He jumped down onto a walkway and intercepted Tenzin and his family as the rest of the Red Lotus gathered the temple's occupants into a courtyard. He would overwhelm Zaheer imediately once they engage.

The firebender's chains were broken off by Ming-Hua's water tentacles, and the two exited by climbing up the ice wall. Royal Procession | Fighting styles

P'Li is the tallest female character in The Legend of Korra, and the second tallest female character in the entire franchise (second only to Avatar Kyoshi). Judge Hotah | And his bending is strong enough to KO his opponents. Opponents are interchangeable. Although Kai managed to distract her long enough for the others to reach the flying bison stables with a well-placed air blast, P'Li shot the young airbender out of the sky with a direct hit.

[4], In 158 AG, she, Zaheer, Ming-Hua, and Ghazan attempted to kidnap Avatar Korra to further their goals of worldwide anarchy and freedom, though were thwarted by a coalition of Zuko, Tonraq, Sokka, and Tenzin.

Airbending masterLeader of the Red LotusMartial arts expertUnited Republic prisoner [18], He is also proficient in the art of public speaking, capable of swaying the public opinion to support his goals, as he demonstrated in his speech to the people of Ba Sing Se. Political information

During a battle to rescue Korra from the Red Lotus, Zaheer developed the ability of flight through the teachings of Guru Laghima, becoming the first airbender in four thousand years to do so. P’Li and Zaheer have to put away all the lingering hurt from their fight and try to find a way to save the young Avatar Korra and her family from the White Lotus seeking to control her. On the other hand Zaheer is even more outclassed this round in terms of bending and Katara still has oneshot attacks as well as the moon amping her.
Father Glowworm, Other Groups Jianzhu |

Ghazan's lavabending doesn't have the range or speed to hit her before her blasts hit him. Zaheer and his mentor Xai Bau, the infamous founder of the Red Lotus, take down a power-hungry warlord and free a fourteen-year-old girl he had held captive to become his killing machine. Aang has access to all elements and no staff and avatar state for him, zaheer has flight and staff, katara is full-moon powered(NO-BLOODBENDING), pli is sozins comet powered.

Feb 1, 2016 - Explore Spider Weeb's board "Zaheer & P'li (Zap'li or P'liheer)", followed by 170 people on Pinterest. Mings "final form" before she died is a power feat Zaheer hasn't even come close to replicating. Aang and katara start on the top edge of the building and zaheer and pli start on the gondola (were assuming the wires are unbreakable in this case).