Notes:  Explore the regions of Watopia:Climb the Epic KOM, explore the misty Jungleand round the Volcano Flat.Level Unlock Required: Level 10. Tried to ride a flat route for 2 hr 20 min but it kept going up and down hills. Can you post a chart/table grouped by World?

本物のほうきを付けている場合もあるそうです。, 上のシクロワイアードの記事にあるように Canbe ridden in reverse. Thanks! Jump to London Routes, New York City Routes, Innsbruck Routes, Yorkshire Routes, Crit City Routes, Bologna TT, or Richmond Routes. Some routes include a lead-in distance that doesn’t count towards the route achievement. 1,000+ structured workouts .

I added it up and it looks like 31,328m of climbing to get them all.

We have been big fans of Zwift since its initial beta and have often used Watopia as a testbed for modeling ideal conditions. But as it builds to the “3 bidon” routes, we intersperse difficult rides with recovery rides, so your body can properly recover. Thanks for sharing these Eric.

Already 15 Achievements under my belt…40 to go? Notes:  A cyclist’s meandering journeytakes you through the fiery depths of theVolcano and then up to its barren summitbefore bringing you back home again. Perhaps it would be smart to save Dust in the Wind for as late as practical since others have reported the same on that route. Ride up and over thechallenging climbs to Igls and then finish ona fast and flat circuit through downtown Innsbruck. この記事の所要時間: 約 5分39秒 コースを制する者がZWIFTを制す。 そこで「知っておくと便利な知識」「各ワールドの名所」をまとめました。 実際に走ったり、YouTubeで 国際版ZWIFTライダーズの管理者である女性で、, ジャービス島(詳しくはワトピア開発秘話のページへ)の時代に

Defo doing this, been looking for inspiration and motivation, this maybe it! Should the highline bump up to 2 bidons for the lead in? Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. Thank you for a great challenge. Notes:  Ride the flat roads of the GreaterLondon Loop, then out to Surrey via Deerfieldto return to London proper. Zwift World Routes Discover the best way to tackle every route in Zwift and level up! Still a work in progress!

Please consider upvoting this topic. Some route badges still seem to be buggy as mentioned on zwift forum Super idea and the organization you provide is awesome. Was going to ride a long Big Foothills event tomorrow and it’s a bit vague on whether from the pens plus lead in will end up getting credit…. 2020/11/02 19:00, 自転車新聞 Watch… Read more ». ラファがパレススケートボーズとコラボ EFチームのジロ・デ・イタリア専用キットが登場, よみもの I love these sort of challenges! Notes:  A racer’s playground, this flatand fast route traverses the interiorroads around Innsbruck for as manylaps as you can handle. Looks like you’ve converted all the distances in the route descriptions to km only. This lead-in is indicated in blue – while the actual route appears in white. Thinking of taking on the challenge? 2015年UCI ロード世界選手権の舞台になったことから、

Watopia’s Waistband began as a Rebel Route, then Zwift added it as an official route in game. Agreed. I’m not sure if a u turn past the banner and then a u turn to complete the route will get the badge. Notes:  Named for the first NYC subwayline, take a figure 8 path around the park. Many reverse routes are event-only. Follow on Strava. ゴールまで残り1km地点に設置されています。, 本来、中央にそびえたっているのは 「Redhorse OSAKA Wheel」は高さ123mです。, ロンドンには多くの美術館があり、 Notes:  Travel through Watopia’stwo forests on this rolling route throughboth lush jungle and towering conifers. Thanks for doing this. FYI, I just updated the schedule to make the final few weeks more manageable. 2020/11/03 19:00, 自転車新聞 Notes:   Watopia’s Hilly Route includesthe KOM and sprint sections. Notes:  Time flies and so will you on thisflat and fast course through the desert. I have been doing this for weeks now. 128 min ride at 2.0-2.5. I like the site and use it a lot, but it’s a bummer to not have the miles listed anymore. マウンテンバイク全日本選手権・男子クロスカントリーがサイクリストTVでライブ中継決定!, ツール・ド・フランス2021のコースが発表 マイヨジョーヌ争いはアルプス、ピレネーがポイントに, ロードバイクからグラベルまで楽しめるチューブレス「IRC FORMULA PRO TUBELESS」取り付け方、楽しみ方, ワフー「エレメントボルト」はすべてがちょうどいい エアロで軽量な地図付きナビのGPSサイコン, 増田成幸が東京五輪ロードレース代表入り決定的に スペインのUCIレースで中根英登を逆転, 「弱虫ペダル デジタルスタンプラリー」開始! 弱ペダ好き編集部員が自走で茨城の魅力に迫る, ラファがパレススケートボーズとコラボ EFチームのジロ・デ・イタリア専用キットが登場, 【詳報】アラフィリップ独走でフランスに23年ぶりのアルカンシエル 新城は約170km逃げで魅せる, 與那嶺恵理は9位集団からラスト2kmでアタック、自己最高21位に「きつかったけど、楽しめた」,,,, 「ツール・ド・フランス2020」の総合上位選手が駆った自転車は? 車種やコンポーネントを紹介, 栗村修さんと猪野学さんがオンライントークで迫る 強くなるためのアミノ酸活用術 【動画あり】.
Notes:  Ride only the southern, hillier part of theHarrogate Circuit in reverse. Notes:  Winter is coming, but only after you rideout of the fiery pits of the Volcano. Some of those you can ride by just flipping a u-turn off the forward version. Happy Zwift Year !!! I had already started keeping track of those badges I had, but I didn’t have a plan of which I would attack first. (That is 11 weeks of 5 rides per week if you follow Monica’s schedule–or you can complete it in under 8 weeks if you ride every day.). ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・, 飛べる豚”Algie”の現在ですが、2015年に制作会社Air Artistsがまさかのオークション出品w おそらくその落札者の手元に保管されているのだと思います。, 日本語に直すと「ほうきワゴン車」で、 Not a chance. Notes:  A flat warmup leads to the start of theJungle Circuit, then do laps until your legs fall off. The schedule doesn’t tell you specifically which route to ride, until the very end when we’re on the hardest routes Zwift has to offer. One thing that might them even more useful would be to have the rides highlighted for the colour of the world; i.e. 掲載されている記事・写真などコンテンツの無断転載を禁じます。© 2020 SANKEI DIGITAL INC. All rights reserved. First time user.

