my boxes. After 2½ busy days, the V3s still revved through shells, and total misfires could be counted without removing a boot. NRA's Christopher Olsen, who along with others has used it on multiple snow goose outings, said he's seen few failures to eject and no other problems. Despite firing practically non-stop, we could’ve done much more if we had booked all-day dove shooting. The SXs, like their old Browning cousins (if you want the Browning version now you can only get a 10-bore, and we must try one! If the VersaPort system isn’t sufficiently high-tech, then the twin return springs, situated opposite one another along the lower receiver walls, surely are. Winchester took the fast, reliable, light recoiling SX3 and made it even better! ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. This generation of guns all cycle extremely quickly, partly because the mass of their reciprocating parts is much reduced. Your 40-Year Gun? Sticker shock—$1,899 MSRP—could be a legitimate concern, but if you amortize over decades, is that really a factor? As on the Browning Maxus, gas ports have been made larger to handle anything from 24-64g payloads (the only thing I would not recommend from experience is a 24g 2½” load, but a 24g 2¾” [70mm] should work fine). Monday, June 10, 2019. I was running a single-shot before emptying the next box, my 60th all told. The SX4 is a speedy cycler. Currently, the SX4 is available in black synthetic, waterfowl (Shadow Grass Blades), and field (Satin Oil Finished Walnut Stock) Here is the BIG ONE, the SX4 has an MSRP that is about $100 less than the SX3!!!!!!!!!!!! After 2½ busy days, the V3s still revved through shells, and total misfires could be counted without removing a boot. Snugged behind two-man blinds overlooking decoys, we collected Brazilian, ringed and silver teal, along with a few odd bigger birds. http://bit.ly/BooktheBros OTHER PRODUCTS WE USE Shoot our AR Rifles Alex Pro Firearms Scopes | Range Finders | Spotting Scopes | Binoculars Vortex Optics http://bit.ly/VortexOpticsBPS Shoot our Crossbow Ravin R15 http://bit.ly/RavinR15BPS Shoot our Shotguns: SX4 | SX3 Sporting | LongBeard | SXP (pump) Great shots require great ammo Clay Shooting: Winchester AA Waterfowl: Blindside Turkey: LongBeard XR Pheasant: Rooster XR Predators: VarmintX Deer: Deer Season XP Big Game & Long Range: Expedition Big Game Make your firearm of a kind with a custom paint job. SBE loyalists swear it’s tough, smooth and shootable. Tweaking the SX3 brings us to the SX4 with two surprises. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. Primarily pasture and grainfields, the low-lying riverlands were studded with farm ponds and potholes attractive to wintering waterfowl. Winchester used much of the same internal components from the SX3 for the SX4, so from that side of things, not much has changed. WINCHESTER SX3. I shot the gun with Chris Bird of Holland & Holland at their wonderfully appointed shooting ground near Uxbridge. ► Youtube (New video every week!) It resulted in a very rapid cycling action and one which was not as cartridge-sensitive as some. With that well-deserved plug given, I will note that Chris and I were genuinely impressed with the SX4, especially at the price point. Recipe: Smoked pigeon with elderberry syrup. As such, let’s broaden the scope by comparing the V3 with three popular competing models also known as tough, trustworthy tools, yet at the same time, shooter-friendly. The ‘integrated valve’ system is designed to keep muck out of the action, and the stroke length – one of the keys to rapid cycling – has been modified to improve function with the lighter payload cartridges, which are now popular. Given periodic cleaning most scatterguns deliver long, faithful service, and hunters rarely shoot enough to wear out the parts. More for the rest of us, who found it delicious, and then all were ushered into a proper dining room with linens, china and a meal good enough to be called cuisine. While we lacked high-volume opportunities with the SX4, fouling was minimal in the action. The gas system’s self-regulation means only finite volume can enter the confined piston area before its stroke is completed. But because the V3’s calling card is an innovative action design that is claimed to run cleaner and to shoot softer, we were curious. Some residue formed on the barrel surface, but mostly collected on the piston. Benelli contends its ComfortTech3 stock dramatically slashes felt recoil. The 3½” model Winchester, like the Browning before it, must be considered quite a triumph of engineering as it can digest 2¾, 3 and 3½” shells interchangeably. Pleasantly soft-shooting. The gas valve is on the inside of the gas piston (so there is no need for a sprung valve in front of the barrel gas ring, as seen on most other recent designs). Thumbs Down. ► Our Secret to Success http://bit.ly/OurSecret2Success. We booked 3½ days with Argentina Big Hunting in the famed Entre Rios province, where visiting sports find a wingshooting trifecta that combines ducks and perdiz with prodigious doves. by John Zent - I had the Red Performance version of the latter, which was always guaranteed to start a conversation on the layouts! But less than five years since introduction, who can say how its mechanicals will hold up over a lifetime? A replacement to the much-acclaimed SX3, the SX4 has topped the charts as an entry-level hunting shotgun for the masses that is easy to use and has great recoil management. The Winchester SX4 is a premier line of shotguns from the makers of some of the greatest rifles in the world. The trigger guard is bigger, making shooting with gloves on a little easier. MTN OPS http://bit.ly/MTNOPS If you love shooting clays like we do, you’ll love shooting off a high-quality trap machine. Olsen said neither he nor his hunting partners were much affected by their 3-inch goose loads, but other users question how a shotgun that weighs only 7 pounds couldn’t be a fierce kicker when firing stout loads. Copyright © 2020 GunStreamer. Though fouling catches the forward assembly, A400 enthusiasts say it cleans easily, especially if shooters run a “dry gun,” i.e., one with minimal crud-attracting oil. The gun is supplied in a cardboard box, rather than an ABS case, to keep down cost. Why not: Recoil could be a concern for everyday waterfowlers. You've GOT to see this!! This Super X4 follows on the heels of the most successful Winchester autoloader ever: the Super X3 Black Shadow. To send a link to this page you must be logged in. PUBLISHED: 17:21 04 May 2017 | UPDATED: 17:21 04 May 2017. Frankly I’m not sure what mine is. I mean, how do you know if your truck hauls a heavier load, if your Ferrari corners at higher speed, or if you can consume more wings than your buddy unless you probe those limits? Hunter and Courtney were looking pretty good for guys who had fired 700 or more 12-gauge loads apiece, a cumulative recoil around 25,000 ft.-lbs. Thank you so much for your support! Aesthetically, you could not ask for more for the money; the plain decoration and smart form are just the ticket for a modern working gun. It is slightly lighter. Special Thanks Winchester for helping us make this video happen.