いくつかの美術館の横を走り抜けます。, ロンドンを走っていると、テムズ川の向こう岸に見える、4本の煙突が象徴的な建物。あれは「バターシー(バタシー)発電所」という旧石炭火力発電所です。遠くて見えませんが、A発電所とB発電所から成っています。1983年に完全閉鎖された後は基本ほったらかしだったのですが、現在は着々と再開発が進められています(2018年4月時点)。オフィスや集合住宅、店舗、レジャー施設、バタシー発電所駅などが、この先数年以内で段階的に開業していくらしく、なんとアップルのイギリス本部もココに移す予定だそうです!, そして、何より気になるのが、バターシー発電所の上に浮かんでいる「豚の上にリスが乗っているバルーン」。ZWIFTの象徴的な動物であるリスはまだ理解できるとして「なんでブタなん???」とずっと疑問に感じていました。あの豚、調べてみるとちゃんと”Algie(アルジー)”という名前があります。なんでも、今から41年前、まだB発電所が操業していた1977年。イングランド出身のロック・バンド「ピンク・フロイド」が、小曲「翼をもった豚」を挟んだアルバム『Animals』をリリース。そのジャケット撮影のために、12mに及ぶ巨大な豚のバルーンを、実際にあの場所へ飛ばしたんだそうです(その様子の動画)。下のジャケット撮影当時のエピソードが、なかなか面白いです(笑), ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ As an example I tried inputting previous data to see if it was accurate. 2020/11/03 06:00, レース
This lead-in is indicated in blue – while the actual route appears in white.

New to Zwift and planning to use this into springtime. Stay fit, even when you can't get outside with indoor training plans for cyclists of all abilities. Thank you for your answer Eric! Other routes are “event-only” routes, which don’t give badges. Notes:  The Volcano Flat loop includesmost of the Flat Roads minus ‘The Esses’. Notes:  First a loop of The City, then cross theThames and pedal down to Surrey to climb bothBox and Leith Hills. I’ve been considering an Annual Dashboard of all verified ZI routes to tick off and complete each calendar year or season. The idea here is that even a beginning cyclist could take on this challenge. 1) if you don’t, you won’t get the route achievement badge ツール・ド・フランス2021のコースが発表 マイヨジョーヌ争いはアルプス、ピレネーがポイントに Yep I did Lutscher last night, and I got the badge at the top of the KOM the 2nd time through. Zwift’s Watopia world has a number of routes you can choose from. This lead-in is indicated in blue – while the actual route appears in white. So you have to do the lead in up to the KOM, then do the full loop back up the KOM a second time, to get the badge.

It’d be nice if Zwift could have a distance count down on all of the routes, like they do on the organised rides (Fondo, ToL etc). Zwift Course Calendar – Current Guest World Sched... What’s the Best Zwift Trainer Difficulty Setting? Some routes include a lead-in distance that doesn’t count towards the route achievement. Notes:  Enjoy a flat London ridewith ashort warm up, through the sprint zone,then return to the Thames and pass Harrodsfor a finish under the arch. Notes:  Traverse most of the park andelevated roads in a meandering loop, Notes:  Hit the KOM  in both directions onthis climbers course. Eric Schlange, Webmaster 正直物足りなさを感じてしまいますが、, 「世界選手権とまったく同じコースを走れる」 (リッチモンドが「冬時間」(11月第1日曜~3月の第2日曜)の期間は14時), 13時以前に始めれば前日のワールドですし、